"Scientology lands in force in Colombia" (Bogotá ideal org opening July 5, 2015)

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    Translation of a Spanish article posted on Sunday, June 28, 2015 on the website of the Bogotá daily newspaper El Tiempo
    La Cienciología aterriza con fuerza en Colombia
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  3. I like this quote. Forty thousand people have either joined the group or taken a course or heard about it. Determining the numbers in each category is left as an exercise to the reader (hint: the first two categories are both under 1000).
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    "Rico says they no longer trouble him and that they stem from the lack of information about a religion that is only beginning to develop."

    lied to much? Only beginning?
    Seems like they need some serious poons over in Bogota.
    I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Columbians realize it's all shit.
    But then again, I know people MUST be paid off to keep it shut.
    Someone, somewhere has to care tho?
  5. scientologia cabrones
  6. Colombia’s police embarrassed over unauthorized decoration of Scientology chief David Miscavige.

    Colombia Reports: Colombia’s police embarrassed over unauthorized decoration of Scientology chief

    By Adriaan Alsema


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Colombia’s National Police said Wednesday it had nothing to do with the decoration of controversial Scientology leader David Miscavige by a retired general.

    Miscavige said on his website he had been honored by the National Police for his “humanitarian contributions” to the country with a “Transparency Medal.”

    The chief of the National Police, however, said in a press release that the institution never decorated the controversial Scientology leader and knew nothing about the pompous ceremony in Barbados in which retired General Carlos Mena took part.

    According to newspaper El Espectador, National Police chief Jorge Hernando Nieto said he knew nothing of Mena’s trip to Barbados and was not authorized to represent the police or give away medals without institutional permission.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


    El Tiempo: Controversia por condecoración a líder de la cienciología

  7. The BBC is covering the Colombia medal story, albeit only in Spanish for now.


  8. This W Radio article seems to explain what happened.

    Investigan por qué oficial en retiro condecoró a líder de la cienciología en Barbados

    Google translation:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    However, sources consulted by The W confirmed that neither in the current General Inspectorate nor in the Police Directorate were they aware of the trip of General (r) Mena to Barbados, which apparently was on June 22, for -estando uniformed- to decorate Miscavige in an act in which he was recognized as Inspector General of the Police and in which national symbols were displayed, such as the Colombian flag.

    That is, as understood on the Miscavige website, General (r) Mena acted on behalf of the National Police, although he did not have authorization to do so.

    Other retired officers consulted by La W explained that this type of acts or decorations could be done by a retired officer, only if the director of the Police, in this case General Jorge Hernando Nieto, authorizes it, which did not happen in This time.

    For this reason, within the Police it is investigated what exactly happened and what actions the Institution could take by the use of its name in this act in foreign territory.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


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  9. W Radio Colombia has 3.53 million Twitter followers. This is their tweet re: the David Miscavige medal story.

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  10. Another development in the Colombia story. It appears the David Miscavige medal issue caused W Radio Colombia to ask about the logo of Colombia's police appearing on Scientology Way to Happiness booklets.

    Google translation:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The W knew images of a publication with logos of the Police in which it is spoken of some guidelines of the Scientology, which in addition sends to the General Inspection of the Institution.

    The booklet, entitled "a guide based on common sense to live better. The road to happiness, "has as a cover a plaque of the Police and the mark of the Integral Policy of Police Transparency.

    Inside, it indicates that for more copies of the book could be obtained in the General Inspection of the Police and includes a paragraph on "The way to happiness" and the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

    Since the Police are verifying the origin and function of these books and clarify that the relationship of the institution with Scientology has been based on conferences or training on values ??or humanitarian issues such as drug addiction, but not on policy issues or institutional doctrines.

    The Police also clarified that this has occurred within the framework of collaborations, with no resources invested by the Institution and that there has been no contract with this Church.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


  11. Vice magazine in Spanish has one of the best and most thorough articles on the David Miscavige Colombia Police Medal story. (The situation may be a bit more complicated than it first appeared.) In addition, even the English translation reads like the article is written with both attitude and style.

    Google translation:

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    Colombian roast: Will Scientologists care about David Miscavige’s latest fraud?

    By Tony Ortega, August 2, 2018


    We are shocked to learn that a public relations stunt involving the leader of the Church of Scientology and a retired Colombian national police general which took place earlier this year on the island of Barbados turns out be a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.

    For several years, Colombia has been playing straight man to Scientology leader David Miscavige’s neverending practical jokes that he runs on his own followers. One of the biggest canards he requires his acolytes to swallow is that Scientology is actually having some beneficial effect on that troubled South American country, and we’ve seen numerous Colombian police figures dutifully pose for photos and accept shiny medals and slick commendations as their part in the production.

    But now, retired general Carlos Ramiro Mena has reportedly gotten himself into some hot water not for accepting a medal from Miscavige, but for pinning one on the diminutive ecclesiastical honcho in the name of the country’s national police, which he was not authorized to do.


    So far, the church has put out a statement that the award was authorized by national police director Jorge Hernando Nieto in December, and that Mena brought it to Barbados because Miscavige was unable to pick it up in Colombia itself.

    At this point, we’re less interested in the squabble over an obscure medal than the intense interest of the Colombian media. Is it a sign that Scientology’s persistent gladhanding of low-level public officials — known as “safepointing” in the church — is finally starting to backfire as the notorious dishonesty of the Church of Scientology becomes more widely known?

    We hope the Colombian press keeps after this story and starts asking other questions as well. Why, for example, has Miscavige put so much effort into cultivating Colombian officials?

    We’d point to the Freewinds for an answer. One of the reasons that the ship stops at the Caribbean islands that it does is because they are notoriously corrupt, and Miscavige can’t afford too many questions about what’s happening on his barge. Last year, it came out that one island on the ship’s usual itinerary, Bonaire, was preparing an investigation of the vessel. The Freewinds has not been back to that island since.

    If a port visit to a watchful island is a risk, how much more vulnerable is Scientology’s scow when it’s propped up out of the water for several weeks, unable to sail away? In recent years, when the vessel requires a stay in drydock for repairs, it has done so in Cartagena, Colombia. Before that, it was getting drydock repairs in Willemstad, Curaçao, but an ugly lawsuit there may have contributed to the location change.

    After this current flap, it will be interesting to see if Scientology continues to drydock the Freewinds in Colombia, where friendly relations with the police prevented too many questions. Cartagena may have just lost a lucrative client.

    Colombian radio is trying to arrange us appearing on air tonight, if we can solve some logistical issues. If we get the chance, we’ll have as many questions for the hosts as they have for us, we have a feeling.

    More at
  13. PODCAST: Tony Ortega interview with Vicky Davila on W Radio Colombia re controversy over Columbia National Police Medal given to Scientology leader David Miscavige. (English and Spanish)

  14. I think this most recent story may have an effect. According to Wikipedia, El Tiempo is a nationally distributed, broadsheet daily newspaper in Colombia. As of 2012, it had the highest circulation in Colombia with an average daily weekday of 1,137,483 readers.

