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    Advance! LA 126 1996

    Major highlights: The Spiritual Pathways of the Vedas and The Factors by LRH. Plus lots of goofy first hand accounts of the upper levels in a Standard Tech & OTs in Action articles from George Marshall OTIII, Griffee Blythe Class VIII Snr C/S, Amy Woodruff Solo C/S, Alan Rothe OT I, Sally Ann Cooke OT VII, David Laverdiere OTIII, Naomi Fox OTIV, and Bob Aster a Class VI auditor and supervisor from JPL on Solo NOTs.

    Advance! LA 167 2003

    Major highlights: Guardian Spirits of the Totem and The Factors and Beingness by LRH. More goofy OT testimonials from Val Miller a web designer on OTI, Jack Armstrong and actor on OTIII, Henry Robinett a jazz guitarist on OT V and Jonathan Caceres on Solo Part I. Added bonus - a graduation ceremony where Michael Lewis and Sally Jensen made speeches.
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    Advance! AOLA No. 102, 1989

    Major highlights: Why Mysticism Failed by LRH, a castrated excerpt from the Hymn of Creation poem in the 10th Mandala of the Rigveda that sets up The Vedic Hymns spiritual history of man article and a book review for The Creation of Human Ability. There are also success stories from the first three OT levels (a big selling point in this issue) that are extremely surreal when compared to the Super Power promotions coming out of late: the kool-aid is getting watered down, the promises of super power gains pales in comparison to what they were pushing immediately following Hubbard's death.

    Advance! AOLA No. 152, 2000

    Major highlights: Divination, Omens & Prophecy - how man endeavors to predict his fate without having super sekrit OT powers. Goal & Games of Theta Clears by L. Ron Hubbard and how to make it to OT with Certainty! Plus a rather exceptional collection of OT Phenomena that does a good job of showing the full range of woo as far as abilities OTs think they achieve.

    Advance! AOLA No. 154, 2001

    Major highlights: Palmistry and the ancient wonders of predicting the future, contrasted with How A Thetan Can Create The Future by LRH. Also, news from AOLA winning the annual Birthday Game with a photo showing Guillame Leserve still performing his duties as ED Int before he went into The Hole. Plus other shots of former AOLA executives, LA Clear Expansion Committee members and Kate Ceberano performing at the celebration as an "OT Ambassador."
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    Scientology archiving magazines online? Are they nuts? | The Underground Bunker

    By Tony Ortega

    If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you know that we bounce around from big stories with wide appeal to some things that only the truly obsessive will care about. Today we have a real treat for you obsessive types who love going down the Scientology rabbit hole.

    One of our great tipsters let us know that the UK branch of Scientology has been putting a lot of recent church publications online in a growing archive. You longtime church watchers will know how unusual that is — Scientology is still very much stuck in the past and figures the solution to taking over the planet is through books, magazines, and pamphlets, and all on paper (the glossier the better). The Internet? It’s generally a thing to be feared and avoided. So for the UK org to be putting whole copies of Advance! online, for example, is quite a treat.

    Continued with a link to a cult site and open comments here:
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    Thank's U !

    In french :

    Cela sera reposté ailleurs sur des sites connus en France, merci beaucoup !
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