Scientology Infiltrating British Education

Discussion in 'Projects' started by humanist, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. moarxenu Member

    I think probably what happened was that Scam Butler approached the school and probably through the Head of Religious Education.

    There was a similar situation last year at Manhattanville College near NYC. It is a college of Catholic tradition. Nuns from the religious order that founded it still sit on the Board.

    John Carmichael the OSA director for NYC called the Catholic chaplain and asked him to sponsor the launch of Youth For Human Rights International World Tour 2010 by Mary Shuttleworth, which he did.

    I spoke to the Catholic Chaplain. He was completely ignorant. He hadn't read the accounts of abuses that were coming out and hadn't spent ten minutes reading the WKP articles on Scientology. I suspect a similar thing happened here.
  2. Anonymous Member

    I'm not sure how this conference takes place, but I encourage you guys to all Scientology to show its face there. It will be a great opportunity to rally students to launch questions about their critics and critcisms. Think about all the juicy topics they do not want to discuss. Make the squirm in the eyes of the school. It will be glorious.
  3. humanist Member

    I'm beginning to want them to come now what with the promise of such lulz.
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  4. moarxenu Member

  5. anonanchovie Member

    This sent to Ms Mcgrath;

    Dear Ms. McGrath

    It is due to my having written an autobiographical account of my twenty two years as a Scientologist that I have been requested by one of your students through a protest movement called 'Anonymous' to possibly help inform your choice of speaker at your religious educational event on July the 4th.

    While I appreciate your efforts to provide a balanced forum for discussion on interfaith issues the fact that you are allowing a rather distasteful pseudo religion, Scientology, a platform to proselytize to impressionable children is I fear is not balanced - it being a widely detested world-view - rather it is naïve in the extreme.

    In my twenty two years of very often high level executive service to that operation (it should not be dignified with the appellation 'religion') the question of our religious marketing strategy often came into question internally, we saw ourselves as a psychological science, and disliked the idea of religion, but the tax and social advantages of asserting religiosity outweighed the negative feedback that we received from some of our front line recruitment activities. In 1999 we asserted religiosity, after in-depth study, the Charity Commission disagreed.

    If you are a Scientologist, I would ask you to question why you feel so compelled to promote this religion in you school, if you are merely poorly informed, I would recommend that you carry out a deeper study of freely available materials on-line that raise serious questions about the behaviour and beliefs of this operation. You certainly should question your willingness to take this group at face value, after all, you are held in a position of trust by the parents of the children you teach, the consequences of betraying that trust should be taken into account by both your school board and yourself. Your passing Scientology off as a religion to your students is at best ill-advised.

    There is no point in my attempting to describe here the horror that I felt when I realised the extent of the deception that is Scientology, it was devastating. I went from a highly respected Scientology executive to profoundly sceptic in just a few hours, simply because I gained (internally forbidden) access to the internet. I am not sure that there is sufficient leeway to get a copy of my book to you in time for the event, but I will do my best.

    Please feel free to contact me at this email address, I hope that your student will be able to pass on the book to you and the school board.


    John A. Duignan
    Author of 'The Complex'
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  6. moarxenu Member

    John, this is great! Need moar harpoons like this. brb emailing Bernadette.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    A brief look at the courses at Parr wood says that they do an A level in psychology- can we find out who teaches it and inform them about the cult's hate crimes against psychologists and psychiatrists and ensure that those studying psychology attend if the cult's talk goes ahead?
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  8. humanist Member

    Good point, I'll ask them questions about their position on psychology and try and stir up some psych students.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Dear (insert MP's/councillor's/journalist's name here)

    At a time when central government is struggling to find a solution to the very real threat of young people being recruited and radicalised by extremist groups in the UK, I was horrified to learn that a British school is inviting representatives from the scientology organisation to speak to students.

    Why is this dangerous criminal cult being given respectability alongside bona fide religious groups?
    Why is scientology (with it's proven history of destroying families) being given a forum in which to openly attempt to recruit young people? How can this be acceptable in a school in the UK?