    Earlier today, El Tiempo ran a story where the Google link translates as: &quot;Photo that proves the influence of Scientology in the Military Forces.&quot; The actual headline translates as: &quot;The photo that shows the influence of Scientology in FF. MM.&quot;

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    Colombian senator asks defense minister to investigate Scientology over medal scandal

    By Tony Ortega, August 10, 2018


    Our correspondent in Colombia’s capital of Bogotá, who helped us cover the Scientology Ideal Org opening there in 2015, has been keeping an eye on the brewing scandal in that country over Scientology’s relationship with various members of the Colombian national police force.

    He tells us that things have really begun to break loose, and at a time when the country is in some flux. Colombia held national elections in May, a runoff in June, and the country’s new president, Iván Duque, took office just three days ago, on August 7. Because of that, there’s a lot of turnover happening in the government and military, just as the Scientology scandal has hit the Colombian media.

    And now, an upstart federal senator, Iván Cepeda, has put the new government on the spot about Scientology’s inroads into the national police. Cepeda is a member of Polo Democrático Alternativo (PDA), a democratic socialist party, and his petition was also supported by the centrist Green Alliance party. Cepeda’s petition formally asked that the country’s defense minister conduct an investigation of Scientology’s influence on the national police force.

    “It is worrisome that allegedly they were using public resources of a state that according to our constitution is secular and non-denominational, to promote the ideas and doctrines of a particular church,” Cepeda told a parliamentarian commission yesterday. “It is obviously a matter of political control to investigate whether public money has been used in the promotion of this ideology, and that is why I have asked the Minister of Defense to report on the money spent on these courses and decorations, and also about the material that was distributed to the uniformed officials and what kind of courses were those dictated by the members of this church.”

    Our correspondent says that Cepeda’s petition is being treated pretty seriously. “It’s worth noting that the petition is supported by right and left parties, which is quite uncommon in Colombia,” he tells us.

    Meanwhile, he says, Scientology’s Spanish-language Twitter account is working overtime to counter the scandal. “The account had almost no activity between April and August. Now all of its tweets are replying to the Colombian media with the same set of videos.”

    Continued at
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  17. Colombia police’s Scientology controversy continues.

    Colombia Reports: Colombia police’s Scientology controversy continues

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Colombia’s National Police is unable to shake controversy over the institution’s ties to the Scientology Church.

    Photos published on policewomen’s social media show 22 female officials aboard a Church of Scientology boat in August 2017.

    The policewomen spent one week aboard the controversial church’s vessel ‘Freewinds’, reported newspaper El Tiempo.

    On that same ship, Scientology carries out religious training and personal improvement sessions as it tours around the Caribbean islands.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  18. Google translation: Patrol trip on Scientology cruise rekindles controversy

    Viaje de patrulleras en crucero de cienciología reaviva polémica

    En agosto del año pasado, 22 uniformadas estuvieron una semana en la embarcación de ese movimiento

    Google translation:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Patrol trip on Scientology cruise rekindles controversy

    In August of last year, 22 uniformed were a week on the boat of that movement

    By: Justice August 13, 2018, 09:51 p.m.

    For a week, 22 patrol officers of the Rural Women's Squadron of the National Police Carabineros Directorate were aboard the Freewinds vessel, the religious movement of Scientology.

    The uniforms were under the command of an officer, and the trip was evidenced through the photos that the police mounted on their profiles and social media accounts.

    This material was published on August 29, 2017. In several of the accounts of the patrol officers messages are read as 'what good times', 'what good knowledge'.

    In that same boat, the religious movement carries out its training and personal improvement cruises, in a tour of Caribbean islands in which several billionaires who have been called to become part of that religion have participated.

    But the trip of the patrol officers would show again the nexuses of the Public Force with the controversial church worldwide.

    On July 31, this newspaper published that in June 2018, Retired General Carlos Ramiro Mena, on behalf of the Police traveled to Barbados to award the medal to Transparency to David Miscavage, the spiritual leader of the religious movement.

    The decoration motivated to open an investigation against General Mena, who is not part of the Police since February, when he was called to qualify services in his position as inspector general for the change of leadership.

    The event, which included a martial ceremony, flags of Colombia and the police and a large public presence, was recorded on the Miscave website, which states that the recognition was made to &quot;save humanity from violence, the evil, terrorism, drugs and all the negative factors that threaten it. &quot;

    However, these arguments generated more controversy in the country. &quot;The trip of the patrol officers was an invitation. The Police did not cover any type of expense and they were in a training &quot;, said to EL TIEMPO a command of the institution.

    The official, who preferred anonymity, added that the link between Scientology and the Police is being misrepresented and that this corresponds to free courses on personal development, among others.

    Despite this, there are many doubts that today jump around the role of Scientology and its work among the uniformed.

    According to the publication of Miscavage, General Mena Bravo stressed that the medal imposed is &quot;one of the most prestigious recognitions that the police can deliver&quot; and symbolizes those who fight &quot;for the highest moral ideals and ethical values.&quot;

    The situation is so complex that for tomorrow the Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero, is summoned to the Second Commission of the Senate; the commander of the Military Forces, General Alberto José Mejía, and the director of the Police, General Jorge Hernando Nieto.

    The commanders must answer 18 questions, including what kind of courses Scientology has dictated in the Public Force, its pragmatic component, since when they are dictating the training, if these are mandatory and what has been the budget invested, among others.

    In the same way there will be a special chapter regarding the presence of retired general Carlos Ramiro Mena, in which he will be asked to clarify the evaluative foundations and the administrative procedures to grant the medal to the Transparency and if legal actions have been initiated against the general in retirement.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

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  19. Colombia: '350,000 members of the Military Forces have accessed material of Scientology '

    El Tiempo: 350.000 miembros de FF. MM. han accedido a material de cienciología'

    Google translation:

    * * * * * BEGIN TRANSLATION * * * * *

    '350,000 members of the Military Forces have accessed material of Scientology '

    Coronel revealed the data in inauguration of headquarters. 'They gave us courses on the Freewinds boat,' says another.

    By: Investigative Unit August 16, 2018, 12:10 p.m.

    The possible irregularities in the decoration that the general (r) Ramiro Mena imposed on the scientology leader, David Miscavige, exposed the nexuses of that controversial religion with the Military Forces.

    Although, as a result of this episode, high officials have ensured that freedom of worship is respected, EL TIEMPO established that the penetration of Scientology has gone beyond the decoration of June 23rd in which Mena would have worn the uniform of general without authorization.

    This newspaper accessed photo and video archives of that church's events in which senior Army and police officers admit that they have spread their ideology. In addition, uniforms revealed that they were taking them to free courses on various subjects.

    In the inauguration video of the giant headquarters of Scientology, on 100 Street with career 19, Colonel Anstrongh Polanía Army said that messages from that church have been disseminated to at least 350,000 members of the Military Forces.

    &quot;In its materials I could find a great academic help in the area of human rights (...). Since then, we have spread this message to more than 350,000 members of the Armed Forces with a noticeable change, &quot;he said.

    And Polanía, who has served as liaison between the Army and the Office of the Prosecutor, added in the video: &quot;After 6 years, we have worked together, walked together and grown together and as brothers we will continue the expansion.&quot;

    Another officer revealed to EL TIEMPO that for several months, the ship Freewinds of that church was docked in Cartagena.

    &quot;They took us to take free courses of all kinds. From human rights to relationships between couples through the use of free time and money, &quot;said the uniformed officer assigned to the police. He added that at the time when Mena was in the Traffic Police, Scientology gave out booklets and gave free talks.

