Scientology/NOI shindig

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Triumph, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Triumph Member

    Alfreddie Johnson,Hanan Islam and Tony Muhammad
    are throwing a party in Carson CA at the Home Depot Center
    and your invited sun Oct 28 2012


    UP Fest
    Hanan Islam & World Literacy Crusade

    also has facebook page

    more like THROW UP FEST
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Big Boy and Minister Tony Muhammad.
    Imagine that.
  3. Triumph Member

    Make Farrakhantologist
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Where is Mosque #27 being built? Chicago?
    So, Is this is a fundraiser for the new Chicago's "Black Flag"?

    And do all the participants know that the funds are for building a mosque?
    WOW! Is this deceptive!
  5. Anonymous Member

    My bad?
    I found this:
    About Muhammad's Mosque 27, Inc

    "Muhammad's Mosque 27, Inc in Los Angeles, CA is a private company categorized under Public Relations Counselors. Our records show it was established in 2003 and incorporated in California. Register for free to see additional information such as annual revenue and employment figures.
    "Tony Muhammad President & Chief Executive Officer "
    "Estimates show Muhammad's Mosque 27, Inc employs 20 people and has an annual revenue of $2,100,000."
    Years in Business 8

    Contact Information for Muhammad's Mosque 27, Inc
    (323) 292-9134
    State of Incorporation - SIC Code, SIC Code
    541820, Public Relations Agencies
    So if it is already built, why do they need a building fund?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Is Leila Wills aware of this mess?
  7. Leila Wills Member

    First, I would like to say THANK YOU to all the anons of WWP! And YES, I was made aware of this mess yesterday. What we have is Farrakhan on video saying he's going to build a "training center" in Chicago, then we have Alim Muhammad introducing someone else who is building a "training center" and now we have THIS.

    Coming soon - another audio of what the NOI's plans are. It sounds like they are officially becoming a scientology "mission" and will convert major mosques into "training centers." Ishmael and I are preparing another radio show and will post date/time.

    Major mosques in NOI - Chicago (HQ), New York (historic), 7th Region (includes all of Florida, and Los Angeles (Toby's stomping ground.) Toby Muhammad did not make L.A. major, Khallid Muhammad did.

    I wanted to sign-up for an account here so anons could inbox me if you get anything I may miss. (I spend a lot of time researching all of the topics in WWP.)

    Farrakhan's partner for the September 26th "Ask Farrakhan Social Media Town Hall" is Hampton University. They are going after the college meat. Ishmael and I did a show on an FM station in Chicago on Friday and will have the podcast soon.

    Please feel free to ask/suggest anything to help alert people of this travesty!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Nice to have you here Leila!
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  9. Chipshotz Member

    Welcome leila.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    YAY Leila!
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  11. grebe Member

    <3 Leila Wills.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    the Home Depot Center lists this event as:

    United in Peace - UP Fest
    Ticket Prices
    $25, $50, $100, VIP $1,000

    Event Information:
    "Join clergy, gang members, mothers, entertainers and other community members coming together to agree on a movement of peace and unity throughout the Los Angeles area.
    Presentations to mothers of slain children by L.A. gang membeers & speeches from local clergy and entertainers."

    www.upfest2012dotorg < I defanged this ling!/pages/UpFest2012/451379804902997
    Premium Seating

    Suites available through HDC Premium Seating at 877-604-8777 or

    Contact info:
    18400 Avalon Blvd.
    Carson, CA 90746
    (310) 630-2000
    fill out form to contact:

    so exploiting mothers of slain children?

    And Will Chille B be there?

  13. Leila Wills Member

    Thank you for all the "heys" and "welcomes" !!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work is SO much appreciated! Thanks for having me!
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  14. Leila Wills Member

    Lemme go see what our crazy FB group is doing...ttyl!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    You're quite pretty.
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  16. :).

