Scientology Infiltrating British Education

Discussion in 'Projects' started by humanist, Jun 23, 2011.

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    How are they not?
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    Scientology doesn't groom people to be pedophiles and scientology doesn't advocate suicide bombing, last time I checked.
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    If you are going to fix it you could try, "after a PE brought on by neglect and dehydration as a direct result of applying the Introspection Rundown as written by L. Ron Hubbard".
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    Keep trying.
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    I'm good, thanks.
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    Pulmonary thrombosis, not embolism. The thrombosis was secondary to the dehydration.
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    The coroner's report says "thrombo-embolism", which presumably means that they weren't sure if it formed in the pulmonary artery or formed elsewhere and moved there.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Which makes both of us half right, right? :)
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    Hey guise, anyone interested in getting this thread back on track? Has anyone emailed like Hannah Pool or other media peeps?
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    Nobody said they did. It was a valid comparison of people being put through recognised coercive thought reform processes without their consent.

    Lisa McPherson died as a direct result of her involvement in scientology. It's widely documented.
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    This. What's happening?
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    Sam Butler, amateur photographer, has been in Brighton attending the scientology front group CCHR protest of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference. Is he going to be back in Manchester on Monday to be at Parrs Wood Sixth form?

    CCHR is dedicated to the destruction of psychiatry globally.
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    Great info. Anons have called for a raid on CCHR in Brighton. Would love to see a IK megaraid descend on the anti-psychiatry hate group.

    Harpoon update:

    Sent long email to Bernadette on Monday. Followed up with an email on Wednesday focusing on ensnaring of young people and cult quackery driving 20-year-old Kyle Brennan to commit suicide a mere ten days after setting foot in Clearwater

    Yesterday I emailed her to confirm Sam's appearance on Monday, info she has at her fingertips. No response so I followed up today. No response.
  17. Anonymous Member

    It's not written policy, no. However, Hubbard said children were "thetans in little meat bodies" and thought locking toddlers in the chain locker on the Freewinds was OK. Similarly, he surrounded himself with his "messengers"- teenage girls in hot pants who used to comb his hair, wash him, etc- pretty creepy.
  18. Anonymous Member

    There are some flag orders around about the sea cadets.
    One of them talks about the ( wog < scientology term for everyone) education system.
    I will dig it up.
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    Scientology has already got enough pedophiles. Scientologists are too dumb to make bombs and if they tried they would blow themselves up.
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    Emails sent.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    ^^^THIS^^^. I think the school is innundated with emails. By now Sam Butler has alerted David Miscavige and all scifags in Manchester. An astute critic emailed me: "I wouldn't be surprised if the school officials are drowning in e-mails. OSA's playbook says "drown them in insane messages so as to make all critics appear insane."'

    Therefore focus needs to be on UK media. I suspect the cult is emailing Hannah Pool at The Guardian so emails asking her to investigate and report as an alumna of Parrs Wood would be helpful.

    We should alert and contact John Sweeney. I couldn't find contact info so I emailed Tony Ortega for assistance. Snippet:

    This pattern of subversion occurs all over the place with government officials, politicians, and religious leaders so this seemingly small incident is packed with significance. Monday is not the end but the beginning. Anonymous will press for Bernadette's commitment never to invite Scientology or its front groups to the college and will ask for inquiries by government officials.

    I am almost certain humanist and his parents, who fully support him, will be willing to talk to the media by Monday. If Bernadette has not already had a meeting with them she will certainly have to meet with them on Monday. A usually reliable source tells me Bernadette and the staff know his identity as does Sam Butler and probably all Manchester scilons. Sam conceivably could have discovered humanist's identity and disclosed it to Bernadette.

    If student buzz hasn't yet gotten round by Monday every student will know, and there are only about 220 of them. At this point only Anon doesn't know who he is lol.

    On Monday humanist and his mum and dad can ask Bernadette point blank all the questions that would be posed by astute investigative journalists. They might start by asking how she discovered who he is, and next whether she invited Sam Butler or whether he rang her up and "volunteered".


    Should John Sweeney and the BBC; local Manchester TV crews, and perhaps a stringer from Brian Seymour in Australia descend on Sixth Form on Monday morning there are many interesting interviews to be had.