    Even, several uniformed attended the opening of the building in Bogota, more than 4,500 square meters and 8 floors, with purification center and auditoriums for more than 200 people.

    That day, in mid-2015, the church leader, David Miscavige, and Sandra Rincon, then adviser to the Secretariat of Integration, in the Gustavo Petro administration were also present.

    &quot;There were also many businessmen, oil workers, representatives of the government of Cundinamarca and rich people of Bogotá. All the officers who attended gave a speech, &quot;said one of the attendees at the opening of the building.

    Indeed, in the photo revealed this Thursday by EL TIEMPO, in addition to Polanía, Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Peña appears, who coordinated the anti-drug education of the Anti-narcotics Police. Both are still active.

    In this regard, an official source told El Tiempo that in the Armed Forces there is freedom of worship and that no one is forced to go to mass or to those courses or Scientology events.

    In fact, an image of the Virgin of Fatima came to the police on Wednesday and only the Catholic members of the institution were invited to the mass. And there already corroborated that there are no contracts with the church led by Miscavige.

    However, the figure revealed by Colonel Polanía at least draws attention, so some say that just as Pope Francis was received on September 6, 2017, other church leaders can arrive to the country.

    EL TIEMPO tried to speak with Colonel Polanía, but at the close of this edition there was no authorization. However, from the Army they reported that the relationship was only academic, that the officer does not profess Scientology and that the courses conducted have been focused on human rights.

    For now, the police are investigating Miscavige's decoration.

    INVESTIGATIVE UNIT @uinvestigativa

    * * * * * END TRANSLATION * * * * *

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  20. What really strikes me is the headline: '350,000 members of the Military Forces have accessed material of Scientology ' According to Wikipedia:

    The National Police of Colombia had 143,557 employees in 2008.

    The National Army of Colombia had 235,538 soldiers in 2009.

    Thus, it appears roughly 90% of Colombia's military and police forces have "accessed" Scientology materials.
  21. Colombia: One of the 'hard' of the Army, investigated by links with Scientology.

    El Tiempo: Uno de los ‘duros’ del Ejército, indagado por nexos con cienciología.

    Please note the sentence (translated): &quot;The last question is that, apparently, a retired general will become the head advisor of the church in Miami.&quot; Giving members of the military or government new jobs upon retirement is a classic way to gain influence. It is standard operating procedure for lobbyists in Washington, D.C., for example.

    Google translation:

    * * * * * BEGIN TRANSLATION * * * * *

    One of the 'hard' of the Army, investigated by links with Scientology

    Colonel Anstrong Polanía called to render his defense. There are trips in Black Hawk with speakers.


    By: Investigative Unit August 18, 2018, 10:00 p.m.

    The last time Army Colonel Anstrong Polanía had to report to his superiors was in March 2014, for a supposed leak of information on 'false positives', which he had access to when he was the liaison with the Prosecutor's Office.

    From that episode it was well delivered, but he was called again to explain why, through him, hundreds of men of the Armed Forces have had access to material and courses provided by the controversial church of Scientology (see box).

    The starting point of the investigation, made by the Army itself, was a video revealed by EL TIEMPO in which the colonel gave the dimension of the work done with that organization on human rights issues: &quot;We have spread this message to more than 350,000 members of the Armed Forces with a noticeable change (...)

    After 6 years, we have worked together, walked and grown together and as brothers we will continue the expansion. &quot;

    The speech of Polanía, linked to the School of Human Rights of the Army, is from July 2015, when the leader of the church, David Miscavige, arrived in Bogota to inaugurate its headquarters, of 4,500 square meters. But there is another more recent with the same message.

    When their statements were broadcast, the Police had already announced an investigation against retired General Carlos Ramiro Mena, for having worn the official officer's uniform to decorate Miscavige on the island of Barbados, in June 2018.

    And what seemed to have been a possible indelicacy of Mena and a heated speech by Polanía, turned into a debate of political control in the Second Commission of the Senate, in charge of security issues and the promotion of members of the Public Force.

    In fact, EL TIEMPO established that the new defense minister, Guillermo Botero, will inform the Senate that the case of Mencavige's decoration by Mena is already in the hands of the Prosecutor's Office, by decision of the Police.

    But there are more episodes that show the access that members of that church have had in the Public Force. After the video and the Mena case, photos of officers began to appear decorating the leaders of that church, Guillermo Smith and Paola González.

    In the images are the current director of the Police, General Jorge Nieto, and the generals also José Ángel Mendoza, Rodrigo González and Janio León Riaño. And Vice Admiral José Joaquín Sanabria and the then Minister of Defense, Luis Carlos Villegas, were photographed, who did not want to pronounce themselves.

    Flight hours

    For that reason, in full connection with the new government, the different forces were convoked by the senators Iván Cepeda (Polo), Antonio Sanguino (Green Alliance) and Feliciano Valencia (Movimiento Alternativo Indígena) to explain the scope of these links.

    &quot;It is an affront to the secular nature of the State and to the neutrality of the public force. Our uniformed must not align ideologically with any religion, &quot;says Senator Sanguino.

    The possible contracts between the Armed Forces and the church are one of the key points of the questionnaire of 18 questions that must be answered next Tuesday by the new defense minister, Guillermo Botero; the commander of the Military Forces, General Alberto Mejía, and the director of the Police, Jorge Hernando Nieto.

    EL TIEMPO anticipated the debate and established that the aforementioned will respond that no contract was found and insist that they were free courses, without religious indoctrinations and exclusively concerned with human rights.

    But there is video evidence that the Army used Black Hawk helicopters to move lecturers Sandra and Felipe Poveda, of the Youth Foundation for Human Rights (linked to Scientology), by different regions such as Putumayo, Amazonas and San Vicente del Caguán. (Caquetá).

    On the trips, in which they appear in a camouflaged uniform, they distributed 10,000 DVDs donated by Scientology about human rights. It was a national campaign that began in 2015 and that, according to some officials, &quot;reduced the violation of human rights by 98 percent.&quot;

    Investigation in the Navy

    But in the Navy there is another reading of the subject. EL TIEMPO established that, at the beginning of this year, Michelle Solano, one of the spokeswomen of Scientology, came in contact with Colonel Juan Carlos Ballén, commander of the Bogota Infantry Battalion 70, to offer him those courses and other courses of improvement. personal. The link was retired colonel Víctor Salcedo, representative of the Legal Aid Fund of the Navy.

    &quot;They dictated a course in March, to which I sent an officer, two non-commissioned officers and 13 infants. Then, there was another, in the Battalion, for 20 people. But when Mrs. Solano offered to extend them to me and gave me one of her booklets, I found out the link with Scientology and I immediately stopped them, &quot;Ballén said.

    And this is what the Navy commander, Admiral Ernesto Durán, who ordered an internal investigation, will tell the Senate. In this it was established that the luxurious ship Freewinds, of 9 floors, 134 meters in length, never docked in the naval base of Cartagena nor the Navy has contracts with that religion.

    In any case, the Senate wants to know if someone reviewed the books and courses taught in the Military Forces in a massive way and if any official received invitations or gifts from Scientology.

    The last question is that, apparently, a retired general will become the head advisor of the church in Miami.

