Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by weareanonymous4, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Watch this entire video starting at 1:36:
    YouTube - Muppet Babies: Muppet Goose - part 3 of 3

    Then read this:

    Here is the Last Illusion (D&D episode):
    YouTube - Dungeons and Dragons - The last illusion part 1 (part 1)
    YouTube - Dungeons and Dragons - The last illusion part 2 (part 2)

    Here is The Box (D&D episode): YouTube - ZANDORAS BOX DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS

    See if you can find the Scilon references!

    The Superfriends Episode he refers to is entitled "Rokan: Enemy from Space"

    I can't find that episode online yet.

    This is really sad... beloved children's cartoons of our youth infested with Scientology propaganda.
  2. Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Well, on the other hand they're such generic ideas that they're harmless. It's hardly a bad thing for kids to look up words in the dictionary when they don't understand them, and it's not like Scientology can claim that they're responsible for the idea that kids should look up words. Also, the "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" is a principle held by Christians, Buddhists, Atheists and Vulcans. The fact that they couldn't use the term "dynamics" robs it of any Scientology influence.

    These are those harmless "outer onion ring" ideas.

    The kooky stuff is in the "inner onion rings," so to speak.
  3. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    So let me get this right - Hubbard 'discovered' something that pretty much anyone who has learnt to read knows anyway. Wow. Genius.

    Other than that, I think this is a good example of how dangerous Scientology can be - a variant on "THIS IS WHY" - but in this case, I just want to pat the Scilon on the head and go "awwwww - I'm sure it made a difference" and then stifle my giggles.
  4. Anorumi Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    It's not true either. Context is also a wonderful way to learn word meanings, and is in fact encouraged when learning a foreign language. If you stop and look up every word you don't understand without at least trying to move forward to see if you get the general idea, you'd never finish what you're supposed to read.
  5. Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Hence the difference between translation and transliteration.

    But I think Hubbard's "discovery" stems from the fact that he just made up words and babbled on about incoherent garbage so often that context clues were useless. Instead of coherently organizing his thoughts, he developed a scheme to make more money off his incompetence.
  6. Anonymous55 Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Pretty much this.

    Remember, we're against the abuses of the Cult organization itself, not the religious teachings, even if some of them are absurd. And surprise, Hubbard probably stole some common sense ideas like these. Just because these ideas are taught as part of a pyramid scheme does not mean they are evil themselves, I think they're not half bad actually. (And I also do not give LRH an ounce of credit for these ideas, he's nothing but a drunken thief)
  7. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Yah - but you do have to train yourself to read on and get the context - certainly, for most people, the default response is to kinda stop, maybe keep reading but not really taking stuff in. It requires a conscious 'switch' to 'diagnostic context' mode or something. To be fair, I can't right now watch the actual videos - do they actually say STOP and GET A DICTIONARY as soon as any unknown word pops up?!?
  8. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Ugh. They also did some stuff on pbs and in schools like "Futures with Jamie Escalante(remember the movie 'stand and deliver'?)" 'The Eddie Files" and "Good Morning Miss Toliver."They did this through FASE. Another "we are not a religious organization or a front for scientology even though we are pushing hubbards tech and most of our people are scilons"front.
  9. Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows


    Hubbard's "misunderstood word" thing omits considering how the MU is used in context. LRH Study tech wants you to STOP! and memorize every possible definition in the dictionary before proceeding to the next word. Sure, dictionaries are good but they are better if used along with context.

    In the Little Miss Muffet example someone could proceed to the end of the paragraph without cracking a dictionary and figure out that a tuffet is something that a little girl can sit on while eating, and that a tuffet is large enough for a spider to sit beside her. Therefore, a tuffet is solid, not a cock, relatively comfortable for sitting while eating, and not spiderproof. Any further specificity, disambigution, or precision adds nothing to the understanding of the day's events.
  10. anon131 Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I think this is along the same lines of when you find out that a celebrity that you like is a Scientologist. Yeah, they might not be crazy jumping on a couch Tom Cruise, but it's still dissappointing. Likewise, the idea of getting a dictionary and looking up a word isn't crazy, but the fact that a Scientologist wrote it with L Ron in mind is disappointing. It's even worse when these are suppose to be innocent moments from our childhood.
  11. anonymustang Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    quadruple rick roll? i like!

    Y eso que, donda estrella las muffa. Tengo poco dinero, pero mis manos estaeis fairly large.
  12. Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows


    It's just... odd. Shows I used to watch were created with L Ron's "tech" in mind (as the poster said above).

