Scientology Lies

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by r0m4n, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. r0m4n Member

    Scientology Lies

    Interesting site with most of the pro-scientology propaganda.

    I suggest reading some of the "myths", researching them and ensuring that you have an answer to each of them just for those arguments with scientology or preemptively telling the general public how the Co$ lies about all this shit and stuff.
  2. Most Scn websites aren't low enough to even mention Lisa McPherson, but the idea of refuting her murder as "myth" by naming the "cause" of her death is absurd.

    If you poison someone, the "cause of death" may be "heart attack." But the cause of the heart attack was poison. Her death was no different. I mean, starving someone of food and water for days may not be the final "cause" of death, but it certainly points to murder.
  3. Vort Member

    those sites are so stupid, they dont have any evidence for any of their claims. They just say that everything is a fucking conspiracy.
  4. r0m4n Member

    Re: Scientology Lies

    that's what i thought but figured it might be good to keep a record of their bullshit

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