Scientology law firm demands Narconon victim story taken down

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by marclacasse, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Random guy Member

    Don't do anything that may topple the human rights abuse case, David. You have worked too long and too hard on it!
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  2. I see.
  3. muldrake Member

    Whether or not you notify doesn't necessarily affect your right to sue. For instance, even if you notify and they stop doing it, you can still sue for damages from before your notification. What you aren't allowed to do is just let damages pile up while doing nothing, then suddenly sue and claim all the damages from after you knew about the defamation and failed to act.

    It also would have some relation to whether or not you could get an injunction.

    Courts have little patience for people who don't at least try to resolve something amicably before suing over it.

    All Scientology's previous libel suits have been preceded by notice, although lately, they (other than Tom Cruise) have done nothing but huff and puff and send C&Ds.

    I think it's pretty likely the reason they're sending this is not because they have any intention of suing Examiner for something that is clearly protected by § 230 of the CDA (as they acknowledge in their lame attempt to claim it is not in their C&D). I think it is more likely they're just trying to get David Love kicked off the site.

    Most entities wouldn't bother with something this lame, but this is Scientology.
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  4. Intelligence Member

    I/We now (finally) have the best Human Rights Commission appointed Lawyer they have,
    and none of the Victims will do or say anything (on advice of Lawyer) about what stage or
    what is happening right now. An incredible Legal Team representing the Cases.


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  5. Intelligence Member


    Perhaps … “Being subject of a frivolous lawsuit, a person may be able to sue the other party for the tort of malicious prosecution. In order to win such a case, however, the defendant would need to demonstrate not just that the plaintiff's lawsuit was a frivolous lawsuit and without merit, but also that the plaintiff knew it was frivolous and filed it anyway out of malicious intent.”

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  6. PTS Member

    My heartiest thanks and congratulations David for your fearless work exposing this dangerous deranged cult of death.

    I am sure you know this but as an ex who barely escaped with my life over twenty years ago and only did so by changing my name in another province and moving two time zones away, I feel like talking here.

    Beware of "new" sources, particularly if they seem especially helpful. Listen and evaluate, but do not act just on their words. I wouldn't put it past these cult puss bags to feed us false data in order to enhance their legal position. We've seen them council people to commit suicide, council people to commit murder, attempt to frame critics, commit financial fraud, seen them imprison people, seen them commit burglary, watched them stalk their enemies, and seen them let people die, all in the name of "making it go right". They aren't going to think twice about a few lies now. Criminal law means nothing to these dangerous xenophobic maniacs.
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  7. RightOn Member

    I hope whatever you have seen personally, has been or will be reported to the proper authorities
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  8. eddieVroom Member

    I think any contact with this law firm would be reckless and ill-advised. If anything, you have clearly been on a mission to get professional investigators and reporters into the fray, so I imagine you have solidly established that you do not consider yourself, nor present yourself as either.

    And c'mon -- make a deal? With a firm representing a client that considers utterly destroying their "enemies" a matter of scripture? A client that DOES NOT CARE IF IT WINS? Winning is preferable, but destroying an enemy is sacrosanct.

    I'd be making sure they're out of business before this gets that far in court.
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  9. Intelligence Member

    WOW! No, I didn't know and please PM me in a Conversation if you want?

    This ^^^. I am so careful and I always expect the unexpected and trust very FEW people. Some, I
    thought were trusted Friends, were just masquerading as ones, and monitoring my FB posts and such.

    EVEN two people posing as Anons with Guy Fawkes masks on their Facebook pages turned out to be
    trolls, and are now gone off once I 'OUTED' them as such.

    I have been through more than 3 years of Fair-Game & Dead Agent attacks constantly and this only makes
    me want to press on even harder to expose.

    If you want your Story published (Anonymously of course) please PM me and you can be confident
    I will NOT ever reveal your name EVER ... if this is what you want?

    Now, I must get back to writing new expose Story on the CCHR and 2 other Cults in Canada that have
    been taking me a long time to get to ... and off we go now to get 'er done . :)

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  10. incog712 Member

    "Denver needs this like a hole in the head." -- Rex Fowler
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  11. Intelligence Member

    Lynn R. Farny
    6331 Hollywood Blvd.
    Los Angeles, California 90028
    Office of Special Affairs
    Jan 4, 2014 - 10 posts - 6 authors
    Subject: Office of Special Affairs International, 6331 Hollywood Blvd, Los ... Melissa Brown, Lynn Shape (an OSA legal staff), Nancy O'Meara (OSA and ... Lynn Farney and Rae Smith and Gloria Idda doing the internet dead
    Int Base update, from Blownforgood - July 09 - Page 4


    When I first escaped from NN TR and received a threat on Facebook by one of the NN Executives to DESTROY me as an ENEMY-Fair Game (have screen capture), I was so distressed, I was hospitalized for 2 days then sent to a Crisis Center for 10 days for Therapy.

    I then went onto the Forums and was told to post DOX or STFU!!! I didn't even know what they meant by "DOX" back then - LOL.

    So, I say to this 'Nut-Bar' from OSA - above, "DOX or STFU!!" Here are the DOX decision following an 8 month investigation with evidence documents I provided the College of Physicians:



    Will soon DUMP/POST a few THOUSAND DOX, so may as well put a few here?

    This Complaint is NOT well written as I was still in poor condition at the time:

    Attached Files:

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  12. Intelligence Member


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  13. Intelligence Member


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  14. anon8109 Member

    mmm.... dox.

