Scientology Religiosity? (Research Packets & Dox)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnonLover, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Post by AnonLover on ESMB:
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    @ AnonLover

    Any objection to other sites hosting these?
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    Incredible work. Thanks for doing all this. Tip my hat your way for taking advantage of fair use simple, so brilliant.
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    At the end there is:
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    AnonLover should go find some professor to be able to get a doctorate... :)
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  7. moarxenu Member

    Some smart university should give AnonLover an honorary doctorate and put her to work teaching about Scientology Religiosity.

    Dr. AnonLover, Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa, Distinguished Professor of Scientology Religiosity, Epic Nose Guy Endowed Chair of Chanological Studies

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    Scribd doesn't handle tags well, use the collection link instead:

    Nope. No objections. But please leave a link to where they are mirrored ITT.

    Also beware that they are still evolving and the "series index" pages in each one gets updated when a new one comes out, plus the edition notation on the front covers indicate when a major content change occurs. So mirrors may need to be refreshed every now and then.
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    Awesome that you have a pic of Grace-Marie Haddy - snow white osa - and Nancy O'Meara - treasury osa int - manning the phones for the "cult awareness network" in Volume I. Doesn't that just smell like a fresh cow pie even after all these years?
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  10. fishypants Moderator

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  11. AnonLover Member

    Crossposting latest project update summary from ESMB:

    I had accidentally missed crossposting the release of Vol VI last summer from RFTTP:,7973.msg32426.html#msg32426

    Scientology Religiosity? Volume VI
    Description: An intermediate level comparative analysis catalog of research materials on Scientology vs. Indic Religions.


    See the RFTTP link for synopsis and major highlights featured in Vol6. I also did some more copyediting in my Tech Dictionary terminology comparison document to correspond with that release:

    Additionally, as I explained on the other thread at the time, the thrust of my project changed while working on the Vol6 compilation. I decide to shift a major from a comparative NRM study to a propaganda study. And after spending approx. 6 months studying propaganda techniques, I am truly floored at how prevalent they are in ALL of Scientology's teachings. It's almost like Hubbard was channeling Joseph Goebbels and the saturation of propaganda techniques was built up over time in such thick layers it's no wonder the persuasion bubble is so hard to break free from. As the say, "what has been seen cannot be unseen" and that truly applies to my efforts of revisiting all my research catalog publications and looking at things through the lens of identifying common propaganda techniques as they apply to spinning logical fallacies. And Goebbels said it best in regards to his responsibilities as the chancellor of Nazi office of propaganda...


    More to come on the propaganda angle later, after I finish the remaining volumes in the series, and start writing up the findings of my independent study in essay form.

    So after regrouping from ^^That major gear shift in my project, I finally got the next volume released in January 2014 (see below), and spent the last month re-doing the publication templates and released volumes to reflect the new "propaganda" theme in the front/back matter pages.


    Scientology Religiosity? Volume VII (NEW)
    Description: An intermediate level comparative analysis catalog of research materials on Scientology doctrine in the areas of LRH Philosophy, Vedic Hymns and Hymn of Asia.


    See the RFTTP link above for the synopsis and major highlights featured in this volume. Of particular interest to ESMB'rs will likely be the last item in Subsection v7.01.016 where Nancy Many graciously allowed me to excerpt a lengthy portion of the "Messiah Project" chapter of her book starting on page 262 in my Vol7 publication. (Somewhere up here is a thread asking if there was any further info available on Hubbard's Messiah Project aside from Nancy's book and Hugh Urban's summary of that same material. Since nothing further every came out in the public domain on this effort, Nancy agreed with me that he first hand account of the matter was due to be made public. And now it is.)

    The whole series of research catalog publications as a collection is available here:

    Moving on, here's what lies ahead in this project (from my most recent post on the RFTTP thread):
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  12. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Epic Post, AL! Thank you!
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  13. Incredulicide Member

    LOL nice reference: Heidi Macavoy is a Chaser on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team ;)
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    Heh. And look at the followers AL already has on, even though nothing is published on her profile yet. Two big, fat, whopper apologists: James R. Lewis and DICK Anthony. Deep trolling is deep.
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  15. moarxenu Member

    The internets, AL wins them.
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