Scientology Infiltrating British Education

Discussion in 'Projects' started by humanist, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. humanist Member

    I was shocked to discover that my school has invited scientology to a spirituality fair, where they will be allowed to discuss their views on a platform alongside legitimate organisations like the Humanists, the Church of England, the Catholic Church, Islam, Quakers, Muslims etc. Not only will they be treated in the same way as a religion, they will be protected from 'controversial' questions from the student audience.

    It would be great if some of you could join me in complaining, preferably through registering your views by e-mail. Every e-mail will help! I've written a template:

    Dear Parrs Wood Sixth Form,
    I am writing to you in order to let you know that I disapprove of your decision to invite the 'Scientology ©' organisation to your Spirituality Day on July 4th. I hope you are aware of the controversy that surrounds this deeply unpleasant organisation and its methods of subverting the truth as well as reasoned criticisms against it. Me and many others feel that it is incredibly irresponsible to expose students to the views of this cult which are so thoroughly drenched in lies and deceit that it is impossible for your students to make any informed judgement on Scientology and its values and ideals. By allowing it to share a platform with legitimate religious and spiritual organisations, you are adding legitimacy to the hateful and extremist views and often criminal activities (literally) of Scientology itself (for more information on these, visit: Please could you consider withdrawing the invite.
    Kind regards,
    [your name/Anonymous]

    So if you will, copypaste that into a quick e-mail and send it to < the principal's e-mail. (Feel free to edit the message, maybe pretend to be a parent etc.) Let me know if you do through a comment, thanks.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    British education doesn't exist these days, relax.
  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nice letter.
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  4. Oh that should turn out great.

    Just ask each group what policies they've written to handle Critics of their faith. I'm sure the catholics and muslims have rational plans, but Scientology will be the one that tries to discuss how they communicate with everyone. If you can get them saying that on tape, that would be oh so exploitable on the net with all the Anon vids of them ignoring people.


    The damage is done, but it's time to use their contradictions against them. Record them talking about all their points they bring up, then make a video showing reality being very different.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    This is relevant to my interests.
    Thanks op.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Lets poon the headmaster also local media.
  7. I was exposed to Advanced Scholastics as a child and I turned out just fine.
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  8. LocalSP Member

    What you need to do is let the scilons attend and be prepared to ask some tough questions. Perfect why to expose them.

    Remember, be prepared and don't let them have the upper hand.
  9. Nudge all your buddies into re-watching the south park episodes a few days before attending too.
    That should put them in the right mindset to deal with them.

    Also, wth is a school doing pushing spirituality in the first place!?!
    Religion and Education should be kept at a 100m distance at all times. That any religious prosetelization at all is happening within a school is totally disgusting.
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  10. Disco Necked Member

    Scientology isn't a religion thus the CofS isn't a church. At least on certain pieces of land...
  11. Anonymous Member

    Always better to take time to compose an original email. I've sent one to the head of the Board of Governors.
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  12. humanist Member

    Thanks, I'm assuming you guys have sent letters. I'm definitely going to contact the press, but they probably won't run a story given the copyright/libel laws, if the cult is still allowed I'll be sure to record them and ask the questions that'll make them squirm.
  13. humanist Member

    *E-mails, rather.
  14. I do realize its neither a religion or a church.

    As the school is obviously open to the idea of proselytizing their students
    Why not ask the person organizing, why they never invited the Hareh Krishners, Moonies, Mormons, Church of the Subgenius, Pagan federation along?

    Claim to be Wiccan and cry discrimination at that shady cult being invited, but no HP's
  15. Also, when asking awkward questions, be sure to be having a buddy film it for jewtube.
  16. humanist Member

    Don't forget the honourable Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Don't be so sure about that because newspapers like to fill column inches, especially if they're the local press. Even if they just print the facts it might be enough to get some local people and parents up in arms.

    The wonderful thing which has been achieved is that the name of Scientology is toxic to so many members of the public these days.
  18. novu Member

  19. WhiteNight Member

    Well played OP. Firing harpoons now.
  20. SwordofTruth Member

    Hmm a video of the guy at the Manc shop getting owned at a school, yes please.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Can you find out who is going to represent each of the other (genuine) religions?
    It would be excellent to inform them of how $cientology says all other faiths are mere alien implants and how Mohamed was "a small town booster". Similarly- flyer the whole area around the school with links to youtube Panorama special with John Sweeney and Xenu TV.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Pooned. I sent the link to their TR-L drill and asked if that was something that should be influencing our children.
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  23. moarxenu Member

    The scilons have worked they magick at Parrs Wood Sixth Forum before in July 2009.

    Scientologist Kevin Jones wrote an article at NowPublic about Sam Butler speaking at PWSF. Sam Butler is the Regional Head of Scientology in Manchester. He is also the chief OSA terminal in the region. So the students are being taught the cult's "spirituality" by the local head of its intelligence agency. Sam has also published 15 articles of cult propaganda at NowPublic. From Kevin Jones' article:

    Manchester Spiritual Awareness Conference a success

    by Kevin_Jones | July 9, 2009 at 05:02 am

    Manchester, England—Representatives of religious and belief groups gathered at Parrs Wood High School's Sixth Form Centre in Didsbury, Manchester on Monday for their annual 'Spiritual Awareness Conference', which aimed to give some 180 A-level students 'a deeper understanding' of the various religions and beliefs practiced in the area.
    The fifth conference of its type held by the school, this year's saw ten religions or beliefs represented, the largest number so far. Pushing the boundaries of controversy at this year's conference was the inclusion of The Humanist Society among the groups invited. The two Humanist representatives were invited to be part of the conference as an example of a non-religious belief system. Other groups represented included the Bahá'i faith, the Catholic Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Church of Scientology and Islam...
    Each religion or belief was represented by at least one person, with some like the Scientologists coming in pairs. Students were able to choose three presentations while each presentation was repeated three times throughout the day, allowing the 16-19 year old students to experience a diverse range of belief systems...

