Scientology poster/flyer #3 in the series

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Anonymous, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Nice font and "Big Brother is auditing you" is good. But it is quiet involved and would require a degree of effort on the part of the reader to "get" it. I don't think a cultie would give you that much time and effort.

    Other points to consider:
    The poster has to be simple and easy to read from a distance.
    Is it targetted at culties or the general non-Sci public?
    A URL for further material would be good.
    The colours you are using, although popular with Shepard Fairey, will not work on a black and white photocopy(which is the most likely printing format for leaflets).

    Other rough ideas you might find useful:
    David Miscavige is laughing at you.
    David Miscavige is lying to you.
    David Miscavige is big brother.
    David Miscavige is reading your PC folder.
    David Miscavige is reading your secrets.
    David Miscavige wants your money.
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    Very well done poster. I like the bauhaus font.
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    And a bit more from me:

    This crop from the first poster on the other thread you mentioned would be good, but the face needs to be clearly "readable" as being David Miscavige. The style you have done it in makes it hard to recognize.
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    Culties don't read/acknowledge the the posters no matter what you write. period.

    I don't think that the face on the 'Big brother' poster has to look like Miscavige exactly. The point of the original Orwell 1984 image was that no one really knows who it is: it's just a face that represents totalitarianism. The important part is the text.
    Many people outside scientology don't even know who Miscavige is. And those on the inside would surely recognize him.

    Text size: as someone pointed out, these don't have to be posters. They can be flyers.
    And, ultimately, I think these images may work best online.

    Colorwise, black and white copies could easily be made.
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    ^^^ Needs more Xenu. And LRH.

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