    EL TIEMPO communicated with spokesmen of the Scientology Church, who said that they would only answer on the subject through a questionnaire. But they sent information according to which they already accumulate more than 100 decorations in Colombia for their supposed &quot;support to humanitarian initiatives and their help so that more people live better&quot;.

    The first ones that should respond

    Anstrong Polanía - Army Colonel


    Anstrong Polanía - Army Colonel.
    Photo: TIME

    &quot;We have spread this message to more than 350,000 members of the Armed Forces with a noticeable change.&quot; That phrase, consigned in a video revealed by EL TIEMPO, cost Colonel Polanía an internal investigation. The Army asked him to explain if the material he helped spread contained religious indoctrination. He already gave discharges.

    Carlos R. Mena - General (r) of the Police


    Carlos R. Mena - General (r) of the Police.
    Photo: Mauricio Moreno / EL TIEMPO

    The award he gave him on June 23 of this year, in Barbados, to the world leader in Scientology, David Miscavage, is under investigation by the Office of the Prosecutor. The uniformed retired in February, so the use of the official uniform 4 months later can become, for now, an irregular act punishable.

    A 'religion' surrounded by polemics and secrets

    Founded in Los Angeles (United States) by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is considered a religion for its thousands of followers, on the same level as Catholicism or Islam.

    However, if it can be considered a creed or has not sparked debates among theologians around the world since it was created, in 1950. Some claim that it conforms to the substantive definitions of religion, while others consider it a sect or simply a movement with a religious background. On the sidelines, for years Scientology has been at the center of controversy.

    Many know this religion internationally because among its ranks it has personalities such as actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Famous that have not been exempt from the scandal. For example, the documentary Scientology: Hollywood and the prison of faith, directed by Alex Gibney, winner of the Oscar in 2008, ensures that they are in this religion because they are threatened with making public information private. In addition, there are testimonies from former members of the community who speak, among other things, about manipulation, physical and psychological abuse suffered by the members of the organization.

    As to how big it is, according to them, it has 10,000 churches, missions and groups that operate in 167 countries, with 4.4 million more people entering each year. However, theologians say that this figure is inflated and that in reality the percentage of those who join is low.

    In some countries Scientology is considered a sect. Even in France, in 2009, she was found guilty of the crime of fraud. But the controversial organization supported by famous people was spared that their activities were banned.

    According to the website of this movement, the definition of Scientology is: Scio (Latin) &quot;knowledge, in the broadest sense of the word&quot;, logos (Greek) &quot;study of&quot;.

    Therefore, Scientology means: &quot;know how to know&quot;. The same portal tells that it is present in Colombia since 1980, it is currently recognized as having a multi-storey building on Avenida 100 in Bogota, and because the comedian Andrés López has also openly declared that he belongs to this movement.
    &quot;It is a religion that offers a precise route that leads to a complete and accurate understanding of the true spiritual nature of each one, of one's relationship with oneself, with family, with groups, with humanity, with all beings alive, with the material universe, with the spiritual universe and with the Supreme Being, &quot;he says on the web portal.

    According to Jenny Andrea Santamaría, theologian and doctoral candidate in theology at Javeriana University: &quot;They say that human beings need training and that their doctrine will allow people to have greater understanding of themselves and overcome difficulties beyond what they can. that the sciences have formulated. &quot;

    The expert explains that Scientologists believe that each person is an immortal being, a force that believers call a thetan. They have worship and rituals; However, these are practically unknown to those who do not belong, because it is a very closed group in which they do not let the information go out.


    * * * * * END TRANSLATION * * * * *
  22. Colombia opens investigation against army colonel for his relationship with Scientology.

    Canal: Abren investigación contra coronel del ejército por su relación con la cienciología

    Google Translation:

    * * * * * BEGIN TRANSLATION * * * * *

    They open investigation against army colonel for his relationship with Scientology.


    Based on the videos that Uno News revealed, about how an Army colonel recruits fanatics for Scientology within the institution, he is being investigated by the Ministry of Defense.

    * * * * * END TRANSLATION * * * * *
  23. VIDEO: Colombia opens investigation against Colonel of the Army for their relationship with Scientology

    Abren investigación contra coronel del Ejército por su relación con la cienciología

    NOTE: If necessary, turn on close captioning [CC icon] and set automatic translation to English [gear icon].

  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    While the Scientology scandal swirls in Colombia, a key figure relaxes in Florida

    By Tony Ortega, August 20, 2018


    Tomorrow, Colombia’s Congress is holding hearings regarding the Scientology scandal that the media there has been feeding on. We told you last time that an upstart federal senator, Iván Cepeda, sparked the congressional investigation when he asked the country’s new defense minister to report back about Scientology’s infiltration of the country’s military and national police.

    That new defense minister (the national government was only seated a couple of weeks ago) deferred, saying that it was the job of the country’s attorney general to look into the matter, and tomorrow the Congress will begin to hear some testimony about the scandal. Our man in Bogotá will be sending us dispatches about it.

    One person who apparently won’t be giving testimony is a central figure in the brouhaha, Colonel Ricardo Prado, formerly of the national police and a Scientology “Freedom medal” winner.

    For years, we watched as Scientology’s publications boasted about how Prado was Scientology’s main point man in Bogotá and Cartagena, spreading around Scientology materials to millions of Colombian citizens and military officers, and making astounding claims that it had resulted in huge improvements to the country.

    To us, it just looked like another load of bull from Scientology leader David Miscavige, who is always selling a line of nonsense to his wealthy donors to keep them forking over large checks. But Miscavige apparently went a step too far when he had another national police figure, retired general Carlos Ramiro Mena, pin a medal on him at the end of this year’s “Maiden Voyage” celebrations in Barbados on June 23. That ceremony became the ignition point for the current scandal.

    For a few weeks now, the Colombian press has been on a tear, looking through old copies of Scientology’s “Freedom” magazine and finding the photos and articles we were seeing for years, showing Prado and other officers cooperating with Scientology’s various front groups. (A new piece in Tiempo, Colombia’s biggest newspaper, has wonderful photos from 2015 of the Colombian Air Force shuttling Scientologists with “Youth for Human Rights” around the country in military helicopters. Oops.)

    Continued at
  25. Efteling Member

    i wonder though, how does a strange cultur (scientology ) do in a for me strange cultur like colombia. could be they only want scientology to stop now becuase they are heavy catholique
  26. The Moth Member

    Oh no no no. Colombia is carefully stitching its self back together after years of war. There was a referendum to forgive the rebels that lost. Scientology came in during the unsettled time, now things are getting straight. It’s not religion.
  27. W Radio Colombia has published a letter from attorney Leonid Ávila Guarnizo objecting to their coverage of the Church of Scientology.

    * * * * * BEGIN TRANSLATION * * * * *

    Reference: Note of protest for his inveraces, tendentious and lack of objectivity information about the Church of Scientology expressed in his journalistic notes during the month of August 2018. False and discriminatory information that violates the Fundamental Right to Religious Freedom and other constitutional guarantees.

