Scientology/NOI shindig

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Triumph, Sep 22, 2012.

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    theres a reason Hanan,Alfreddie and the gang have produces a batch of fresh,pathological PR and published it on their YouTube Account.


    Pack em in the Sauna like Sardines in that little back room dungeon.
    with the second hand treadmills
    used and abused outdoor furniture
    and Bars on the 2 doors.

    they like to run the Purif on all the literacy students too.
    before they get to the study tech.

    Alfreddie and gang are like a pack of hungry wolves

    waiting on young victims to line up outside their Compton industrial park low rent dump.
  3. Random guy Member

    Acording to Chomsky's own website , he only did 4 interviews in 1988:

    · On the Media. With David Frum et al. November 28-December 2, 1988.
    · Of Prussians and Traders. With Multinational Monitor. November, 1988.
    · On Trip to Middle East. With Burton Levine. May, 1988.
    · Meaningful Democracy. With Bill Moyers. 1988.

    He has done several with David Barsamian, but the two interviews with "Conversation" in the title (non with Barsamian:

    Downsize or Modify? A Conversation with Noam Chomsky. With Mickey Z., Press Action. January 18, 2011.
    "Black Faces in Limousines:" A Conversation with Noam Chomsky. With Joe Walker. November 14, 2008.
  4. Anonymous Member

    RAW, damn it, RAW MEAT, it doesn't have to be fresh.
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  5. Cold Member

    If it wasn't 1988 it was before then and it definitely was an interview w/ David Barsamian. The casette tape I had had the date " 1988 " on it but that doesn't mean it was the date of the interview. Sorry for the confusion.It was decades ago. :)
  6. Triumph Member

    what 3000 bikers looks like to a Lyintologist
    Handjob Hanan Islam said they had 3000 on the radio
    Bridge Publications Box..............................................................................................................^^^^^
  7. Triumph Member

    Alfrauddie ^^^ on a scooter? what ever that is.... wheres the training wheels REV
  8. Anonymous Member

    scientologist film crew
    clambot Kimberly Brennecke with the boom mic
    also filming the NOI in the streets videos
    and the 18 New World Literacy Tard Videos

  9. Anonymous Member

    3,000? LOL
    I don't count less than 50 bikes in those pictures

    What does it say on those guys headphones? D Sigler?
  10. Anonymous Member

    There is a Baruch Sigler on the Impact Sponsors list
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Triumph Member

    they plop Alfrauddie up front for a photo-Op....
    custom UP fest Biker Jacket and Helmet....what a friggen clown
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  13. Anonymous Member

    hes defiantly a scibot.... I'll have to dig up his facebook page again ...hes from Israel Org......and worked for Golden Era one point...
  14. Triumph Member

    they are rolling.. so you know afrauddie Is out of the shot...
  15. Triumph Member

    somewhere between 50 & 100 tops
    most of the others photos show just a few bikes...
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  16. Anonymous Member

    The rides were advertised as being every Saturday and Sunday until the 28th...........
  17. Triumph Member

    just more photo ops...
    they are producing a video....
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  18. Triumph Member

    Alfreddie Tony Mo and Hanan Islam were on Power 106FM with Big Boy
    whats with the name on the jacket Alfreddie ya whore
  19. Triumph Member

    Dr Hanan "Handjob" Islam fondling someone else's bike
  20. Anonymous Member

    and scarf wearing LRH impersonator.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Triumph Member

    Hello Somebody
    a fookin scooter....
  23. Triumph Member

    The Way to Happiness Gang Colors
  24. Triumph Member

    they are laughing at your ride dude
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I hope they get enough mothers of slain children to attend, it would be hard to put on an entertaining show if only a couple show up.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Alfrauddie with his own name on his jacket riding a "Rowdy 150" scooter LOL.
    How many gerbils are running that thang?
    What a dork
    Oh and nice scarf Alfrauddie! Love the little UpFest NapSack on your back too! Everyone wears fabric napsacks over their jackets. Wonder what that jacket cost? Bought by people who you sucked into the cult for your own gain?
    Is it filled with WTH booklets?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    The Rowdy 150 is known as a MOPED scooter
    9.96 horsepower!! LOL!
    What a hog!
  28. Triumph Member