    The school I refer to is Parrs Wood in Manchester, the scientology organisation is due to speak there next week on 4th July.

    Yours sincerely
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Xenu Is Lord Member

    After Anthony Muhammad ran for the DC Board of Education I sent out about 700 emails. I also did the same when they were punishing their crap on the Springfield Ill schools as well. No joke! I got a number of responses. I sent these emails to the PTA, student groups, boards of education, principles at individual schools and anyone that covered education.

    What we need is a web info pack with clear arguments and links to send out before these things happen. It is easy to blame people for not known but another when they are regularly emailed info. Lets be clear, the cult targets children and they are not going to stop. A better educated school system should shut down a lot of this crap to begin with. Even if the cult gets cut off after being exposed, they will still use photos and videos of their minor success to milk their sheep with promos.

    Who wants to help start a info pack?
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  12. I will help! Perhaps a wiki page to for people to work on and save for emailing?!?
  13. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I like it. I would start it but I don't know how to do wiki pages????
  14. I kind of can, I'm an editor for the CWCki... Let me start a page .... I think I'll title it:

    Frequently Asked Questions about Scientology.

    Unless there is one.... Any input?
  15. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Cool. Thank you.
  16. If you want to type up some sort of Intro to the FAQs page... it'd be appreciated I can get started on editing the page.
  17. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I will. I can't start till tomorrow thought.
  18. Actually, a list of topics to be touched on would be better help right now...

    Let me try again, so I'm not posting so much, I started a page, and I'll write an intro. If you can do me a favor and come up with some topics to discuss, we can get people to help fill it in.

    I'll write an intro, and put up this skeleton wiki page, for us to fill up later. Sound good?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Moar about his keeping children with learning difficulties in chain lockers on board the Apollo
  20. Anonymous Member

    Here are some UK All Party Parliamentary Groups that this subject is relevant to.

    Please can people send emails to these groups:

    Youth Affairs:
    Human Rights
    Runaway and Missing Children and Adults:

    Here's the whole list of All Party Groups and their members:

    Dear (insert MP's/councillor's/journalist's name here)

    At a time when central government is struggling to find a solution to the very real threat of young people being recruited and radicalised by extremist groups in the UK, I was horrified to learn that a British school is inviting representatives from the Scientology organisation to speak to students.

    Why is this dangerous criminal cult being given respectability alongside bona fide religious groups?
    Why is scientology (with it's proven history of destroying families) being given a forum in which to openly attempt to recruit young people? How can this be acceptable in a school in the UK?

    The school I refer to is Parrs Wood in Manchester; the 'Church' of Scientology has been invited to be there next week on 4th July.

    Yours sincerely

  21. humanist Member

    Brilliant letter. And I love the idea of a Wiki FAQ page, I could print some of it off and make it into fliers. I've sent letters to the Secretary of State for Education, and Eric Pickles MP, as well as my constituency MP, though I doubt he'll do anything, being useless and all. I'll send a few to the APPGs you mentioned.
  22. humanist Member

    One thing though, if you e-mail the sixth form don't be rude - remember these are the guys who decide if I'm allowed to study there and it'll reflect badly on me.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    You should remain as anonymous as possible to avoid having your pets killed and nasty creepy cult members hanging around your house.
  24. Anon1720 Member

    humanist - does your school have a PTA (or English equivalent)? If so, who to contact there?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Mostly Anonymous has impeccable manners.

