Scientology/NOI shindig

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    Good questions, and if the good general answers them, then I'll consider her claim to not do scientology to possibly have some truth to it ;)
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    Nation of Islam Muhammad Mosque No. 45 Top Field Group in Houston.

    I think this is very significant.
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    Nation if Islam Ministry of Agriculture (Muhammad Farms) adopts Dianetics

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    Secret Relationship Between Louis Farrakhan and David Miscavige

    Podcast for listening and download:

    Data file found at: Secret Relationship Between Louis Farrakhan and David Miscavige.pdf




    The Secret Relationship Between
    Louis Farrakhan and David Miscavige
    Information Compiled by Leila Wills, April 5, 2013
    As discussed on Godkiller Radio, April 9, 2013, with the Amen Ra Squad
    Hosted by Ankhka Kek and Ishmael Allah Bey with guests Professor I Self and Leila Wills
    Food Chain & Corporate Structure of Scientology
    RTC CSI SMI Missions
    Networks Social Reform Activities
    RTC – Religious Technology Center
    CSI – Church of Scientology International
    SMI – Scientology Missions International
    Social Reform Activities – Applied Scholastics, WISE, The Way to Happiness, Narconon,
    Criminon, Human Rights, etc.
    Missions – Offer the uninitiated public “routes” to the Bridge through introductory
    Scientology services
    David Miscavige, RTC Chairman Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
    (l-r) Ishmael Muhammad, Shane Woodruff (l-r) Fu Mei Mathers, Jim Mathers, Tony
    Louis Farrakhan, Alfreddie Johnson Muhammad
    Plan of Scientology is to Infiltrate Society
    Every community has its comm. [communication] lines. In
    positions of power there are social personalities who need
    our help; they just have to know what LRH tech can do for
    them and they will reach.
    Mayor's Office Arts & Cultural Centers
    City Council Members Educational Centers
    Religious Leaders Hospitals
    Chamber of Commerce Judicial Institutions
    Fire Department Neighborhood Businesses
    Police Department
    RTC CSI SMI Missions
    Networks Social Reform Activities
    1. Religious Technology Center (RTC) – Formed by Hubbard in 1982, owns all
    service marks, trademarks, copyrights, and Scientology Scriptures. David
    Miscavige is Chairman of the Board since 1987, the year after Hubbard’s death.
    2. Scientology Scriptures (SS) - All written and recorded words of L. Ron Hubbard.
    3. Church of Scientology International (CSI) – Mother Church of the religion whose
    purpose is the advancement and dissemination of Scientology. They do this
    through affiliated organizations including Missions that are under its
    ecclesiastical control and supervision.
    4. Scientology Missions International (SMI) – Mother Church and managing
    organization for the Missions.
    5. Mission - The entrance point for people in an area uninitiated in Scientology.
    The Mission administers beginning Dianetics and Scientology services and routes
    the public to the nearest org for additional courses.
    6. Field Service/Staff Member (FSM) – Non-staff Scientologists appointed by the
    nearest Org who disseminate Scientology and help raise funds for the Church
    through book sales and courses.
    A. Field Staff Member serves the org of which he is an FSM, interests people, patches up cases
    and operates as a Dissemination, Qualifications function and comes under Distribution for
    admin purposes.
    B. (HCO PL 21 Oct 66 11) all field auditors of the level of HBA and above are appointed
    herewith Field Staff Members of their nearest Scn organization. Their rank is Field Staff
    Member (Provisional). They come directly under the Department of Clearing, Director of
    Clearing of their nearest org. The purpose of the Field Staff Member is: to help LRH
    contact, handle, salvage and bring to understanding the individual and thus the peoples of
    earth. (HCO PL 9 May 65, Field Auditors Become Staff)
    C. FSMs get people into Scn by disseminating to bring about an understanding of what Scn can
    do thus creating a desire for service, and selecting the person for that service. (BPL 15 Jun
    73R I) Abbr. FSM.
    COMMISSION, the official Scn organization to which the Field Staff Member is attached will
    pay the Field Staff Member a percentage of all training and processing fees received by
    that organization through its Field Staff Members. The Field Staff Member selects the
    person to be trained or processed after direct personal contact with the person and issues
    to that person a paper stating the contacted person has been selected. This paper bears
    the hour, date and place of the selection. If the selectee appears at the org, presents the
    selection paper to the cashier and enrolls for training or processing, and pays or signs the
    credit papers, the org sends at once a commission of 10% for total cash and 6 % for credit +
    cash payments. The org sends the sum at once. 10% is also paid in memberships bought by
    the selectee if accompanied by another selection paper marked membership also issued by
    the Field Staff Member. (HCO PL 9 May 65, Field Auditors Become Staff)