    Besides Bernadette, there are the teachers and students of the Psychology Department; other students, teachers, staff; and Andrew Shakos Acting Headteacher of Parrs Wood HIgh School, some of whose students will go on to Sixth Form.

    There will be students who attend Sam Butler's presentations, and there will be the representatives of the Catholic Church and other authentic spiritual traditions. (It always to the good that the media report and heighten general public awareness of authentic spirituality). Sam Butler will be there, and who knows he may have OSA goons in tow.

    And of course, our whistle-blowing hero humanist and his mum and dad.
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    OP is definitely in Manc. Actually don't know if male or female. epic mancfag raiders are epic. maybe you can consider raiding about the Sixth Form affair. It is happening Monday. We will probably have a lot of interesting news by Tuesday, and you guys will have a lot of interesting questions to ask Sam Butler on Saturday.
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    Mancanons call a local journalist please.
  27. Anonymous Member

    I have just received this wise advice from a savvy journalist:

    I think you need to forget Sweeney on this story: he's more a
    long-term investigative reporter. I would contact local dailies,
    such as the newsdesk of the Manchester Evening News, which
    last I heard was a great wee paper (shame about their website).

    If it breaks in the local papers, you can be sure the nationals will
    pick it up and run with it if it is a strong enough story.

    Failing that, try The Daily Mail or The Daily Telegraph in London.
    On Sunday, they will be looking for off-diary stories -- but catch
    them early. A pity it's too late for the Sunday papers.

    I will take the Telegraph. Prolly best for a mancfag to take the Manchester Evening News. Who wants to cover The Daily Telegraph?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Oops, should be who wants to take The Daily Mail?
  29. Another fine example of how the cult never gives up, since it knows there is an infinite supply of dumb wogs out there. Narconon was caught infiltrating UK schools in 2007:
    yet it can still say 'we are a bona fide religion' and be believed.

    This is the old question as to whether political extremism, pseudoscience, pseudoreligion and the rest of them should be given a platform. It doesn't have a simple answer - sometimes letting the nutters speak is the best way of exposing them!
    The important thing is to be prepared. Proponents of unorthodox beliefs can often successfully confront and defeat critics by knowing the details better. 'You don't know the history of psychiatry - I do", as Tom Cruise put it.
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    Thanks, Hartley. The core issue to me is pseudo-psychiatric quackery. No publicly funded institution should be exposing students to Scientology in any form.

    It is great to have an extended article in a major paper like the UK Times for humanist to refer students, staff, and teachers to. He was right on the money with the title of this thread, "Scientology Infiltrating British Education.

    GOGOGO, humanist!
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  32. Anonymous Member


    Bernadette McGrath;
    Sam Butler;
    the senior management, staff, Psychology Department, students of Parrs Wood Sixth Form AND High School;
    Hannah Pool and other Guardian, Manchester and UK journalists;
    OSA covert and overt agents;
    Sea Org slaves;
    their Boss David Miscavige;
    public scilons;
    closeted ghey scilons;
    and anyone else reading this thread -

    Please feel free to extend the joy of Spirituality Awareness Day all week long culminating with Anonymous Manchester's Saturday, July 9, RAID on Sam Butler's org. Rumor has it that humanist will make an appearance. For details see:

    and especially here:

    NB: OT8s - please feel to exteriorize from Clearwater Flag Base, Gold Base International HQ; the Freewinds etc. and join in the fun for lulz and great justice!
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    Anonymous said:
    Fear the all mighty Sam Butler


    brb dog + kurtenz
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    Must register as Ms. Cavige Davidson. kthnx.
  36. Anonymous Member

    So did cult member Sam Butler go to Parrs Wood school?
    I'm concerned we haven't heard from the OP. Have his teachers stopped him posing here?

    Suppression of freedom of speech is catching around scientology.
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    She posted in the manc thread.
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    Cool. Can't wait to here the tape. Great work, humanist!
  39. Anonymous Member

    Have you posted to mumsnet already?
  40. Anonymous Member

    It's good Sam Butler and Lisa were asked about Operation Snow white and Hubbard's wife and other scientologists going to jail - these are facts that low level scientologists are always kept in the dark about. Keep bombarding Sam with information. Did anyone ask him about Jan Easgate's arrest?
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