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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Johnny_Reb_1865, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Charlotte
    Church of Scientology Mission of Central Charlotte
    8226 Pence Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28215


    A Scientology cult has been identified in the city of Charlotte North Carolina.

    I believe a protest is in order.
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  2. RolandRB Member

    A "mission" might just be a postal address. You might want to check it out first to see if this is a bona fide clam bed.
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  3. Random guy Member

    If you happen to know someone who live near by, a quick recon would be a good move. Use a camera-phone and snap some shots, particularly of any notes saying what hours they are open.
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  4. Well I don't live in NC but I hope someone that does drop by.

    I used Google maps I think we got the real Mcoy here.

    They had a phone number i'll see if I can look it up and track it to that address.
  5. Random guy Member

    Paging Pedrofuck!
  6. The Wrong Guy Member

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  7. Random guy Member

    Sounds like a mission.
  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ...from God?
  9. rickybobby Member

    Yeah, NC is not a hotbed of activity for SCN. The last real hive for them was in Greensboro (go figure) and it is closed. Scientologists from NC go to DC, or, of course, CW.
  10. Well there is still some there we must deal with them.

    BTW had some luck with the phone number it pointed me to that address.

    Let some NC anons know about it.
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  11. ravenanon Member

    I think that addy has been posted before and it was confirmed as a house.
    If you go protest there check the laws. NC is a maskless state as I recall. Some states like GA outlaw protesting in front of personal residences or neighborhoods check and see if NC is the same

    As I recall there is a similar set up in nc for narconon. They refer peopke out to other states.

    I'll go ask one of NCANONS abt all this to confirm and see if they visit this thread
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  12. And I will await the news.

    ~Deo Vindice X
  13. BigBeard Member

    Be advised that NC passed a law back in 2009 that makes it illegal to picket a family residence, even if it may also be incidentally used for business purposes. Picketing this place is NOT a good idea.

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  14. I have seen a private residence crop up once before in SE end of the state, don't recall seeing this one before. If they aren't hanging a shingle on their door saying Scientology, or Dianetics, I would recommend regarding it as nothing more than a possibility. Might be a clam getting suckered in to "deciding" they will make the "next NC mission" where its never going to happen. A polite phone call to determine status should do it, referencing where the "exciting news" was seen.. No masks covering the face are allowed in NC last we checked. Wearing on the back of the head seemed fine, wigs, sun glasses and hats seemed perfectly agreeable. I've seen pickets only where it was Obvious that is was a Scn/Dianetics operation. If it is merely a seed operation, as a pilot or exploratory phase, it might look unseemly picketing it so soon imo.
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  15. rickybobby Member

    Sometimes old mission holders hang on to the mission franchise even long after they can no longer afford to have an "office." They just use their home as the official address. They can't emotionally come to terms with the fact that David Miscavige wants to choke missions out of existence and they are not welcome in the new model of Scientology, and the missions they have spend their hard earned money and time on are a big bunch of fail. I also saw no dianetics/scn ads in the Charlotte Craigslist, and these missions generally use Craigslist to get fresh meat.
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  16. Are you getting this information about the mission holders from something that's been doxed or is this your opinion?
  17. rickybobby Member

    My opinion based on reading accounts, observations, monitoring missions and talking to exes. Not scientific and by no means a large representative sample.
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  18. So we can rule out this one?
  19. RolandRB Member

    You are not allowed to picket it in any case, as it is a residential address, so on that basis it is nothing to bother about.

    If you do find it is a bona fide clam bed then report them to the authorities for running a trade from a residential address.
  20. Arcticheart Member

    Bummer, I was stationed over that way for four years. Didn't seem to run into that many Anons.
  21. tigeratbay Member

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  22. rickybobby Member

    Yah, we are few and far between here, just like Scientologists here.
  23. Quentinanon Member

    I understand that the cult did not receive southern hospitality while operating in NC.
    Closed. Appropriate and expected.
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  24. Arcticheart Member

    Funny, and yet here in my home town it's thriving in a sense. I really wish people would just open they're eye's, then again politics is the same way.
  25. rickybobby Member

    Bless their hearts.
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  26. ravenanon Member

    I silently read that with a southern accent in my head
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  27. rickybobby Member

    Here ya go. This, folks, is the Church of Scientology Mission of Central Charlotte, still listed as such on Scientology. Org as of today. Charlotte.png

    This is the "mission." There is no signage, nothing to indicate it is anything but a private residence. Not a NICE residence, but it is well kept. It is not, however, in a quiet residential neighborhood. It is on a busy street, across from an apartment complex, and appears to have mixed zoning in the area. It is not in an upscale section of Charlotte. I didn't see anyone there, but I didn't stay for longer than it took to take these pictures.

    photo 2.JPG

    This is an industrial type business on the same street about a block away.
    photo 1.JPG

    Yet more businesses up the street.
    photo 2.JPG

    A closer look at the front of the house. Want to bet this sucker has a couple of second mortgages on it?
    photo 3.JPG

    This is the house directly next door with makeshift furniture on the front porch. As I said, this is not in a upscale area.
    photo 1.JPG
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  28. tigeratbay Member

    Great shots Ricky.
  29. ravenanon Member

    Great Shots! I'm going to steal them for something if you don't mine
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  30. rickybobby Member

    Have at it! They also still list the Greensboro mission on their website; just for record completeness I will swing by and take pics of THAT non-mission whenever I am next in the vicinity.
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  31. ravenanon Member

    the fastest growing religion may not have an org in every state or an up to date website ...nah how can that be?
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  32. rickybobby Member

    Yes, funny, that...... if you are working on a project I can deliver pics of Greensboro on an accelerated schedule...
  33. ravenanon Member

    No time deadline. Whenever you get them let me know
  34. My aunt used to say that whenever someone was being stupid.
    Thank you brought back a lot of great memorys.

  35. WHO THE FUCK leaves their pourch light on in the DAYTIME?!!??

    That's wasting electricity!!! :mad:


    Now that's out of my system....
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  36. Then someone needs to report them.
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  37. rickybobby Member

    As noted in my posts above, this is in a mixed use area, NOT in a strictly residential area. This is not in a "neighborhood," this is on a busy thoroughfare. Based on the businesses around them, my guess is that they are zoned multi use. They are on the EDGES of a residential area, but not IN it.
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  38. Well I gess that's that then.
  39. BigBeard Member

    Just checked with my attorney, and it doesn't matter how the area is zoned, or if a minor business is being run out of it, e.g., birdhouses for sale, or whatever. If the primary purpose of the location is a residence, in North Carolina it's illegal to picket there, period.

  40. I live in that area and have researched them they own 3 locations one is a 3 bedroom hiuse as seen above, another one is just land with nothing on it and the third is a actual worship center i have the addresses of all 3 and numbers of all 3 if you would like this information just reply with your email address and i will send pictures, addresses and numbers to you

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