Scientology religious ship Freewinds features polygamist singer Tebogo Louw

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  1. Scientology religious ship Freewinds features polygamist singer Tebogo Louw, who would marry both of his girlfriends.



    ‘I am dating two girls and they know each other’ – former Idols contestant Tebogo Louw

    HT: Neil Clark on Tony Ortega's blog.


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    He says after realising he could no longer lie to both ladies, he decided to come clean. “I spoke to them individually and I asked if they would be comfortable with meeting each other and they were fine.”

    Tebogo arranged to meet both his baes at a friend’s house for a get-together. “They both looked beautiful because one wanted to appear better than the other.”
    He says when he informed them about the relationships they seemed alright until they met. “There was a lot of tension when they met and it became very uncomfortable for them,” he says.

    The singer agrees to being a polygamist of some sorts but says he respects both his girlfriends and if he’d marry both of them. “I genuinely love them and if they are okay with both being married to me then I would be a happy guy.”

    Tebogo’s baes both heard the song and were uncomfortable until they understood he’s an artist and it’s his responsibility to sing about things close to his heart, including his partners. “I know I’m not the only guy dating two women, but I’m honest about it.”

    Listen to the song below:

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    Graphic for tweet:


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