    The undersigned Leonid Ávila Guarnizo, attorney specializing in Human Rights, is allowed to address the Issuer W Directorate, in order to raise formal Protest for the invective information, tendentious and without objective support related in the journalistic information, in the matter in reference that violates the right to religious freedom, not only of the Church of Scientology that include their right to develop social and humanitarian programs together with related secular organizations for the improvement of society and the common good independent of their doctrines, as a primary task of any religion, also violating the fundamental right of religious freedom of thousands of believers who practice this legitimately constituted minority confession in Colombia and that their beliefs are not subject to ridicule, discrimination or promotion of religious hatred. Biased and tabloid information about Scientology that does not correspond to the truth or the constitutional obligations and the exercise of a journalism based on serious and objective investigations and the correlative right of citizens to receive truthful and impartial information and not to promote sensationalist news that generate discrimination and religious intolerance.

    Following a prize awarded by the National Police of Colombia to the religious leader of Scientology International, of the dozens of recognitions that have been made for the enormous work of promoting campaigns of education in human rights and non-religious moral values ??in our country since more than 10 years [1] as well as in the world; it was not highlighted, as it would have been the right thing, to have given the fair recognition for that great and humanitarian work that has been done in support of the task in the strengthening and consolidation of a culture for the understanding and respect of Rights Humans and International Humanitarian Law, which have taken as a priority the forces of the public force, Police, Army and Navy in a country convulsed with a war of more than 50 years where violations of human rights have been in the center of attention , and that according to data of the same institutions when using the materials and training of the Campaign "Youth for Human Rights [2] " complementary to the educational activity has occurred "a decrease of approximately 96% in the number of complaints and denunciations about violations of human rights " [3] , but instead of understanding and verifying the great contribution made and the expressions of gratitude in the transcendental support and effectiveness in prevention of such a crucial issue, the station that you direct magnified a supposed irregularity related to the delivery of recognition by a member of the police who is currently in retirement, stressing that it had to be delivered by some authorized official, pointing out the relationship of the organizations related to Scientology that have delivered for years these training and effective education within the legal legal framework, which did not even bother to investigate; and from that information he deployed in the background a whole defamatory campaign based on attacks against the Church of Scientology, labeling it as a sect, as well as denigrating, falsifying and ridiculing the contents of its beliefs and of stigmatizing and promoting strong discrimination against the thousands of Scientologists who practice this religion, making propaganda of apologists of religious hatred and distorting the action and campaigns of social improvement as an autonomous dimension independent of the religious doctrine proper. Concealing and falsifying the truth and without really conducting a real objective investigation, serious and truthful.

    In effect, in your journalistic notes you and your journalists branded Scientology as a sect, disqualifying it openly, which indirectly attacks the freedom of belief of all Scientologists, slandering against its founder and its religious leader and repeating the whole string of infundios presented by sensationalist and tabloid media in the US; directing and promoting in this way an open discrimination against this religious minority reflecting a high hostility towards the right to religious freedom; what is not new, but has been doing it for several years.

    Contrary to the denigrating and insulting qualifications of cross-cutting Scientology as a sect, it is clear that there is in fact no recognized theologian who has referred to a supposed Scientology sect character, but on the contrary experts, sociologists and theologians recognized throughout from all over the planet, they have made thorough investigations, fully recognizing their condition of religion to Scientology [4] . For the sample, there is Professor Dr. Bryan R. Wilson, Ph.D. Member Emeritus University of Oxford, England, which in its varied bibliography catalogs within the diversity in religions, as a modern example to the Scientology religion with a detailed description of why such adscription [5] . The most outstanding experts in the world In the fields of comparative religion, the history of religion, religious studies and sociology agree that Scientology is a world religion. Thanks to their interest in the main and emerging world religions, distinguished scholars have published numerous studies, opinions and documents confirming Scientology as a religion according to a list of world norms by which any religion can be judged. Although these experts and scholars have their own unique cultural trajectory and methods of analysis, all have independently concluded that Scientology has the elements and characteristics required to qualify a religion as genuine.

    Millions of Scientologist sincerely believe and have adopted the religious principles and practices of religion. For each of them, Scientology is their true religion and satisfies their deepest spiritual needs. This is the most important test of all religion. However, if one is based on secondary sources, there is no genuine religious expert anywhere that does not recognize Scientology as a religion.

    But not to go further in Colombia, the theologian Doctor Fabián Salazar Guerrero [6] , a great promoter of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, with more than 25 years of training as a theologian, and long experience as a teacher in the most prestigious university classrooms. Theology Faculties of Colombia, did a research work in 2017 called "Religious System of Scientology" where it conclusively proves that Scientology has the characteristics of being a Religious System Articulated, Organic, Applicable and Current and that as Religion has a set of identifiable and differentiable beliefs, in addition to sharing common beliefs such as the spiritual and eternal nature of man, based on a field and documentary work.

    All those researches fully documented in published texts, most of them, on the web, give an account of the open and detailed nature of the practices and worship that take place within the Church of Scientology, as well as in all the documents supported and verified by the Office of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior of the State of Colombia, where all the sustenance and grounds for which Colombian legal status is granted that determine Scientology recognized as a true religion are archived and public information, an aspect that has not been investigated by of the Issuer W, as it is its ethical and journalistic duty in honor of the veracity and impartiality to the is also constitutionally bound as an informative medium.

    This shows that the station W has not supported with any recognized expert, theologian or sociologist of religions any objective data that even contradict the truly religious character of Scientology and has eluded to really investigate the concepts and studies of experts who have done serious works on the Scientology religion, as to demonstrate that it has verified its information truthfully and impartially, but apart from showing an intense level of serious disrespect for religious freedoms, has shown a supine ignorance in trying to grossly misrepresent the legitimate social actions that as religion legally constituted and recognized in Colombia, as in the world [7] has made the Church of Scientology with its related secular organizations, which are truly dedicated exclusively to promoting education in secular values ??(Way to Happiness), or the global campaign "For a Drug Free World" and "Youth for Human Rights" hands that are so necessary for our nation and that has done, as in the case of our armed forces, acquire a prestige not only nationally but also internationally of a clear conscience, understanding and respect for human rights. Transcendental point that the station W has not noticed or focused, in its eagerness to support anti-cult propagandists, many of them ex-members of the Church of Scientology who have been dedicated to distort the reality about Scientology.

    In effect, the station La W has dedicated itself, without making an impartial investigation to take statements from ex-members of that community or in sensationalist programs that have promoted sensationalist news without any real sustenance and most of them have been expelled for criminal acts. or for acts of dishonor to the Church or that have been lent by money to infer slander and insults, without there being any judicial investigation or condemnation of such fallacies.

    Now this type of so-called apostasy occurs when a previously isolated believer renounces his previous religious affiliation and that member then proceeds to ridicule or vituperate his previous beliefs and denigrate those who were previously his closest associates.

    Sociologists and other researchers of minority religions have come to recognize a constellation, in particular of motives that drive apostates to the position they adopt regarding their previous religious commitment and their most recent renunciation of it. Scholars have come to recognize the "history of atrocities" as a characteristic genre of the apostate, and have even come to consider it as a category of recognizable phenomena [d. C. Shupe, Jr., and DG Shupe, Jr., and DG Bromley, "Apostates and Stories of Atrocities," in B. Wilson, The Social Impact of the New Religious Movements (edited), New York: Rose of Sharon Press , 1981 179-215].