    D. FSM percentages are corrected and established as follows: 15% will be paid for any selectee
    routed on for auditor training, 10% will be paid for any selectee routed on the solo line.
    (HCO PL 5 Jun 68 111)
    — L. Ron Hubbard
    Modern Management Technology Defined
    1. RTC has a contractual agreement (license) with CSI which grants them, and the
    Missions under their control, the right to use the Marks.
    2. CSI forms contractual agreement (sublicense) with SMI which allows the
    Missions to use the Marks.
    Too numerous to list…includes Dianetics, Life Repair, Purification Rundown, Applied
    Scholastics, Scientology Cross, etc.
    (Audio Clip 1) (Audio Clip 2)
    Is the Nation of Islam under Louis Farrakhan a Scientology Mission?
    Lack of Agency
    1. Neither party shall be deemed to be the agent, joint venturer, or partner of
    the other.
    A. Mission promises to pay a weekly tithe of 10% of its corrected gross income to
    any Scientology organization designated by SMI.
    B. Mission promises to actively use the Marks in advancing and disseminating the
    religion of Scientology.
    Minimum Standards (partial list)
    1. Establishment of a religious body and entity for the advancement and
    dissemination of the religion of Scientology. (Audio Clip 3)
    2. Maintenance of trained staff so that all parishioners and congregants are
    ministered unto. (Audio Clip 4)
    3. Proper and effective display of the Marks.
    Mural at Salaam Restaurant
    4. Offering of religious services.
    5. Hearing of confessionals for executives, staff, and parishioners.
    Final Call Newspaper, February 28, 2013 - Mr. Woodruff began reading off statistics
    of mosques across the country delivering context and perspective regarding the
    auditing technology and its delivery.
    The Central region logged more than 4,000 hours of auditing in 2012. The city of
    Detroit, which is the home of Muhammad Mosque No.1, delivered more Dianetics
    auditing than any other city in the Nation of Islam.
    Calling the NOI’s Southern region a “Dianetics auditing machine,” they logged 2,700
    hours of auditing delivered in 2012.
    8,500 members of the Nation of Islam have participated in Dianetics seminars
    conducted by the Nation’s own auditors.
    The Southwest region of the Nation of Islam is one of two regions in which all the
    primary laborers are certified auditors. The Western region logged 1,113 hours of
    auditing in 2012.
    To drive the point home, he broke the statistics down even further.
    “For every waking hour of the day since the Minister first brought Dianetics to you,”
    said Mr. Woodruff with the anticipation building, “every eight and a half minutes,
    somewhere on this planet, a Nation of Islam auditor starts a session.”
    All totaled, the Nation of Islam has delivered 82,424 auditing hours.
    6. Publication and distribution of literature and sectarian aids to propagate and
    disseminate Scientology.
    Article in Final Call
    Farrakhan Offering Scientology’s “Routes to the Bridge.”
    Life Repair
    Truth About Drugs
    Admin/Business Tech
    Applied Scholastics/Study Tech
    Statement by Muhammad University Director Larry Muhammad
    “…We will also introduce new strategic
    partners that the Honorable Minister Louis
    Farrakhan has introduced us to and how
    these partnerships will aide us in ushering
    in the new educational paradigm.”
    The Way to Happiness
    Marriage/Relationship Counseling at Applied Scholastics Headquarters
    All About Radiation
    Saviours’Day 2013 Workshops
    Friday 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM - Workshop Sessions 1 - Host Hotel
    1. International Ballroom | Combating Cancer: Effective Approaches To Healing
    2. Boulevard Ballroom | How to Eat to Live
    3. Continental Ballroom | A The Proper Way to Make Prayer
    4. Continental Ballroom B | ElectroMagnetic Pollution: The Danger of Electronic Devices
    5. Williford Ballroom ABC | From Positive Rap to Gangsta Rap With Professor Griff
    6. Waldorf Ballroom | Disaster Survival
    Scientology Central Org Nation of Islam
    City of Nine Ministries
    Scientology Mission Checklist
    9 Establishment of a religious body and entity for the advancement and
    dissemination of the religion of Scientology.
    9 Maintenance of trained staff so that all parishioners and congregants are
    ministered unto.
    9 Proper and effective display of the Marks.
    9 Offering of religious services. (Anything offering Scientology “tech” is religious
    9 Hearing of confessionals for executives, staff, and parishioners.
    9 Publication and distribution of literature and sectarian aids to propagate and
    disseminate Scientology.
    Additional Information
    Facebook - Scientology Invasion of the Black Community
    YouTube – Godkiller Radio, AmenRa Squad, Ishmael Allah Bey, The Real Black Atheist,
    Professor I Self, Leila Wills, Farrakhan, The Movie
    Books – Available on
    Blog -
    Why We Protest -
    Scientology Missions -
    RTC –
    Scientology Mission Contract -
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    Funny how a secular booklet has hard-sell courses aboard the Freewinds, and while you're there, you can do your religious courses too!
    image001.jpg:original.jpg [IMG]
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    Google Docs:

