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    IAS Event 2016 protest at Scientology's UK HQ, Saint Hill

    pedrofcuk, October 10, 2016

    Protesting the International Association of Scientologists 32nd Anniversary Event at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, West Sussex - the "Church" of Scientology's head office in the UK.
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  3. Daphne Miltenburg in Heathfield, East Sussex.September 2015 · ·

    Drug Rehabilitation Centre

    • It is reassuring to know that the Deputy Executive Director of Narconon Uk was formally a teaching assistant (not a teacher) and a Waitress...........
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    Sorry I can't mention who said this today or where:

    Today I spoke with a gentleman ... He rented out his second home. However the debt he was left in due to the renter not paying rent and the cost to try and recuperate the 1,000s of pounds lost left him in debt and unable to pay his mortgage.

    It turned out that the renter was Vicky Boyce, the ED of the church of Scientology in Plymouth. The house was rented and used by members of the local org. The owner was so disillusioned he has put the house up for sale to cover the debt left.

    The most ethical group on the planet.
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    1. Cross Posted from Narconon thread
    2. Revealed: How thousands of London children are exposed to Scientology group in schools | London Evening Standard

      Tens of thousands of schoolchildren have been exposed to a Scientology organisation through drugs education presentations, the Standard has learned.


      An investigation found increasing numbers of pupils, some as young as 10, at primary and secondary schools have sat through lectures inspired by Scientology and its leader L Ron Hubbard.

      In the past year alone 35,000 children have taken part in the Narconon anti-drugs programme, including more than 16,000 in London.

      Recently it emerged two schools in Camden hosted Narconon talks.

      Narconon, which does not employ doctors, is funded and run by the Church of Scientology.


      Professor David Nutt, who chaired the government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs until 2009, said: “We have known for years that Scientologists have been targeting schools through drugs education packages. They are the main provider of teaching aids to schools, as neither government nor local authorities put any money into this topic. It’s an outrage.”

      Professor David Touretzky of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, who has written extensively about Scientology and Narconon, said the organisation targets pupils “any chance they get”.

      He called Narconon “a money-making scam and a source of potential new Scientologists” adding: “The first step is to get people to see L Ron Hubbard as a benevolent authority figure instead of a sociopathic cult leader. The drug education programme is just about taking that first step.”

      Many schools are seemingly oblivious to the link between Narconon’s programme and Scientology.

      More here:
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    How many stories before the schools wise up or someone does something at the national level?

    Anti-drugs charity linked to Scientology gives talks to thousands of children in Cornwall April 4, 2013, Miles Davis, This is Cornwall

    Charity with Scientology links gives anti-drugs talk in Camden schools November 10, 2016, Ella Jessel, Camden New Journal

    Group linked to Scientology visit Newington Green school August 2, 2012, Jon Dean, London24

    Parent's horror as 'Scientologist' group Narconon teaches London primary school children about drugs August 2, 2012, Michael Howie, Evening Standard

    I could probably dig lots more out without trying too hard.
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    I found these online. The text accompanying them says:

    "Scientology Ltd" - was registered in the UK 2 months ago. The company number in the Articles of Incorporation is 10458711 and the Proposed Registered Office Address is 32-33 Cartwright Gardens, London, WC1H 9EH. Director/Officer is registered as Stefano Rossini.

    Only paperwork they've filed is their Articles of Incorporation with no mention of what the business will do or their connection to other UK entities like COSRECI.
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