    However, Scientologists do not and they might cause problems by pretending to be Anonymous and doing things like sending bomb threats 'from anonymous', then playing the victim and calling the police. This is standard behaviour from the cult and you should almost expect it. So should your local police force.
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  26. moarxenu Member

    Larry Brennan just made a moving and beautiful post on the psychological damage the cult does in the thread on the revival of Laura Descrenzo's Sea Org abuse case. Well worth using for harpoons:

    Recap on emai addies for Parrs Wood harpoonz:

    Bernadette McGrath, Head Teacher
    Parrs Wood Sixth Form

    cc Spirituality Day Organiser and others:

  27. Anonymous Member

    I'm astonished the staff at this school are so lazy to not find out what they are subjecting pupils in their care to.
    Recommended reading for them: A Piece of Blue Sky by John Atack and Cults in Our Midst by Margaret Singer
  28. CarltonBANKS Member

    It's a bit stupid to write about deception (pretending to be a parent) on a public forum. The chances are she will stumble upon this thread, at some point.

    They should be allowed to speak at the school, but what the fuck's this about protecting them from controversial questions? I'm sure the schoolkids will ask them hard hitting questions, anyway. I only hope they film it on their phones and put it on YouTube.
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  29. moarxenu Member

    And now Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology available at Amazon UK!
  30. Anonymous Member

    I would check if they invited Hareh Krishners, Moonies, Mormons, Church of the Subgenius, Pagan federation, and in particular Falong Gong. I would alert those not invited to protest against discrimination, in writing or in person. You would never know.
  31. Anonymous Member

    No they shouldn't. I wouldn't want scientologists anywhere near my kids. I trust the teachers to care for their well being when they are at school. Inviting a criminal cult that uses coercive recruiting to have a forum in school time is absolutely unacceptable.
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  32. greebly Member

    If they want to invite someone why not invite an Independent Scientologist in regards to an organisation that charges large amounts of money and time for the same beliefs.
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  33. CarltonBANKS Member

    Yeah, i see you point about coercive tactics. I bet you anything Sam Butler is reading this thread, fapping over the perceived hostility. Rather than let them play the victim, I think it's best we educate people, properly. (maybe?)

    One don't want to increase the 'mystique' of this cult.

    Most Scientologists are well-meaning people, and the ones I've met are thoroughly nice people. Hell, they're even decent enough to tell me stuff 'off the record' (some of them).


    A good tactic is to befriend Scientologists, and then be super subtle with the criticism. Steadily, stimulate their critical thinking faculties. Works a charm, sometimes.
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  34. CarltonBANKS Member

    wat? I didn't know it had launched, yet?
  35. moarxenu Member

    I don't think Scientology of any sort is of any value for students. It is at best a marginal collection of self-help techniques. Scientology should never be invited again.

    For this year however I hope Berdadette McGrath stays the course so students can ask Sam Butler pertinent questions about the Scientology spirituality that informed Jan Eastgate's telling eleven-year-old Carmen Rainer she was molested since age seven because she herself had molested a seven-year-old in a past life and then coaching her to lie to the police lest she be psychologically and spiritually molested by evil psychiatrists and social workers.

    There are profound riches of Scientology spirituality in just this one incident alone! Students, particulary the psychology students, deserve the opportunity to ask Sam Butler to unpack and explicate its depths for them.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    This is not about what you or anyone else chooses to do concerning scientology in their own time; this is about children and young adults at school in school time and scientology being given respectability by being put on a stand with religious groups. Not giving them that is not increasing mystique.

    There's nothing mystical about scientology, it's simple. Scientology is a pack of ridiculous lies from start to finish, It's Body Thetans, Volcanoes and Xenu at a cost of £300,000 to reach the top 'OT8' level and then you have to keep smiling and saying it's great or you'll have to admit you just wasted 20 years of your life, abandoned people who loved you and spent £300,000 on bullshit. It's a con that destroys families and steals lives. That's all you need to know about it, move on, have a great cult free life.
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  37. humanist Member

    Tomorrow should see some responses from the Sixth Form staff, so check your e-mail accounts and if you get a reply please post it here or PM me. It will help greatly.
  38. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OSAbots, start your keyboards!
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  39. CarltonBANKS Member

    Or, don't be retards. Don't fucking send unsolicited mail to pupils, even if they are 6th form (aged 17/18), only talk to staff and be upfront about who you are.

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