Scientology/NOI shindig

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Triumph, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. What is 10% FSM??? What does FSM stand for?
    SO I guess the answer would be NO, since I don't even know what it is.
    General Hafeezah
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Field Service Member, they get a 10-15% commission on sales.

    General? LOL!
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  3. RightOn Member

    oh I always thought it was Field Staff member
    I mean Field Staff Manager
  4. wrong, California requires helmets
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Thanks for the Heads up! I see the posts. At first I was a little concerned that a particular woman, "Leila Wills" would posts anything about me when she knows nothing of me. I tried to call her and invited her to dialogue. She refused. I found her refusal to be an act of cowardice. Along with a coulpe of others who follow her posts on Facebook. For I see people who hide behind the computer while throwing stones to have personal issues that I cannot solely fix. It is the reactive mind. I am a public and popular figure. Many people will attack me because of their own insecurities, jealousies, or hatred of what I stand for. I have learned to first try to address it personally, one on one. But if a person refuses, then I just have to let it run off my back like water off a ducks back. Some people aren't happy unless they are throwing stones, hiding their hands. Crying foul! Or name calling and bashing. I feel sorry for them. Life is so much better when you look at things in a positive light. I choose to exercise "The Secret" and have happy, good, motivating thoughts. People who have had a bad experience with Scientology could much better use their time to teach people whatever they now know that works for them in a positive vein. The more you complain of a thing, the more you draw it to you- That is "Universal Law of Attraction"

    I don't know anything about Scientology, Good or Bad, so I cannot speak on it. What I do know is this. I LOVE the technology of Auditing. It has helped me tremendously and I have seen the difference it has made in people's lives who were audited by me. I support this technology 100% because in my heart, I believe and have seen it work. If someone wants to fault me, call me names, spout lies on me, for supporting what I believe in, then it's their problem, because they will only get back, what they PUT OUT in the Universe. simple as that. I Choose to plant GOODNESS because it is the only harvest I can afford to REAP.
    General Hafeezah
  7. @ Deathhamster--------FSM = Field Service Member? Thanks, didn't know that. Thank You for the explanation
    General Hafeezah
  8. jensting Member

    Scientology: Knowing how not to know!

    (Actually, I'm pleased with that - everyone should expect to see that repeated ad naseum; Sorry - well, OK, not really.)

    EDIT: Not the first to have thought of that. Drat! The coffee buzz made it seem so original, so witty. I'll just have to use it anyway :D
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  9. jensting Member

    Welcome! Although I'm not anynomous, I like your input.

    I look forward to discussions in the future (surely even after the Ethics Officer has been in touch with you ;) ).
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  10. jensting Member

    Historically, there has been a commision paid by the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology to a member when that member sold auditing to another member. There may be different rates, for instance Sea Org members who are hatted to collect donations full time may or may not get commissions - what do I know?

    Debbie Cook bought herself a Mercedes after she made Pia Gardini donate a million (or theresabouts).

    You may be doing auditing because you believe that it helps people, but the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology is mainly interested in inducing a trance-like state in which people are tricked into firstly believeing that auditing made them better and secondly that only by buying MORE auditing will they manage to stay well. Oh, and while they're on a trance-like high from the auditing, there's a registrar from Flag who would to see them about a donation... Oh, and after they've done some auditing which has "helped them" there's this sauna programme they need to buy. Most people who enter the sauna programme do leave it alive (although some of those develop serious liver problems later).
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Cross-posted to ESMB:

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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Cross-posted to Facebook Group Scientology Invasion of the Black Community:

  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Leila Wills responds on Facebook Group Scientology Invasion of the Black Community:
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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Her mother: "She is starting her course to be a Certified Savior! Proud of her"

    MGT = Muslim Girls Training

  19. kthnxbai Member

    Leila Wills got it right:
    Dianetics seems to have this effect on people. Especially those who already believe in crazy things.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Nation of Islam Chinese School... and Squirreling

    Some impressions.

    The NOI is making Dianetics and, yes, Scientology, their own.

    If DM and the COS think they can control the NOI, or control the NOI's implementation and application of Dianetics and Scientology, they are in for a rude awakening.

    If DM and the COS think the Members of the Nation are going to abandon their religion for Scientology they, you guessed it, are in for a rude awakening.

    The following YouTube channel is worthy of review:


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  21. Anonymous Member

    8:10 "We're working on what is called an Org Board for the Nation of Islam."

  22. Anonymous Member

    3:12 We in the Nation of Islam is getting ready to go to war with suppressive personalities. Wherever the SP is, and I'm saying to the members of the Church of Scientology, we in the Nation of Islam will confront them wherever we find them.