    It just gives me a seriously creepy vibe. Nothing horrendously bad, but just interesting to learn.
  13. Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Unless there's something similar to an auditing session on a children's show, I don't really care.
  14. HailXenu79 Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Hmm... I'm not quite sure about the D&D episodes... Does Varla have powers over MEST? Were bad things happening to the village because Varla was connected to an SP (Venger)? Does the Dungeon Master = DM = David Miscavige? Is "The Stairway to Freedom" a reference to "The Bridge to Total Freedom"?

    Or is it more "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics" stuff?
  15. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I like how what is patently true - that LHR was wrong about the 'misunderstood word' thing is not understood by Scientologists. All it takes is 30 seconds of thinking about the LRH claim to know he was talking rubbish.
  16. Helatrobus Member

  17. Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I was reading a book the other day and it mentioned one of the fictional characters in the book was a believer in L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology (Briefly, as in once, and it was a neutral comment).
  18. fluffbomb Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    One word, "Comprehension".
    That is what Hubbard miraculously and incredibly discovered (thousands of years after this was already made plain and simple through the development of language).

    It's simply a tiny issue blown out of all proportion by Hubbard. He uses it to trap people. While most of us would learn a word and carry on with life (you will never understand every word on Earth, I wonder if Scientologist's realize they will never reach that "perfection" until they learn every single language on the planet, lol), Scientology uses this as evidence that you are not "complete". It's just a way to hold you back and squeeze more cash out of you.

    Either way, I understand that Scientology intends to infect every aspect of life through any means, which is why I would never trust an open Scientologist in any position of authority or power. I don't believe they should be allowed to teach, to work in government, to care for children or make my coffee at Costa.

    It is a dangerous cult that uses highly dubious tactics to gain attention and power over others, they cannot be trusted with Human interaction, therefore it should be removed form society in every way possible.
  19. MollyBloom Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows


    Also, by creating his own dictionary (of terms he created) he now controls the idea and the context in which it is used which then becomes a type of 'thought control'.
  20. anonski Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Hate to say it, but I'm not really seeing too much of a problem here. The references are not enough to say, make a kid convert to Scientology, or even pick up on that the references came from Scientology.

    It seems akin to saying OMG! JRR Tolkien incorporated Christian elements in Lord of the Rings!! He's trying to indoctrinate our children!!
  21. Anorumi Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Not really. I use the same rules I do reading a foreign language as I do reading difficult English text (well, it was difficult when I was a kid at any rate). Look for context. Context often gives a better indication of meanings than just perusing the dictionary.
  22. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Harmless. If they were pushing kids to look up words only in LRH dictionaries, that would be a real issue. But they aren't.
  23. CathyLong Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    1. the intentions were there, but no one would watch any of those and start thinking scientology was a good idea all of the sudden. In fact, without any previous knowledge, a child would never in a milloin years connect the two.

    2. Plenty of cartoons are riddled with Christian ideals, but no one seems to care about that because it's not some horrible thing. Hell, Chronicles of Narnia is a blatant church propaganda story. But so is Spencer's Faerie Queene. That doesn't mean that the show or story or book suddenly loses value.

    2. As far as D&D goes, fantasy has been a written genre for quite a bit longer than Hubbard ever lived on this planet or any other. :p He didn't invent the story of aliens and meteors any more than the Matrix was the first story to question man vs. machine. You've gotta look at the BIGGER picture. Hubbard was a dime-a-dozen, crappy sci fi author who "borrowed" from everywhere else in the world, then pulled an Al Gore and claimed he invented it XD! So stop giving him credit where it's not due. :)
  24. B_nonymous Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    ....lest we forget that most of core principles and theories of Scientology were plagerized from elsewhere.
  25. Daywatch Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    enlighten me as to how this is Breaking News?
  26. CathyLong Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    it's not. mods will move it or anons will ignore and bury it. fear not.
  27. Anon1376 Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows


    LRH stole basic concepts such as word comprehension and tried to convince the world he 'discovered' it. If one looks hard enough, one can find things LRH attempted to claim as his own in anything.

    It's like me claiming I invented the color green and thus anything with the color green in it, theorists would assume I had a hand in, when the bottom line is it was never my creation to begin with.
  28. Evie Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I need a word clear here... What's a 'theprist'?
  29. Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    You don't have feel feel bad pointing that out, I agree with you. It's just a bit surreal to find out something like this. I just think it is interesting and a bit sad.

    I don't think kids will be indoctrinated by this stuff.

    To be clear, I am not screaming that this is ruining kids or a sly plan to brainwash them. I just thought it was interesting, and a bit of new previously unknown information that might be fun to discuss.
  30. Anon1376 Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Theorist...srry bout that

    "I'll take the rapists for 400, Alex"
  31. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    This is not directly related to the topic.
    A friend who knows what we are doing called me the other night to let me know about a rerun of "two and a half men" that was running. I think it was a two parter. The thing that got her attention was that the main characters come upon a leggy blonde beating the crap out of a car. The guys ask her why she is doing this and guess Ex bf? Boss? and then the legy blonde turns around (jenna elfman) and tells them no, my psychiatrist. when they ask for the rationale she states something like " He says I have anger issues....and he hit on me"
    By itself this is ha ha funny. But on a wider scale it is part of the coordinated effort to turn people away from trusting or seeking help from psychiatrists.

