Scientology references lookup

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    Scientology references lookup

    Ever wondered what Hubbard had to say about something?

    Exemple: What does Scientology scriptures say re. "democracy"? Here is a tool which will return you all* of Hubbard's directive which contains the word "democra".

    References re. "democracy" in Scientology

    Or salary?

    References re. "salary" in Scientology

    And what about FSMs' commissions?

    References re. "fsm commission" in Scientology

    And when did Hubbard pitched his concept of "potential trouble source" in Scientology?

    References re. "pts" in Scientology


    The only thing left is for you to look up the resulting listed items in your own collection.

    * All as in "all of Scientology directives (policy letters, orders, etc.) which are currently indexed in the db. As of Nov. 26, this is OEC 0-7 + Management series 1-3.
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    Re: Scientology references lookup


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