    The Secret Relationship Between Louis Farrakhan and David Miscavige.pdf

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    Oh I know this one! It's a cult. Am I right?

    I think it's a cult because that guy on the poster is wearing a fake uniform. He's made to look military when he's not. Hmm might be a bellhop now that I think about it. But the stars on his shoulders seem more military than hotel so I'm going with "cult."

    Also "honorable" and "brother" and "timely message" have a formal, culty ring. I bet the people at this meeting will have a lot of special phrases they repeat. They'll be all serious about the phrases and will get super mad if you copy what they say and giggle.

    So listen and learn kids:

    1. uniforms
    2. special language
    3. serious
    4. no lulz

    --means you're probably looking at a brain eating cult. GTFO before your IQ starts dropping.
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  15. mojo Member

    ok - i'm not a muslim and no expert on iconography...not that islam really permits much of that but these morons have their star and crescent backwards....on every single flag where it's used in the muslim world it point the other way! ...some are tipped a bit, but none use the crescent point to the left....:rolleyes:
  16. grebe Member

    I see shoop potential with that little Farrakhan in the corner.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    NOI are no laughing matter. It will be interesting to see what happens with this. Cabbage may be in for it this time.
  18. Anonymous Member

    These guys are to Islam kinda like what LRH was to Buddhism. It means what they say it means (and if you don't like it they might just come over there and kick your ass). So that's probably on purpose. The reason I think they're morons is that these folks have internets and they are joining up anyway. Which does sound pretty culty now that you mention it.
  19. grebe Member

    I just spent like 3 hours trying to make a trollface out of Farrakhan. But I don't use Gimp enough to have a clue. And nothing I could come up with is lulzier than they guy's basic shit eating grin.

    Maybe putting the photo crashing squirrel in the right hand corner to mirror Farrakhan would help. But right now I hate myself too much to make the attempt.
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    I has confused.
    If Louie, Alfraudie and the others are so proud of spreading the word on the tech, they have done public events, and they are certainly not hiding the COS bro-mance any more, than what the hell are they so pissed at Leila for? She is uncovering the front groups as Scientology groups, but the NOI is pretty outspoken about the tech, so why are they bothering her?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps there is severe fear that Leila will find ways to discover and expose what the NOI monkeys know about the tech to be a racket/scam/fraud?
  24. Triumph Member

    the NOI published an article about the CCHR's Industry of Death circus sideshow in 2008....featuring Brother "Alfreddie Johnson Muhammad" and his life partner Tony 2008

    Industry of Death exhibit at the last 3 saviors day.....people complained on the excessive volume of TV's at the first event

    they Had a CCHR seminar at the 2012 Saviours Day ...featuring Alfrauddie and Toadie...

    Dr. Alim has been spouting that clown cults anti-psychiatry nonsense/rhetoric for some time

    I Imagine they will get bombarded with Cult anti-psychiatry Junk Mail from the cult... until its drilled into their skulls

    Bro Shareff... got him sum indoctrination...
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  25. Triumph Member

    BBQ-and Bloodsucking

    and lots of Scientology sideshow acts
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Magic Johnson Park? (Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr.)
    Would he approve of this shindig being held there?

    And of course it is geared towards kids with a bouncy house and face painting?

    The events calender on the site show two events on that date:
    Renaissance Pleasure Faire - Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area
    perhaps they need to be forwarned?

