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  1. The gay bridge to total freedom/mountain of gold?
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    Ah yes, The Total Bridge to Total San Fag Gold Stone
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    Anonlover decided to drop her anon body as it was just an impairment to doing higher level anon research and mag scanning. She has learned how to leave her mortal confines and perform these tasks on another planet in a galaxy far, far away, where everyone happens to looks like Tony Ortega. Hubbard got bored on OT14 and now helps her with the scanning.

    She also says hi and MWAH!

    Advance! #57 LA 1979


    Major Highlights: LRH on Power of Choice (self-determinism), Lost Gods of Europe trip down fantasy lane, 1979 Advanced services & donation rates from when the first big pricing increase was being phased in.

    Advance! #183 LA 2005


    Major Highlights: The Tibetan Monks, Exterior and OT, and Clears can Rocket to OT
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    Mofo sure was nuts about rockets!
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    Probably liked to ride 'em
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    And why not?
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    Freewinds 51 Dec

    Freewinds 51 dec-03.pdf

    Freewinds 52 mar-04.pdf

    Freewinds 52 March

    Freewinds 57 April

    Freewinds 63.pdf

    Freewinds 65 Oct

    Freewinds 74 (Sept 2009).pdf

    Freewinds 75 (Dec 2009).pdf

    Freewinds 76 (Feb 2010).pdf

    Freewinds 77 (Apr 2010).pdf

    Freewinds 78 (June 2010).pdf

    Freewinds 79 (Aug 2010).pdf

    Freewinds 80 (Oct 2010).pdf

    Freewinds 81 (Dec 2010).pdf

    Freewinds 82 (Jan 2011).pdf

    Freewinds 83 (Mar 2011).pdf

    Freewinds 84 (May 2011).pdf

    Freewinds 85 (Aug 2011).pdf

    Freewinds 86 (Sep 2011).pdf

    Freewinds 87.pdf

    Freewinds 88 Feb 2012..pdf

    Freewinds 89 April 2012.pdf

    Freewinds Accomodations Rates (1994).pdf

    Freewinds at Flag (2005).pdf

    Freewinds descriptions-of-ot-hatting-courses.pdf

    Freewinds French 31-32-34-36-German 55 English

    Freewinds photo.pdf
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    Thank you, Pooks! Bump! <3
  15. pooks Member

    40 plus Advance LA mags. Many but not all have already been posted in this thread. I've collected them up and put them in once place. Also there are some newer (2011) ones here:
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  17. Yeah! Thank you, Pooks! <3

    And thank you, Zhent! Much appreciated! <3
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  18. AnonLover thanks for all you have done and I hope you are having a good out of anon body experience.
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  19. pooks Member

    I wish! Those scans were done by a wonderful anon that has been helping out
    with the Magazine project.

    ps. Thanks Zhent!
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  20. Hi - this link no longer works - you got a pdf of this issue?
  21. Downloads scientology magazines do not work, please replace them will be able to, I'm interested to download the IAS Impact that I need, thanks.
  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    damagetooextensive.jpg ^^^^
  23. The link does not work, please, put them back, it's interesting.
  24. You should mention WHICH ISSUE.
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  25. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Ya know peoples, if you have the memory on yer HD (shouldn't be much nowadays) get dox dumped asap, this is the nice thing about it all, once it is out 'there' its there. Copies be good!
    Rock On All Anons!

  26. I have studied a lot, and met many conflicting parties, and in all honesty EVERY RELIGION IS CORRUPT. In fact, all organizations are a mix of corrupt and incorruptible people. A balance even ;)

    The same applies to buddhism, though i respect and learned much from it. This to me reminds me of what hitler did before ww2, with the history being used to fit an agenda and fluff ego's.

    So remember that corruption is a part of all life. Your body and your mind will decompose one day, and we shall all be dust.

    But it's what we leave behind that matters. Our interactions with others, our chances to rise above our flaws and bring strength and purity from knowledge of corruption.

    EG we are all a LOT more savvy now because we've been taught the meaning of bullshit by our media. We're stronger for the attempt to make us weaker.

    Reflect. All is one. Do unto others...
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  28. Lizards grow feathers as demons grow wings.

    Do not be afraid to sit on the fence, neutralizing the drama. Actions speak louder from upon high. Duality is prolonged, and needs to be deflated. Our heads must follow suit, so our hearts can have room.
  29. Good gods, between this thread and the Eckankar one I'm shuffling along memory lane. My family always worried about me babysitting for these cultie families in the neighborhood, but it has always tickled me that one family got under their radar- the scientologists. They had a huge stack of Advance mags under one of the living room tables. I was precociously pagan and the covers, supposedly depicting myth, tarot, and other spiritual matter were alluring-and ultimately dumb. It seemed to be one long boring advertisement for something (scientology, duh) not related to actual forms of spirituality and mythos and looking at them soon palled. I didn't even find out what they were until years later when I saw some on clambake or somewheres.