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  15. TorontosRoot Member

    Those mothafuckas aren't going to succeed. Always attack, never defend is there moto.

    Dox is NICE! :D
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    Probably. If they thought they had anything, they would have gone after David directly in Canada years ago.
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Attorney, Graham Berry on ESMB on this cross-posted Thread:

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  18. Random guy Member

    I love the smell of dox in the morning!

    Needless to say, these are "keep your head cool and your powder dry" days.
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  19. Intelligence Member


    *** I'll NEVER Back Down*** --- As a Journalist quoted in a Story he wrote about me, "David Love" - a *Rugged Canadian* ... may say something about me ... However, there is much more: "They say time heals everything, but I'm still waiting ... I'm through with doubt ... there's nothing more for me to figure out ... I've paid a price, and I'll keep paying ... I'm not ready to make nice ... I'm not ready to back down ... I'm still mad as hell and I don't have time to go round and round ... it turned my whole world around, and I kinda like it ... 'they' said I better shut up or my life will be over ... and I say kiss my Irish ass, I'll never back down."

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  20. Incredulicide Member

    If only there was some kind of online "legalese generator" that you could run your stories through which inserts "allegedly" and other qualifying words throughout each article before publishing that prevents them unleashing their lawyers the way Mr. Burns releases the hounds.
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  21. so narconon and church of scientology are the same ?
    I do understand lawyers from the cult of scientology are working for narconon , is that so ?
  22. muldrake Member

    The magical powers of the words "alleged" and "allegedly" are overrated. They will not insulate genuine defamation from a lawsuit. The criteria are whether a reasonable person reading the purportedly defamatory material would take them as statements of fact by the author. Now, whether they are clearly presented as the third party's allegations rather than the defendant's is relevant to that analysis, and words like "allegedly" can contribute to that, but simply putting it in as a magic word (as many sloppy journalists do) is not going to save you from a libel suit.

    Not that there will ever be any libel suit in this case. If they had a case, they'd have already revved up their engines in the much more libel-friendly jurisdiction of Canada, instead of threatening an American corporation that is protected under § 230 of the Communications Decency Act (insulating third party service providers from liability for the speech of their customers).

    I'll also note in their claim that the CDA doesn't apply, they can't cite a single case after the CDA, actually relating to the CDA or Internet providers, that supports their point. Instead, they cite a single 1998 case about a print article and then drop this dumb argument like a hot potato.
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  23. muldrake Member

    Same thing. In fact, Scientology even includes Narconon right on their own "org chart."


    Click the image for a more tl;dr analysis with links to the official Scientology documents showing that this is the internal relationship between the entities.

    In short, Narconon is Scientology, whatever blathering and denial comes out of the mouths and keyboards of lying cult shills.
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  24. Intelligence Member

    Victims of dangerous and abusive cults contacted Examiner, David Love, over the past few days wanting to tell their story, but live in fear of reprisals and lawsuits.

    March 9, 2014 - by 'Canada Cult Examiner' - David Love: “I feel like my fundamental faith in humanity has been completely shattered. I wish I had millions of dollars at my disposal so that I could take this organization to court for all the damages, pain and trauma they have put me through.”


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  25. TorontosRoot Member

  26. The Internet Member

    David, the facts you shared in your complaint speak for themselves. It got the job done so it was plenty good.

    I know it took a lot of courage to put your story down on paper in a formal complaint. I wish more people understood how menacing and oppressive this cult can be. Then you’d be recognized everywhere as a hero. But for now, you’ll just have to live with us faggots being proud of you.
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  27. Intelligence Member

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  28. Intelligence Member

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  29. Quentinanon Member

    A "data evaluation" by OSA has evidently found David Love as a "who", and now has a Fair Game "handling" ongoing.
    BTW, Hubbard's "data evaluation tech" is based on Hubbard's own cognitive distortions.
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  30. The Internet Member

    I was thinking, you could tell them lawyers that you are not so much anti-religion as pro-liver. You are standing up for livers everywhere because they are awesome. You are critical of Narconon because it is mean to livers.

    Say yes to the livers by saying no to Narconon.
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  31. Intelligence Member




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  32. Quentinanon Member

    FFacts: Narconon Controversy - Agent Provocateur David Love

    Bottom Line: The current media attention on Narconon is generated by the same group of anti-Scientologists and their hangers. One of them is David Love, who I think is an agent provocateur.acts

    So, now the osabots are PTS to functional objects commonly found in everyone's closet. I will have to bring mine to the next protest.
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    (Reminds me of Elfman.)
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  34. FTW!
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  35. I don't see why they would object. Hubbard loved using them.
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  36. The Internet Member

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  37. TorontosRoot Member

    They make the same propaganda as dean roger ray does. XD
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  38. Intelligence Member

    Don't know where to put, so will post here:


    Media Release: David Miscavige Scientology violates sanctity of confidential files


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  39. eddieVroom Member

    That's some quick thinking, there...
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  40. BlackUnicorn Member

    Unless you are trying to cure your addiction to life that is. My first reaction to seeing a Church of Scientology, was 'what is this shit?'. Any medical treatments related to Scientology are pretty dangerous, as is with any cult that gets so swept up in their own beliefs that they ignore the suffering of their 'followers' or should I say 'victims'. I have no clue how people with depression and other mental illnesses survive in the church, my guess is they don't. Without drugs and a psychologist for a short while, I would have ended my life, so not sure how they could survive a major bout of it without drugs or a proper psychologist.
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