    We know that scientologists are going after kids. Through applied scholastics and other means. They do this to make the mental landscape more receptive to scientology indoctrination and also to gain credibility for their "humanitarian efforts".

    The scilon front group FASE which make seemingly useful education shows for PBS and schools was/maybe still is getting funding from various government agencies and some big corporations. FASE is also a huge promoter of narconon and the purification rundown.

    I've not done any research into this tentacle of scientology in a while but these kinds of activities are yet another example of scientology trying to insinuate itself into the minds of our children and to gain influence over what is taught to them. It is possible that these activities are more important facts to show the general public, when presented with scientology crimes, that they have reason to care about what this cult does.

    Their efforts to get into children's minds are not something to be dismissed. Whether or not people have time and energy to follow this lead and if there is enough information out there to connect the dots is another story.

    A little more info here:
  32. anonymal Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I disagree: I think incorporating scilon principles (SPs lol) in children's shows absolutely works toward indoctrinating those children. It does so both by making the SP mainstream as well as burying itself in the child's memory so that if they are later exposed to scientology they remember (consciously or subconsciously) the seemingly innocuous and benevolent children's show and associate that with the SP.

    It is similar to blanketing the planet with The Way to Happiness booklets - it increases the public exposure to scientology in a positive or innocuous way as a means of incremental propaganda or thought control.
  33. Guy Fawkes Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Reminds me of Hillary's "Politics of Meaning" nonsense from the early 90s and how it got laughed out of the room! :p

    Anyone know where I can get a COMPREHENSIVE list of all Big-Shots (Hollywood or otherwise) involved in the Cult, and TV shows that try to inculcate?

    Could be a great resource.
  34. waianon Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I've been an avid reader since I was little. I don't recall having to "train" to read on and get context, it's just something I've always done automatically. If I couldn't figure out what a word meant through context, then I just ignored it. Everything I read past that certainly wasn't "blank."
  35. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I remember seeing that episode of Muppet Babies and not understanding why my parents were freaking out about it. In retrospect, I can understand they were upset about the Scientology angle, but it still a valid point about understanding.
  36. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I for one find this sort of thing fascinating if only as a sociological footnote. If teaching is to be faith-based, I like to know where it's from and what the story is, because I think that education should be wholly secular. But no, it's not harmful in itself, any more than christian moralising (which also shares a good deal with common sense secular morals) is.

    Thanks for the thread though - I think something being interesting and showing the "market penetration" of Scientology is more than worthy of being a thread here (though breaking news was a bit OTT).
  37. iaxiloll Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

  38. Mr.incognito Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I think this proves that Gonzo is most important muppet.

    Sure Kermit and Piggy sell alot of mechanize, but its Gonzo that keeps the movies and shows funny and thus keeping the franchise alive.

    Watch that clip again, nothing funny happens until Gonzo shows up. He even had to save that horrible ending.

    I guess I more upset about the crappy writing then the scientology angle.
  39. Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    I think this thread contains three important lessons.

    1) Hubbard was an idiot. I know, I know, but it's nice to have a reminder every few days.

    2) The reach of the Enemy is great. The Scilons might have influence just about anywhere, and through their shell-companies can be anywhere without people realizing it. Find the links, follow them, and expose them.

    3) The Scilons are not everywhere. I know this seems like a conradiction, but just because something looks like a Hubbardism doesn't mean it is. Come with facts, not presupposition.
  40. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Scientology infiltrated Children's Shows

    Here... Have at it;

    YouTube - Boycott These Scientology Celebrities

    Now then... here's something to consider in all this, and I apologize, but it does have an element of age exclusion to it, but it can't be helped....

    How many of you, as kids, watched a beloved program, then years down the road saw a show, news item or celeb bulletin and cried; "OMG! THAT REMINDS ME OF...!"

    This is a "gotcha" in subliminal time bombs. No, I'm not waering a tinfoil hat, it's the truth if you really think about it.. The Scilons, with these shows in mund, have actually been running what they would term as their own "implant stations" in the form of kid shows, to be "restimmed" at a later time by a memory trigger. It just makes logical sense if you think about it... You'll think; "Oh, I remember..." then look it up and come across a Sci-Friendly article, site or what have you... You follow that path, and BOOM... You're in SciLand, drinking in the shit...

    I'd expand more, but I'm fucking exhausted.... Work on it, you guys :p

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