    As evidenced by the expert Bryan R. Wilson in "Apostates and new religious movements" [8] : "Neither the objective sociological researcher nor the court can quickly consider the apostate as a source of solid or credible evidence. He should always be seen as someone whose personal history predisposes him to prejudices with respect to both his previous religious commitment and his affiliations, should arise the suspicion that acts from a personal motivation to justify himself and regain his self-esteem, showing himself same having been first a victim, but later having become a redeemed crusader. As several cases have indicated, it is likely to be suggestible and ready to broaden or beautify your grievances to satisfy that kind of journalist whose interest is more in the sensational issue than in an objective statement of truth. "
    In such a way that an investigation that leads to provide a serious, objective and impartial information must guarantee the commitments of verifications and cautions necessary to avoid falling into the so-called sensationalism and sensationalism, which unfortunately the radio station La W has incurred with these "Journalistic Notes" base of our protest; and with those that affected the rights of religious freedom and conscience of a new religion like Scientology, that apart from its beliefs, promotes a social and humanitarian campaigns with its affiliated secular foundations in accordance with the civilizing and benefactor influence that every legitimate religion has and legally accredited.

    According to the standards of informational ethics and the duty of truthful and impartial investigation in depth respecting the human right to religious freedom and non-discrimination and non-stigmatization of religions and their followers; a responsible media should never promote religious hatred, or interfere in sacred matters related to the creed, religious rites and religious institutions, as well as refrain from encouraging or instigating mockery, contempt or hatred based on religion or belief; nor should it refer to religions or religious institutions in a context of prejudice, biased or pejorative, and if it must make religious references in essential aspects for the subject matter or to facilitate understanding, it should be done with precision, in a fair, impartial and respectful; Finally, a responsible means of communication avoids discriminatory or denigrating references to religious beliefs and spiritual values.

    Should know a responsible means of communication that freedom of religion or belief is a fundamental right of every human being. It is a universal human right that applies to all people equally everywhere, regardless of who they are, where they live, their age, gender, race or ethnicity, and what they believe or do not believe [9] . And that freedom of religion or belief is a broad bundle of rights that covers a wide range of distinct but interrelated issues, and that the right to freedom of religion or belief encompasses freedom of conscience and commitment to religion or belief. in all cases [10] . And that is not a privilege provided by a government, but an innate right of the individual. As recorded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "all are endowed with dignity and conscience." Do not forget that each religion is a religious minority somewhere as well as that freedom of religion or belief also implies giving due consideration and respect to people belonging to religious minorities. These people have the right to enjoy their own culture, to profess and practice their own religion, and to use their own language, privately and in public, freely and without any interference or any form of discrimination.

    It should be noted that Religious discrimination is prohibited under international human rights law and that no individual or group can be subject to discrimination by any State, institution, group of people, or person for reasons of religion or other beliefs. This includes any tendency to discriminate against any religion or belief for any reason, including the fact that they are newly established, non-theistic, non-traditional or represent religious minorities [11] . Above all, discrimination between human beings based on religion or belief constitutes an affront to human dignity and a repudiation of human rights and fundamental freedoms proclaimed in the United Nations Charter of Rights. It also constitutes an obstacle to friendly and peaceful relations between nations and communities [12] .

    Mr. Journalist, what is at stake here is religious pluralism and the functioning of a democracy in an open society free of discrimination and religious intolerance. In the long-suffering European society much progress has been made in this matter, including the European Court of Human Rights also prohibits the State from reinterpreting, misinterpreting, analyzing, evaluating or examining religious beliefs or the expression of these beliefs. That Court has observed that in principle the right to freedom of religion for the purposes of the Convention excludes the assessment by the State of the legitimacy of religious beliefs or the ways in which those religious beliefs are expressed ( eg, in the Metropolitan Church). of Bessarabia and Others against Moldova, (December 13, 2001) ; All these guarantees are also extended to the media, or at least to make their investigations objective, truthful, fair and impartial.

    We hope that the station you are directing will correct the infundiums that reflect on Scientology and provide an adequate, truthful and impartial rectification to this Church and to the thousands of followers who believe in the spirituality and in the humanitarian, disinterested and good will that the religions for the common good and in support of peace and coexistence.

    [1] In accordance with the legal and political recognition of the specific scope of development of its social activities in pursuit of the common good, as all confessions in Colombia have different from the promotion of their convictions and beliefs; and in line with the public policies of the Ministry of the Interior that promotes the social accompaniment of religious entities to strengthen the institutional capacity guaranteed in the Constitution, the Statutory Law on Religious Freedom (Law 133 of 1994, arts 6 and 7 as a legal framework, developed in multiple decrees of the National Government, including the latest Decrees 1079 of 2016 and 438 of 2018 that ratifies all these accompaniments and structures.

    [2] Legally constituted secular organization sponsored by Scientologist

    [3] National Army of Colombia

    - P. 31 et seq. Chap. XIX a. Diversity in religions: a modern example

    [6] Director of the INTERFE Foundation and member of the Colombian Institute for the Study of Religions. Doctorate in Theology from the UPB and Specialist in Biology from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Regional Councilor for District Planning in Bogotá representing the Religious Sector. He has served as Coordinator of the Theological and Religious Center of the Universidad del Rosario, Professor of Comparative Religions of Interreligious Dialogue at the UPB, Professor of Religious Sciences at the PUJ, and social projection at the Santo Tomás University in Bogotá Colombia.

    [7] See the records, legal personality and religious recognition in most countries of the world including USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, among others, in


    [9] Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18; International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 18; European Union Guidelines on the Promotion and Protection of the Freedom of Religion or Belief, ¶ 16.

    [10] Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, General Comment 22, ¶ 1.

    [11] 1981 UN Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief, Article 2; Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, General Comment 22, ¶ 2.

    [12] 1981 UN Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief, Article 3.

    * * * * * END TRANSLATION * * * * *
  28. El Espectador has a story about the Colombian Senate Committee hearing on the Scientology scandal.

    Google translation:

    August 21, 2018.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPTED TRANSLATION * * * * *

    At ten o'clock on this morning, the Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero, the Deputy Minister of the Interior for Participation and Equality of Rights, Andrés Garzón Torres, the commander of the Armed Forces, are summoned in the Second Committee of the Senate. José Mejía Ferrero, and the director of the Police, General Jorge Hernando Nieto, to explain the award given by the general in retirement of the National Police, Carlos Ramiro Mena, to the spiritual leader of the religious movement of Scientology , David Miscavie, a scandal that It came to public light on the first of August.
    In turn, this debate of political control seeks to clarify the relationship of the Colombian Public Force with this doctrine and the resources that have been used to promote it , for example, through courses and lectures on self-improvement dictated to its members around the country, facts that passed to the Prosecutor's Office for their respective investigation.

    "The Minister of Defense must inform this Commission which administrative or contractual acts were provided for the completion of the aforementioned courses and from which sources of exact funding were paid, " said Democratic Pole Senator Iván Cepeda, expressing his displeasure have been carried out with public resources, because "these could have been used in programs that require maximum priority". In turn, the minister will be asked for information about the material that was given to the uniformed by the members of this church.