    I got a lot more out of the record collection in their basement.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Some never-before-leaked Advance! Mags coming ITT. Here's the first two, oldies but goodies from the late 1970s when names were still attached to the letters to editors, photo captions, success stories and OT Phenomenon delusions.

    Advance! LA Issue 52, May/June 1978

    Major Highlights: Conquest of Death - Hubbard explains that Clears are free from death. Shinto: The Way of Kami - Shintoism has a lot of similar beliefs with Scientology including the motto of "Know Thyself" and the belief spiritual entities make up both men and gods therefore they should be worshipped as such. An interview with Ken Gerbino, a big bad OT in the world of economics and finance. A surreal OTI poem. A full page ad for Advance Courses with bizarre testimonials that strikes a helluva contrast to the most recent Jon Atack article about his own OT experiences.

    Advance! LA Issue 55, Nov/Dec 1978

    Major Highlights: The announcement of a big change to the bridge where Dianetics processing was forbidden on Clears and OTS due to the release of NED for OTs. Hubbard explains Postulates and Self-determinism. A look at fortune telling, spiritualism and the occult seers thru the ages via Crystal-gazing that opens with the story of Roosevelt's personal psychic Jeanne Dixon. This article brings the lulz and states psychics are merely postulating the future for you (without any Scientology training) and if you are a big bad OT you can do it yourself. Plus a special feature on the 2nd annual OT Civilization convention with lots of pics of big beings and celebs including the featured speakers Diana Hubbard Horwich (who spoke about Scientology expansion) and Heber Jentszch (bragging about the GO wins).
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    Thanks, Anon, and Bump...
  32. Anonymous Member

    Seconded and also bump
  33. Anonymous Member

    Shinto is also a cult of authority, with a sacred lineage of it's emperor and consort. In it's eye all other religions are fatally mistaken.

    I'm sure that appealed to Ron.
  34. Anonymous Member

    There seems to be a lot of similarities with Scientology vs. Shinto that appealed to Hubbard. Those "spiritual history" articles typically read like far-fetched spin, with well known hoaxes and wacky sources galore. But this one reads differently imo. The ewww factor run deep and there is a eerily familiar slime to commonality. Makes me curious to look up what Will Durant had written about Shintoism in light of the fact Hubbard was such of fan of his books.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Thanks. I guess I'll bestir myself to check it out...:)
  36. Anonymous Member

    Advance! Issue 145 AOLA 1999

    Major Highlights: The Golden Way of Confucius. Man the Animal & Man the God by LRH. Plus the 15th IAS Anniversary Freedom Medal winners that includes Gary Smith from Narconon Arrowhead, Alfreddie Johnson from NOI, and Michael Roberts.

    IAS Freedom Medal Winners only:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Gary Smith Freedom Medal award is highly relevant to those working the Narconon front. The hardcopy version of this magazine will be snail mailed to those who can leverage it for the WIN. Additional copies are desired, as is a related 1999 IAS Impact Magazine featuring the 15th Annual IAS Holiday gala with similar coverage of Gary Smith receiving his medal. If you by chance have copies of either of these and are willing to part with them for a VERY good cause, please send Colin Henderson (Patriot75) a private message.

    Advance! Issue 153 AOLA Apr/May 2001

    Major Highlights: Angkor – Temples of the God-King. A Thetan Creates by Postulates by LRH. IGN Bulletin No. 39 Cancelling Arbitraries by DM.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Very timely.

    It will interesting to compare Hubbard's take on Ankor Wat to modern research.
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    Bumpity bump.
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    Oh look. A few more...

    Advance 74 LA 1982

    Major highlights: Nostradamus and The Phenomenon of the Thetan by LRH. Also, the first path to OT adverts where OTIII Expanded is replaced with the initial “NEW” OT Levels.

    Advance 92 LA 1986

    Major highlights: Vedic Hymns: Songs of Golden Dawn, Q1: Highest Level of Knowledge by LRH, and a trippy OT poem "A Tribute to Ron" that is quite sickening.

    Advance 182 LA 2005

    Major highlights: The Gupta Golden Age, and The Hope of Man by LRH. Plus extended OT kool aid drinker testimonial accounts (The Way of Knowledge) that features smarmy bs from Lauren Dohring, Greg Martin, Bill Keis and George Jonic.
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  40. jensting Member

    Request: narCONon holland as IAS donor (if ever). We had "Narconon South Europe" in the Nov 2012 Impact, so there is a minor chance...

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