Scientology mocked in popular media

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by anon8109, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. anon8109 Member

    scientology @ 3:10

  2. anon8109 Member

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  3. anon8109 Member

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  4. I get to kill Bart Simpson AKA that cult member whatever her name is that does the voice for Bart.

    That's a win for Anons.

    Maybe finally the Simpsons are tapping out of the L Ron scam.

  5. anon8109 Member

    Xenu (Xemu) bless John Oliver.

    scientology @ 9:45

  6. anon8109 Member

    I am starting to grow fond of Mr Oliver.

    Scientology joke at 0:52

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  7. anoninoob Member

    John Oliver has gotten a couple of $ci zingers into his rants.
  8. anoninoob Member

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  9. anon8109 Member

    In Bojack Horesman, a Netflix original series, season 2 episode 10 his sideckick Todd joins a cult that is not Scientology, we want to make that absolutely clear

    The cult is an improv group that is next door to a scientology org and uses loaded language such as yes and and practices disconnection. The cult leader looks suspiciously like an older Hubbard.

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  10. anon8109 Member

    Episode 12, the season finale, gets even better.

    Tood goes on the cult leader's ship as his second in command as a level 9. But he's punished and demoted from level 9 to level 2

    The episode guest stars Jason Beghe!
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  11. anon8109 Member

    Leah Remini's reality show season 2 episode 1. This doesn't quite belong here since the cult is not so much mocked as it is condemned for its inhumane treatment of people. The Scientology corporation is criticized for its high level of control of its members, and for breaking up families when people leave. It's an emotional episode.

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  13. anon8109 Member

    Scientology mocked at 0:50.

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  14. anon8109 Member

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  15. John Oliver gets a last minute jab @ Scientology in the last few seconds while closing his Church (3:55):
  16. mojo Member

    Too bad the IRS doesn't seem to be getting the message!
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  17. xander meehan Member

    Damn brother get down... I absolutely love it...
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  18. anon8109 Member

  19. xander meehan Member

    right on
  20. xander meehan Member

    I will always love you for posting that...
    Xander (Saxxx)
  21. anon8109 Member

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  22. anon8109 Member

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  23. RightOn Member

    Last night Tosh 2.0 said "you don't tax that cult Scientology, but you tax me". :p
    He was referring to the Government taxing him on his winnings.
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  24. xander meehan Member

    Boy are you right about that. This is exactly why the CO$ should have never been granted any form of 501-c-XXX status. In the US, there are more actual lands owned by churches than any other type of entity, or very close to it. I used to keep stats on this. Its not that I am against traditional churches either. I was raised in a traditional church. I do not like the CO$ specifically because they seriously are ripping off taxpayers. That is one reason I am so happy that the government, I think, in Belgium, is suing in court over the fact as they see it, that the CO$ is a fake religion, and are stealing from everyone. Here in the US, there is without doubt, that they are abusing the tax code, and they should have had Miscreant Cabbage Head, criminally charged in the same manner as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. I seriously don't understand why they would prosecute Baker and not the Cabbage Head. The CO$ should have never been given any 501-C-XXX status.
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  25. anon8109 Member

    It’s Shocking How Much Diddy Has In Common With The Church Of Scientology

    -By A Scared AF VH1 Writer That Wants No Problems
    Diddy is mega powerful. That’s a given. Everyone knows that he has a ridiculous level of influence and an iron grip on his crew. Guess what other entity also does? The Church of Scientology!
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  26. xander meehan Member

    Great point... some things will always be this way... hollywierdoville will always be one of them
  27. xander meehan Member

    I am going to sign off for now before I blow cork... this posting system just blew up one of my post again... it constantly transposes posting... maybe a differ
  28. xander meehan Member

    just did it again....arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  29. xander meehan Member

    Point well taken... I was trying very hard to post last night and it didn't want to co-operate...
    so I am back here again...
    today I am going to flesh out a proposal and would like to hear every one's views and responses...
  30. xander meehan Member

    So here goes....
    I had this idea... maybe some of you will think its a good idea... some of you may think the idea sucks.... some of you may have all kinds of reasons for agreeing or dis- agreeing... it does not matter, but I would love to hear you responses...
  31. xander meehan Member

    The idea is about getting further press on this issue... doing it in a way that is extremely low cost... something that everyone can participate in... and hopefully make an excellent impact... if this can be done in conjunction with the million mask march.. or marches... I would love it...

    it starts off with a couple of little red wagons... preferably used... Radio9 Flyer type wagons that little kids would get at Christmas time...

    Next a couple of older large 5 gallon water jugs like the one's used at a standard office cooler in any office...anywhere

    next slogans and signage

    next hundred and hundreds of complaint letters....

    next a few coins ... a few pennies... a few nickels.... a couple of dimes... maybe a couple of quarters....
    what ever you want to send....

    next some official letter head with the anonymous logo... and of course an address out there3 in the Universe somewhere..

    next... the letter of complaints provide a full complete narrative of the federal and tax convictions and other federal charges, arrest, prosecution and conviction of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker...

    next the full correct narrative on Mead Emory OSA Scieno Bone Thug representing the government as the Assitant Director of the IRS, in the decision of the Scieno's being approved for and granting the Scieno's 501-C-3 status... and the gigantic conflict of interest they created there in....