    "In Colombia there is religious freedom and our State is secular and not confessional. It is extremely serious that the information on public resources and the activity of the institutions and officials are used for the dissemination of a particular religious doctrine , "said Cepeda, citing the meeting, at the hand of the senators of the Alianza Verde and MAIS, Antonio Sanguino and Feliciano Valencia, respectively.

    On the award given to Miscavie in the capital of Barbados by General Mena, who since January 17 is in the process of retirement, the authorities indicated that the symbols of the institution should not be used in said ceremony.

    * * * * * END EXCERPTED TRANSLATION * * * * *
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  29. Colombia: Congressmen will take the link between Scientology and the Armed Forces to the Attorney General's Office

    The parliamentarians who cited the debate were not pleased by the lack of assistance from the director of the Police and the commander of the Military Forces.

    A report from W Radio Colombia.

    Google translation:

    * * * * BEGIN TRANSLATION * * * * *

    Congressmen will take the link between Scientology and the Public Force to the Prosecutor 's Office

    The parliamentarians who cited the debate were not pleased by the lack of assistance from the director of the Police and the commander of the Military Forces.


    Ana María Cuesta 08/21/2018 - (3 hours ago)

    After the debate of political control in the Second Commission of the Senate, on the links between the Church of Scientology and the Public Force, the congressmen who cited the debate were not satisfied with the answers given by the Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero, and for this they announced that they will ask the Attorney General to investigate this nexus.

    &quot;We are going to ask the prosecutor's office to investigate the agreement or agreement that existed between this youth organization that is part of Scientology, and we will insist that human rights training can not be in the hands of a church, especially with this organization that is part of Scientology, which are really dark, &quot;said Iván Cepeda.

    The parliamentarians who cited the debate were unhappy about the lack of assistance from the director of the Police, General Jorge Nieto, and the commander of the Armed Forces, Alberto José Mejía.

    &quot;Not satisfied because we wanted a debate with more certainty about how the logistics of the military forces were used, whether there were resources or not, we are not satisfied and that is why we are going to raise that issue to the Attorney General's Office,&quot; said indigenous senator Feliciano Valencia.

    * * * * * END TRANSLATION * * * * *

    Attached Files:

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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Colombian senator cites Xenu, ‘the Hole,’ in wild televised hearing about Scientology scandal

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, August 22, 2018


    Our man in Bogotá, a local Colombian journalist who prefers that we not name him, sent us this wild dispatch about what happened yesterday in that country’s Congress regarding the swirling scandal involving the Church of Scientology. We can only dream that something like this was happening in the halls of power up here.

    Continued at
  31. Ana María Cuesta at W Radio Colombia has posted a new story:

    Commander of the Seventh Army Division was honored by the leader of Scientology

    Audio in Spanish at link. Google translation of text story below. Photos at the end of the post.

    ***** BEGIN TRANSLATION *****

    Commander of the Seventh Army Division was honored by the leader of Scientology

    Fabio Amicareli, director of humanitarian programs at the Church of Scientology, congratulated General Alberto Sepúlveda for the success they have had working together.

    Ana María Cuesta

    08/22/2018 - (6 hours ago)

    After the Minister of Defense announced that the agreement with the Foundation &quot;Youth for Human Rights of Colombia&quot;, a subsidiary of Youth for Human Rights International, founded and funded by Scientologists, became known, the link between leaders of this Church and an Army General recently honored by them in New York.

    This is the commander of the Seventh Army Division, Alberto Sepúlveda Riaño, who participated in July of this year of the Fifteenth International Summit on Human Rights, an event sponsored since its creation by this Church, which takes place at the UN Headquarters In New York.

    (It may be of interest to you: Congressmen will take the link between Scientology and the Public Force to the Procurator's Office)

    General Alberto Sepúlveda was at the main table of this event and even had a conference in which he said that Sandra Poveda, a scientist and director of the NGO to which the agreement in Colombia was terminated, is the &quot;guardian angel&quot; of the Army in the field of human rights.

    &quot;I want to confess that with Dr. Sandra Poveda here present, who is our guardian angel in Colombia on these human rights issues, human rights matter in the National Army (...) We have a series of documents, directives, clues so that our Soldiers learn to do what human rights are (...) and it has been in the hands of &quot;partners&quot; as Young People for Human Rights that we have managed to grow on this issue deeply. Well, you see some of the training for our soldiers there. We have trained them with thousands of soldiers, officers and non-commissioned officers in our jungles, &quot;said General Sepúlveda.
    The praise of the leaders of Scientology towards General Sepulveda did not remain there, Fabio Amicarelli, director of humanitarian programs of the Church of Scientology, congratulated General Alberto Sepúlveda for the success of the Army and Scientology, working together.

    &quot;In your speech, General Sepúlveda, you talk about many things. I do not know exactly which one to choose but I can not agree more with your statement: the focus should be on the security forces, Police and Army, through government agencies. This is the correct objective that is being tested in Colombia. I am very attentive to the work that you are doing in Colombia, sir, and I am very happy with your success and I have to say that our successes are because we are working together with Colombia. You deserve my admiration and support and I see you as the leader of your country to create the society you have dreamed of, based on human rights, &quot;Amicarelli said.

    The general, besides appearing in photos with the scientist and director of the NGO, Mary Shuttleworth, also photographed with the Scientology brothers, Sandra and Felipe Poveda, directors in Colombia of this foundation of young people associated with Scientology.


    What did General Sepulveda say?

    The W contacted the commander of the Seventh Division, who has been close to the Army Human Rights School. He said he traveled to New York to the United Nations, not to an event related to Scientology. He said he is Catholic and that he has nothing to do with this organization. However, he acknowledged that for years he has worked hand in hand with Youth for Human Rights in Colombia.

    ***** END TRANSLATION *****




  32. The newspaper El Tiempo has published an editorial about Scientology in Colombia.

    Google translation:

    ***** BEGIN TRANSLATION *****


    Disturbing links

    The relationship between the religious doctrine of Scientology and the Public Force is not transparent.

    Immediately the findings of the Investigative Unit of this newspaper about the recent and apparently growing influence of Scientology in the Public Force were known, many remembered the multiple questions that this cult has relapsed in the world.

    It is not the case to enter to value them. It does, however, warn that the closeness that its representatives reached with officers of the Police, the Navy and the Army, and the way in which the doors of these institutions were opened to them is, at least, worrisome. It can even be described as unpresentable that a general of the republic gives a decoration to the leader of this mystical current, reserved for those who show other types of merits.

    If there is one sector that should be safe from this kind of influences, it is Defense.

    Within the framework of a secular state in which the Constitution guarantees religious freedom, the images of soldiers assembled to listen to representatives of this religion attract attention; also, those of these same promoters using restricted-use garments, traveling in Black Hawk helicopters, and, finally, perhaps the most scandalous, those of members of the Police distributing promotional material of this controversial cult.
    If there is one sector that should be safe from this kind of influences, it is Defense. The control entities will already establish if irregularities have arisen. Meanwhile, there is a concern that all kinds of questions have been generated around a relationship that is not transparent. It is to be expected that all doubts will soon be cleared up. It should be absolutely clear if there were deliveries of gifts to officers and it is known why Scientology was preferred over other duly trained and accredited entities when choosing the person responsible for human rights training programs, and if the material used went through the filters that for these cases have to operate with total rigor.