    This shindig sounds like it's going to be a barrel of laughs.
    Hope they have a quiz.
    1st question,who gave us the supreme wisdom?
    Master fard shouts the finalcall,lrh shouts the cos members.
    A fight breaks out and hilarity ensues.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    We liek people who stand up for what's right.
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Budd Member

    Uh, didn't they forget to mention CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY on the flyer? :D
  20. Triumph Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    I predict that even with 10 million people in LA County alone they won't fill it half way. The Ideal Org bus in audience is down to under a thousand if they show up...................
  22. Anonymous Member

    yep they did! It's on the back. Only it shows up as WISE
  23. Leila Wills Member

    I've been wondering why she's called Handjob. LOL

    FYI - tonight

    AMEN RA SQUAD RADIO Tonight " How To Identify a Cult" There is an high amount of cult behavior taking place in society. Religion, Politics, Culture and music. Tonight we have Author Leila Wills and Education expert Professor Denham El giving us details on how to identify a cult.
    11pm est.

    Call in to speak with the host
    (347) 857-2055
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  24. Leila Wills Member

    Thanks so much!
  25. jensting Member

    Likewise! Love the avatar.

    Bought your book/film script and reviewed it on Amazon. I liked it :D
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  26. Anonymous Member

    And it's also Alfraudie not Alfreddy LOL!
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  27. Leila Wills Member

    Yes, Alfraudie! Love that!
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  28. Leila Wills Member

    Oh, that's great! Thank you so much...working on Book Two now. But, can't release it prematurely. Still getting a lot of info in.
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  29. grebe Member

    I don't like "handjob." It doesn't really follow from "Hanan." But Alfraudie is okay. Still when it comes to stupid puns on people's names, sometimes less is more.
  30. Anonymous Member

    OMG u r a wog
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  31. Leila Wills Member

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  32. Leila Wills Member

    Think I did that wrong - Avatar done by the magnificent Triumph!
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  33. Cold Member

    The NOI was always a cult. There is a really good Noam Chomsky interview I heard 20 years ago where he mentions that less educated people are less indoctrinated with the ideology of the state and hence have a more brazenly sophisticated outlook when talking about power relationships between nations on a macro scale as it pertains to the country they live in. The interviewer then asked him if this was a bit of a romantic claim. Mr Chomsky replied that it wasn't romantic, that it was a logical argument because education is a form of indoctrination. But that it would be "romantic" to suggest that the less formal education on the part of the less educated would lead to some kind of "revolutionary spirit" or something. He says it doesn't at all, and that it can actually lead to fascist movements and lay the foundation for charismatic leaders to offer to lead the less formally indoctrinated out of all their problems, hence creating a new ideological enclave to exploit these people into etc... (cults). He also mentions that the counter balance to run-a-muck power has also traditionally come from "less indoctrinated" groups.

    I don't know if I agree with any of this, but It was an interesting pont of view.
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  34. Leila Wills Member

    Interesting...can you source the interview?
  35. Cold Member

    It was an "alternative radio" interview with David Barsamian and it was dated 1988. I want to say it was "conversations with Chomsky" but I'm not sure. Personally I don't really see much utility in Chomsky's lectures at my age, but that was an interesting way of wording how these things work, and one that I never forgot.
  36. Triumph Member

    @7:00 mark.
    Scientologist Tony Muhammad Is promoting the UP Fest

    says it will kickoff a program called the "Untied Hood Nations"

    pimping Scientology/NoI crack across the country
  37. Triumph Member


    running the scam out of Alfreddies cult dungeon
    WLC phone# ^^^
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  38. Anonymous Member

    "Dope" entertainment is guaranteed if it's Snoop Dogg :D

    I mean, is that really the message NoI wants to send? Won't that conflict directly with their new-found Dianeticism? "Students' Guide to Acceptable Behavior", anyone?
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Farrakhan renamed him "Snoop Lion"....
    Snoop Is allegedly a member of the Nation of Islam....

    they are literally looking to draw as many people they can to this event...
    what better way than to sucker "Snoop Lion"

    toss aside any conflict if it draws in "Fresh Meat"

    should get them some Media exposure for their Covert Recruitment Cult Fest...

    LAFags should be sharpening your let journalist know what the snooze fest Is really about...
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  40. Triumph Member

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