    At the end of the day-long conference, students were invited to put their questions to a panel comprising all of the guest representatives. This was rounded off with a question from the school's head of Religious Education, who asked, "Which one of you is right?"

    Besides posting at NowPublic, OSAbot Sam Butler has a blog. LinkedIn. Here is his About page on his blog. He is a web developer, photographer, musician, and of course, scifag:

    Sam at Work

    I work for the Church of Scientology in the North of England. I’m in charge of OSA public affairs, which means I meet with people who are not Scientologists and I work with the community as a representative of the Church and its social programmes. If you need to know something about Scientology then don’t hold back! Get in touch and I’ll answer your questions.

    He posted a report at his blog as well. Actually there is an entire WWP thread on the appearance of Sam Butler and Richard Bromley OT8 at Sixth Form Centre in 2009.

    Note poster getbeckyout. He is Tony Leigh of Manchester. He and his partner Sue spent three hard years trying to get their daughter Becky out. Becky finally left in 2010. Tony posted this video statement from her on YT announcing her complete defection from the cult:

    Here is his vid to Manchester Anonymous before Becky left thanking them for their help:

    In the thread on Parrs Wood Tony calls Sam Butler "Scam Butler". He also posted questions to ask Scammy at Parrs Wood and says to email the head of the school and Susan Williams.

    Yes email the head and Susan Williams she is head of Trafford council.

    I have had telephone conversations with her in the past and she is against the new manchester ideal org. Please email her linking the website of the school and forum site of the story.

    Susan Williams made a comment on this site as well re the new ideal org.

    So it looks like we have the makings of a powerful Anon harpoon campaign. Tony and Manchester fags can help and so can a lot of us outside the UK.
    The Head Teacher is Bernadette McGrath. Please confirm is a good email address for her or provide another one.

    Mod Edit: Image removed for privacy reasons
    Also, who is the head of Religious Education?
    A lot of shit has come down for the cult since 2009 so we have a lot of ammo.If the 2009 scheduing is being followed again this year then the cult will make its presentation three times. So maybe you can team up with your friends to have a couple of you at each presentation for lulz and great justice.
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  24. SwordofTruth Member

    I had confront with an OSA nice :D
  25. Anonymous Member

    Who at the school is Sam Butler in with? Someone will have been befriended by him or other scientologists - or you will find someone organising the event is actually taking scientologist courses (if you google their name and the words 'scientology completions' this can show people's completed courses in on line databases).
  26. Anonymous Member

    We've got 10 days to get this in the press, questions asked in local government and parliament.

    Eric Pickles and Michael Gove are the two ministers to send emails / call their office /send letters to about this.

    Michael Gove - Secretary of State for Education:
    Michael Gove's view of scientology here (this is good - read it):

    Eric Pickles - Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government does not like the cult and says they should not have tax breaks:
  27. Rheinländer Member

    What is the next step? "Blood and Honour" information event? Crazy.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Scientologists lie, groom and recruit - same as any other extremist group.

    This is so naive that they are being given respectability and being invited to speak at a school. How many more families will be destroyed by this organisation?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Who is the local MP for the area?
    All MPs can be contacted at:
    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA

    Telephone: 0207 219 3000
  30. Anonymous Member

    John Leech MP
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. RolandRB Member

    If the clams offered to teach Scientology at the school and hand out qualifications and top marks the school would fall over itself to add it to their curriculum. Anything to get the stats up.

    Considering the crap they teach in schools these days then I think Scientology deserves a look-in.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Ask they headmaster Andrew Shakos, chair of the governing body Suzannah Reeves and head of 6th form Bernadette McGrath why they are allowing an extremist organisation and dangerous criminal cult to openly recruit pupils at their school on 4th July.

    Get Tony Leigh to speak to parents.
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  34. thefatman Member

    Plan A: Poon them into rescinding the invitation.

    Plan B: OP should troll the fuck out of them while they're there.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    And if in doubt - Always ask scientologists about 'Body Thetans'? This is very important - mention these two words in anything you say.
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. afternon Member

    Body thetans, the cost to "go clear" and to get to "OT8"- these need bringing to public attention as does JAN EASTGATE and the CCHR cover up of child abuse and children as work slaves as well as HUbbard locking small children in the chain locker. Docs required, of course.

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  38. I wander what would happen if a chunk of you masked up when they started to talk?
    Would at least put them on the offensive from the start, maybe the added pressure will help ease out a footbullet or 2?
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  39. humanist Member

    Okay, I'm going to rally now. First of all I'll talk with the person organising the event and present them with the facts about scientology, I'll then e-mail John Leech MP, followed by the head of the local education authority, I'll try and make contact with the government ministers mentioned.

    Does anyone know how I can contact Tony Leigh and get him to speak at the school?
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  40. moarxenu Member

    PM him here on WWP: getbeckyout

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