    ***** END TRANSLATION *****
  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why Colombia’s military was fertile territory for Scientology — and one general’s stunning role

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, August 23, 2018


    While things have been exploding over Scientology in Colombia, our man in Los Angeles, Jeffrey Augustine, has been looking into the relationship between David Miscavige’s organization and that South American country, looking for clues to how things got to their present mess. We think he’s turned up some fascinating stuff.

    Continued at
  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hey, Colombia: Here’s the video of Scientology’s David Miscavige you’ve been looking for

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, August 27, 2018


    Wow, we are so fortunate that one of our tipsters was able to dig this up for us. It’s key footage of Scientology leader David Miscavige boasting about the inroads he was making into Colombia’s military and national police — exactly what the media in Colombia has been looking for these last few weeks.

    Continued at
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Freewinds arriving in Cartagena this morning

    By Tony Ortega, September 4, 2018


    According to, the Freewinds, Scientology’s private cruise ship, is arriving in Cartagena, Colombia today — its first trip there after a scandal broke out about Scientology’s influence on Colombia’s military and national police.

    Our man in Bogotá has alerted his contacts in the local media. We can hardly wait to see what sort of welcome the Scientologists receive in a country where the press is still feeding on the scandal.

  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s Colombia strategy becomes clear: It’s total war

    By Tony Ortega, September 5, 2018


    Always attack, never defend. That’s the motto that L. Ron Hubbard instilled in Scientology before he left for other parts of the galaxy, and it’s a rallying cry that current leader David Miscavige has always taken to heart.

    And in Colombia, he is definitely on the attack.

    A month ago, the Colombian media began a feeding frenzy over what it considered a juicy scandal: On June 23 in Barbados, to cap this year’s “Maiden Voyage” celebration of Scientology’s private cruise ship the Freewinds, Miscavige had himself pinned with a medal by a retired Colombian national police general, Carlos Ramiro Mena. For years, we’ve watched and rolled our eyes as Miscavige has used the Colombian police forces and military as props in his public relations schemes to impress wealthy donors. But having himself pinned with a medal was so over the top, Miscavige’s dockside display became an obsession for the Colombian media.

    For weeks they’ve asked why some of Colombia’s top military men were bowing and scraping to Miscavige, and why they were passing out Scientology propaganda booklets by the millions to soldiers and civilians alike.

    Those questions were taken up by two federal senators, Iván Cepeda of the left wing Alternative Democratic Pole party and Antonio Sanguino of the more centrist Green Party. They and several other senators (from all parts of the political spectrum) grilled Defense Minister Guillermo Botero on August 21 about Scientology’s influence in the Colombian military, and they demanded a full investigation.

    And how has Miscavige responded? With both barrels, just as you’d expect.

    Over the weekend, the Colombian media reported that an attorney representing Scientology, Paola Andrea Gonzáles Corredor, filed a formal complaint with the congressional Ethics Commission (Comisión de Ética y Estatuto del Congresista), asking that it investigate Cepeda and Sanguino for their statements about Scientology in the August 21 hearing.

    Incredibly, the Ethics Commission did just that, notifying the senators that it had opened an investigation and had handed it to far-right Senator Carlos Felipe Mejía of the Centro Democrático party, which is part of the coalition currently in power. Sanguino said Mejía was “openly hostile” to the opposition parties that he and Cepeda are a part of, and they planned to file a writ to have Mejía recused from the investigation this week.

    In television interviews, Cepeda and Sanguino appeared not to be too concerned about the probe, saying that Article 185 of the national constitution gives senators immunity over their personal views.

    Still, it’s kind of amazing what Scientology can get done as long as it calls itself a “church.”


    But going after the senators wasn’t Miscavige’s only bold move as he had the Freewinds sail into Cartagena’s harbor yesterday, despite the scandal going on there. It arrived in the morning, but despite being tipped off that the ship was coming, Colombia’s press hasn’t reacted, as far as we can tell so far.

    Last night, evidence that the ship was in port was posted by Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar, the Scientologist “rabbi” who shills for Scientology in Latin America. He posted this about midnight, noting that the ship was in Colombia again.


    Meanwhile, in what appears to be a completely unrelated circumstance that should nonetheless concern David Miscavige, a prominent and wealthy Colombian Scientologist, Stella Durán, 74, made news last week when she and 15 others were arrested in a large-scale year-and-a-half investigation of her business network INVIMA, which sells weight-loss products the government says were not properly inspected. She’s facing charges that could put her in prison for 17 years.

    “With seven beauty centers in Bogotá, she is one of the most recognized women in the capital,” said one news report about her arrest. The investigation found that Durán was selling health products that had not been properly inspected, and that records were falsified to cover it up and officials were bribed to look the other way.

    What the Colombian press reports didn’t mention, however, was Durán’s longtime involvement in Scientology.

    “She was arrested just after she returned from Flag after attesting to OT 7,” says our Bogotá correspondent.

    More at
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Finally, Captain David Miscavige’s faux-military Scientology ribbons, described and decoded!

    By Tony Ortega, September 6, 2018


    We have a real treat for you today, something we hope will add some levity to your day. It’s also timely as things play out in the South American nation of Colombia regarding Scientology’s involvement with the military there.

    Continued at
  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why the Freewinds is in Cartagena

    By Tony Ortega, September 8, 2018


    After a month of harsh treatment in the Colombian press and a call for an investigation by the country’s Congress, Scientology sent its private cruise ship Freewinds to Cartagena, where it arrived on Tuesday morning.

    What is the barge doing there? Well, only Scientology would think this was a good idea. According to one of the people with the ship, the Freewinds is in town for — get this — a “PR convention.”

    Yes, Scientology continues to believe that founder L. Ron Hubbard was a genius of public relations, and charges its followers thousands of dollars to get steeped in Hubbard’s ideas about making a good impression on the public.

    Clearly, Scientology PR is nothing but magic.

  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    Things turn ugly for Colombian Scientologist beauty magnate

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, September 21, 2018


    We’re still hearing almost nothing from the Colombian media about the Scientology scandal it was obsessed with only a month ago. But there have been new developments in the prosecution of wealthy Bogotá Scientologist Stella Durán, who was arrested along with 13 other people for corruption involving products sold at her chain of beauty clinics around the country. The latest is that the 74-year-old businesswoman (and OT 7 Scientologist) has been allowed to go home on house arrest (despite fears that she would bribe her way out of trouble), while the other 13 are still in jail.

    And now stories and images are emerging of her businesses being seized by the government. One of the businesses linked to Durán was named Torch of Light (Antorcha de Luz), and it put out “esoteric” products, including a liquid marketed as “Beloved Woman’s Milk” that promised to provide “psychic and mental powers to attract love, luck, money, and good fortune.”

    It turned out to be made from an air freshener and no ingredients were actually listed on the label.

  41. The Wrong Guy Member

    What a train wreck: The ignominious fate of Scientology’s original flagship, the ‘Apollo’

    By Tony Ortega, September 27, 2018


    Before continuing on with the history of Scientology’s current vessel, the Freewinds, Jeffrey Augustine has an interesting aside about its predecessor.

    L. Ron Hubbard’s original flagship, the Apollo, met a freak ending when it was hit and destroyed by a 3,750,000 pound freight locomotive.

    Continued at
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