    Hanan better cut back on her Pork Chop and Pork Rinds consumption
    Nothing Orgasmic Lemurs couldn't fix
    is there a phony Doctor in the house.....
    god forbid theres a mishap or a crash..and someone relies on this quack for help...
    trust us shes a doctor... feel my finger?
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  29. Triumph Member

    Minister Tony RU-CLEAR
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  30. Triumph Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    might have to change Hanans to Hamhock
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Ticket Prices

    $25, $50, $100, VIP $1,000
    Event Information

    Join clergy, gang members, mothers, entertainers and other community members coming together to agree on a movement of peace and unity throughout the Los Angeles area. Presentations to mothers of slain children by L.A. gang members & speeches from local clergy and entertainers.!/pages/UpFest2012/451379804902997

    Premium Seating

    Suites available through HDC Premium Seating at 877-604-8777 or
    Seating Map
  33. Anonymous Member


    First Peace Ride

    Saturday October 13, 2012

    Register now. Send name, email address, phone number and bike or car club you belong to:


    1st Annual UP Fest
    A Movement of Unity and Peace

    Minister Tony Muhammad has served the greater Los Angeles area for the past 17 years. During that time Min. Tony has worked with members of the Clergy, Community Leaders, Law Enforcement, Community Based Organizations and the community at large and has become well known as a Peace Maker, Treaty Builder and one of the only members of the clergy allowed in the County jails of Los Angeles to help the Sheriff’s department quell the oft times violent environment resulting from rival gang wars.
    The current level of violence, senseless shootings, increased gang activity and an overwhelming need for peace in the streets has motivated Min. Tony to spearhead

    UP Fest, a Unity and Peace movement in collaboration with Big Boy, the Nation of Islam, Rev. Alfreddie Johnson and the World Literacy Crusade, American Health and Education Clinics, Project Cry No More, bikers and car clubs throughout Cali. and a host of Clergy and other community based organizations.
    The Goal of the UP Fest movement is to recruit 1,500 members of the community by the end of this year’s UPFest events to become actively involved as "Peace Makers" in this Unity and Peace Movement, and to build a Community Center in conjunction with Minister Tony’s Mosque to service the entire community with viable training and services previously proven to effectively rehabilitate criminal and violent behavior.

    The Purpose of this movement is to make measureable change in the crime statistics throughout the inner cities of Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties through the use of:
    1. Peace Rides throughout the highest crime ridden neighborhoods on October 13th, 20th, 27th and once per month thereafter .
    2. Meetings with Clergy, gang members, law enforcement, Celebrity supporters and community leadership to gain wide spread support and agreement with the tenets and events of 3. To get 500 of the 1,500 Peace Makers to commit to showing up every time there is a murder in the county to show overwhelming support of peace in the community, and,
    4. To open a community center to deliver useable technologies, training and processes that will help eradicate illiteracy, criminality, drug abuse and unethical behavior.
    Big Boy has made the conscious decision to be the Celebrity forerunner to assist Minister Tony and this coalition of community members to raise the funds necessary to erect a stellar Mosque and Community Center for the benefit of the people of the greater Los Angeles community.

    The Community Center will be open to people of all faiths and will provide the following services:


    Gang Intervention

    Youth 12-24

    Morals and Ethics, benefits of community service, anger management

    Drug Education and Treatment

    Youth and adults

    Drug-free drug education and treatment, dry heat sauna, vitamins and exercise

    Job Development & Placement

    Youth and adults

    Basics of work ethics, resume building, job application and interview skills, vocational skills building, tutor training and entrepreneurial training

    Literacy Program

    All age groups

    Phonics, Language Arts, English as 2nd language
  34. Anonymous Member

    Triumph, do you have any photos from todays Sunday ride advertised below?
  35. Anonymous Member

    UPFEST how very UPSTAT.
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    I wonder how much members of The Church of Scientology are paying for the World Literacy Crusade "sponsorship" of this event? It is wonderful that the World Literacy Crusade is sponsoring an event that will raise the funds necessary to erect a stellar NOI Mosque and Community Center.
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  40. Triumph Member

    Minister on Fake Reverend Manlove

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