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  23. kthnxbai Member

    This appears to be a declaration of holy war, a jihad, against the CoS. NoI representing the new orthodoxy. They are good at imposing orthodoxy (in their own terms). And these are crazy people.

    Whatever it means, this will not end well. :)
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    I think that he's saying to CoS, their allies, that they are going to go to war with suppressive personalities in general. Eventually that's going to turn back on CoS, but critics might want to be careful of these nutbars.
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  25. L. Ron Hubbard: In his own words, mocking Mohammed and Islam.

    Apparently this 'religious' merger is more about cash than beliefs, shocking, I know........

    David Miscavige and Louis Farrakhan, you both got some splaining to dew.........
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Cross-posted to Facebook Group Scientology Invasion of the Black Community:

    Cross-posted to ESMB:
  27. Anonymous Member

    Nation of Islam Minister of Health endorses Church of Scientology Harlem Org.

    Dr. Alim Muhammad is the Minister of Health and Human Services of the Nation of Islam.



    Dr. Abul Alim Muhammad is the Minister of Health and Human Services of the Nation of Islam:

  28. Anonymous Member

    Nation of Islam Minister of Health endorses Dianetics and Scientolgy Admin Tech.

    Dr. Alim Muhammad is the Minister of Health and Human Services of the Nation of Islam.

    Note, they also made "How to Eat to Live" (Book 1; Book 2) into a game, including "flash answers." Sound familiar?

    12:34: "In the future, any Laborer in the Nation of Islam has to go Clear, you have to be Clear, you have to be a Dianetic Clear. So then what are you waiting for? Are you Clear yet? Ok, then what are you waiting for? Why are you holdng back? Who is holding you back?"

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Fascinating blend of theologies.

    Basically, the thesis is that Scientology makes Whites not devils anymore.

    0:20: "Minister Farrakhan announced out at the Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, he announced at that gala in 2009 the marriage between the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam."

    4:48: "Now we further believe, although we can't prove it, we believe that [Master Fard Muhammad] met L. Ron Hubbard."

    7:17: "I just finished TRs and Objectives."

    [He went exterior.]

    8:07: "I think I'll go the rest of the way over the Bridge. And I intend to do that."

    10:34: "There is a hint in our teaching -- I don't have time to go into it tonight -- that perhaps there was a kind of processing that was done in the Caucuses [i.e., to the white mother of Master Fard Muhammad] that produced a special kind of a person."

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Rev. Alfreddie Johnson is neither Muslim nor a member of the Nation of Islam. Still, I'm going to put this here because it is obviously paired with the promotional poster (below) depicting Dr. Alim Muhammad, the Nation of Islam Minister of Health and Human Services.


  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    Fund raising for an ideal org? Damn, they are really drinking the koolaid. So will they get any ownership of this org or only use?

    This won't end well.
  33. Yes it will.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Dr. Alim Muhammad, the Minister of Health and Human Services for the Nation of Islam, and Rev. Alfreddie Johnson in support of the Church of Scientology Harlem Org.

    "The Harlem Roundtable is based on the groundbreaking article written by L. Ron Hubbard entitled 'A Message for Black People' in January of 1961."

    "Doug E. Fresh himself capped the event with a talk from the heart, keeping it real and bring it home as he always does!"

    "Get on board the Harlem Freedom Train- 'cause she's rolling down that line!"



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  35. Anonymous Member

    "This is what Minister Farrakhan had to say about L. Ron Hubbard on May the 8th at the Dianetics seminar held in Chicago. He said L. Ron Hubbard is a brother produced by the universe as an aid to the Prophets."

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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Triumph Member

    I've seen several U-tube videos of Dr.Alim speaking at a T.E.D NY....quack quack..

    Tony Muhammad has a hot and cold running VIP playhouse at the Inglewood Morgue..he has set up shop there...with his mancrush Alfreddie Johnson sharring a Clebrity champaign room & boudour @the inglewood CC morgue
    Harlem must be Alim Muhammads theatan outlaw hideout...and bunkhouse....

    the perks of selling out a race of people to a cult
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  38. Triumph Member

    The Way to Happiness money in Alfreddie Johnson,Hanan Islam and Tony Muhammads bank acount....
    with the help of Stanley Clark...Nancy Cartwright and a cast of clams...and cult toadies like the corrupt ..Lee Baca
    video propaganda produced by Scientologist for the gullible masses ...

    crappy little booklet=FSM cash kickbacks..and money in the cult coffers
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  39. Triumph Member

    Saviours Day 2013
    Shane "X" Woodruff ..Celebrity Center VP and Farrakhan's asskisser

    selling out haz its rewards
    FSM's for David Miscavages Prison plantation
    even Travolta wants to get in on the act
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