    Relay for Life. 9 AM
    Dennis Bates

    So Stanely Clark is STILL "in" once again

    That phone number listed is
    310-419-8230 Audrey Gilstrap
    Contact Audrey Gilstrap by phone at 310-419-8230 for more information regarding the Free Dianetics Intro Seminar
    And it looks like there is a free Dianetics Seminar on April 19th at the
    Church of Scientology, Inglewood
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  27. Triumph Member

    the Crappy You Tube channel for World Literacy Crusade

    promoting the Marriage of the Nation of Islam Rep Min Tony Muhammad to his Scientology Overloards
    by dishing out Way of Slappyness books....

    features a Fake Assed Baptist Minister Alfrauddie Johnson,complete with ministerial collar
    the Fraudlent Fake Doctor Hanan Islam and her weave
    as well as the Islam Clam Clan

    they have netter a Mayor,City Clerk & Councilman for Compton
    and nother Long Beach Councilman

    Fail to Mention Scientology.....set the hook....reel in.
    Alfreddies mob been doin it for 2 decades....

    small crowds..lie abot attendence....make lots of video footage....

    Tony and Alfreddie tied at the hip....

    UP Chuck fest Is fail.....

    dey liek running da sting
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Final Call: "Life Repair seminars are available."



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  29. In an Age of Fops and Toys
    By: Ralph Waldo Emerson
    In an age of fops and toys,
    Wanting wisdom, void of right,
    Who shall nerve heroic boys
    To hazard all in Freedom’s fight,—
    Break sharply off their jolly games,
    Forsake their comrades gay
    And quit proud homes and youthful dames
    For famine, toil and fray?
    Yet on the nimble air benign
    Speed nimbler messages,
    That waft the breath of grace divine
    To hearts in sloth and ease.
    So nigh is grandeur to our dust,
    So near is God to man,
    When Duty whispers low, Thou must,
    The youth replies, I can.
  30. Anonymous Member

    The whole thing is really rather sad. Even if they escape the scilons they are still being controlled by Farrakhan. Unless he and Miss Cabbage manage to take each other down...
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  31. Triumph Member

    Life Repair seminars are available. If you haven’t started the process, don’t waste another second. Contact your local mosque. If you have been audited, stay in the process.

    FARRAKCLAMS are trapped...stay in the process= keep kicking the money up to Louie-Davy and Mob

    Raw Meat..for the Mosques....Turn the Mosques into Missions for Scientology....

    for the CON to work ...they need to fleece the public..(which they will attempt to do more of in the near future )and keep extracting every penny they can from NoI members......

    1000 auditors all in it for the cheese....(extra "goin Clear Monies)
    Louies Closet Henchmen.... taking thier cut...for the deed..

    Louie has a huge entorage of parasitic hangers on.. especially .freeloading money grubbing family members...
    toss in a few mistresses....

    its a huge beast Louie must kept wasn't that long ago the NoI was a deep financial hole.....
    even with the Dianetics money....scraped together...they are financially hogtied....

    it will take a while,to wiggle thier way out of Financial Ruin.....and it will take time to tidy up those crumbling mosques and turn them into low rent Scientology Missions...

    continued auditing=sheeple
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  32. Triumph Member


    Farrakhan son is part-time Harvey cop but hasn’t worked a shift in 4 years
    BY KIM JANSSEN Federal Courts Reporter April 21, 2013 10:22PM

    more @link

    Farrakhan Clan is Toxic..greedy and corrupt....perfect fit for Miscavages prison planet....

    that auditing they are gettin Is Winning!

    taxpayer supported armed,motorcade for Farrakclam!

    on the bright side:
    the Compton Crew Alfrauddie has recruited for his World Lunacy Crusade videos..Is Corrupt as hell....

    but then its Compton... home of the World Literacy Crusade....
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  33. Triumph Member

    Hurt to Healing...Blog discipline in edumacation

    March em,drill em....turn them into Scientology brainwashed Muhammad University

    parents fault.... must use Child Dianetiks....

    MUI=Muhammad University Int..

    Hurt to healing...have a broken heart ..reach for Farakhanetics
    when you buy into the idea of a phony made up term like Engram ...your one step closer to auditing away space alien paracites....and an empty bank account....

    puttin on a neutered man
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Just read about this. It also makes one wonder if rules for rent-a-cops have been stretched in other cities for sci/noi events....
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  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    wait, they are using Madella's face on the back of their jackets now?
  37. Triumph Member

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  38. When and where were these photos taken?
  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Anonymous Member

    cult fest

    Charter School fraudster and bogus Doctor Hanan Islam thinks this marriage of a movement Is going to start Booming Expansion.

    Coming to a City Near You.
    the Gift that keeps on gving

    Regging for an Idle Mosque. dipshits
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