    Equal Protection Clause arguments, Due Process Clause arguments, and Commerce Clause arguments

    regarding a 501-C-3 entity operating at a profit under the guise of charitable giving,

    and of course things like

    *$300,000.00 birthday party's for Top Cunny AND Ku Ku for Cocoa Puffs Ku Ku Holmey...

    *$300,000.00 fines for people like Leah Remini...

    *RPF for people like the Nazi Midget McCabbage Head's wife Shelly...

    and the

    *Conflict of Interest sensation of Grease Ball Greettaa Van Sustersuckerfrackerhead and her hubby Goober Coalbrain

    Next a solid narrative on Greasy Gretta Van susterfrackerhead and her ambulance chaser hubby Goober Colebrain, both life long Scieno turdologists representing the Scienos

    The idea: to package hundreds, hundreds and hundreds, THOUSANDS, THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS EVEN... of complaint letters,

    and load them into envelopes addressed to the committee investigating LOIS LERNER, HER GROUP, AND ITS DENIAL PROCESS OF OTHER 501-c-3 ORGANIZATIONS FOR ANY REASON,

    the convictions of the Bakers,
    the representation of the Scienos by Grease Ball Greetta and her hubby Coalbrain, and Mead Emory (now deceased) ... all life long Scienos.... most especially after the near decades long criminal activities of OPERATION SNOW WHITE as organized and Operated by the Scienos

    and also identical same to
    Larry Klayman Public Interest Attorney and Watch Dog

    letters written upon Anony Letterhead and signed in Anony Monikers accompanied with a few coins as a donation...

    the water jug plastered with the Anony logo with a sign put coins in here...

    the large amount of complaint letters with coinage loaded into the Radio Flyer Wagon

    repainted with Anony Logos and Slogans,

    along with the 5 gallon water jug and shipped out to the committee and Klaymans office,

    get our own Darth Xander to consider the legal review of the entire package and plan... also to accompany all his existing legal work currently filed in the courts in Florida..

    What say All of You....
  32. Ogsonofgroo Member

    How about this, what the hell was this brilliant idea? (and for the love of Jebus-cat, you know that there's time to edit yer posts and not keep adding stupids to an existing thread, like, um, just to add stuff to your main post. Comprende?)
    I cannot count how many times WWP has been bombarded with people's 'ideas', or, more to the point, posts alluding to an idea, but never bearing any fruit, anything new, or anything that makes sense. Though its often some sort of trolling-ingness (thanks LRon, you fucking dead, psycho-retard), there are often those who, in all ernesty, have an opinion they would like to express, so fucking spit it out! And not the usual C/P cum-stains from some bizarre cuntspiracy blabbering, give us your take on it, the why's and wherefore's. As far as I have seen, most people's around here are fairly up-to-date on what is going on in the world at large, but not so much into getting into debates here because for many of the 'causes' there are dedicated sites that are willing to host such debates.
    For thought, I come here to keep track of a sick and twisted cult, post shit about cats, laugh a bit, and engage in civilized conversation, should it be of interest (to me) , the trolly-whiney biatch-fests that ensue from everyone poo-pooing derpy ideas, is frankly inane and boring (not that anyone here is brilliantly engaging, even remotely interesting, myself included), ergo~ The Dome.
    TL:/DR Do your research, make a point, give your own opinions before asking others for theirs. It just makes sense (at least to me), and frankly, if one gets called out on woo, or a crappy point of view, or just a plain old crap post, try not to get all frikken butt-hurt when others call you an idiot/troll or whatever .
    Just a meager thought on the matter, YMMV, and yes, I'm an old-ish fucker, so cvnts/cocks and cocktails in the evening.


    that is all.


    Edit~ Thank you Meehan, that's what I was talkin' about!
    Hm, one would have to have some resources to transport shit to where-ever. I think it was long ago established that 'simple is good', and unless ya gots a friend with a van or truck, some things just do not work for everyone, and with the Marcabian Zorks at an all time low exchange rate, and Big Pharma bouncing their checks....

    :) ( Cheers XM!)
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  33. RightOn Member

    they ran the Trapped in the Closet South Park episode again tonight.:p
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  34. xander meehan Member

    Damn Brother.... get down... I would definitely hoist a few with you ... you old irish Fucker..... Cunts, Cocks?... Coctails in the evening... that part sounds pretty good....

    Me...I am going to go find a couple of 3 or 4 or 6 Radio flyers... get them all gussied up, find some boxes, several 5 gallon water jugs... appropriately appointed of course... a few thousand envelopes and paper, and then post back here to find the very best place to send them. My plan doesn't mean shit with out a few thousands of complaint letters included though... the shipping cost I could come up with... fedex ground is relatively cheap...

    I just want to see if we can get someone to get Klayman to consider filling a few briefs as to why the Scienos were ever granted any 501-c-3 status... under the rules they should have never been granted 501-C-3 status... the Lois Lerner case is self explanatory... I don't really give a shit about who she denied a 501-C-3 status to as much as I care about the rational for denying some groups legitimately organized, and granting status to groups that should have been denied based upon substantial past criminal acts (ie the Scienos.)....

    its no justification for the Baker couple either... it really is about tax fairness in my view... Grease ball Greettaa and her Gooober being on one end of the case... and Mead Emory on the other end makes me smell nothing but turds

    Of course many might consider tax fairness an un achievable Brain Fart at best these days
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  35. anon8109 Member

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  36. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Well there goes a perfectly good cup of coffee... Debbie Downer gets married part cracked me right up, sheesh dats some funny shit right thar!!!

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  37. anon8109 Member

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