Scientology Sabotages Network Show

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    Scientology Sabotages Network Show

    An (old) story about how Scientology tried and succeeded to stop a television program from 'Netwerk' about the cult in the Netherlands. It was published online by the Dutch newspaper 'Het Parool' but now gone since the launch of the new website.

    Old url:

    Google+A bit Human translation:

    Scientology sabotaging Network broadcast


    AMSTERDAM - The Church of Scientology Amsterdam late last year was able to prevent a broadcast of the news program Netwerk. Ex-director Caspar the Empire, which would contribute to the program, was put under pressure so that he decided to cooperate. He is considering legal action against the church."

    Network decided in November the plan to do a broadcast devoted to Scientology, after the media reports were published about the sect. Scientology is in a deep crisis: the believers walk away by dozens (last stand: seventy of the approximately 150 active members), within the sect has a number fraud scandals and recently acquired the management of the Dutch Church of Scientology even sold and replaced by foreign Sea Orgs (high, as soldiers dressed up Scientologists).

    Network reporters Frank du Mosch and Jelle Broek-Roelofs (NCRV) were among others De Rijk ready to broadcast to cooperate. The former director stepped a few years ago from Scientology and is now part of a large group of "renegade" who have re-organized under the name Ron's Org (by Scientology founder Ron Hubbard).

    The Imperial ex-wife and two daughters are still in Scientology: follow his daughters' training 'in Sea Org in Copenhagen, his ex has a high position within the dreaded Office of Special Affairs (the intelligence of the sect) and is alternately in Copenhagen and D ΒΈ sseldorf stationed. His daughters, which he has not seen for years.

    According to De Rijk got Scientology in the course of November in mind that Network attention to the problems of the sect wanted to spend and that he would cooperate. He was then approached by his ex-wife. ''It was suggested to me that if I would withdraw from the publicity, I finally once again could see my daughters. Even before the Christmas.''

    The Empire Network showed that he unfortunately had to drop. ''I was aware even for my private interests.''The Network reporters were there, although understanding, Blazing about:''After all the time and effort we have invested, we are now with empty hands,'' did they know. Camera crew were canceled and the item deleted, since De Rijk was an indispensable source.

    Until a meeting between De Rijk and his daughters was never reached. ''In retrospect, they have seen me a while to the line. They thought we keep him a month occupied and thereafter De Rijk will keep quiet.''

    Meanwhile it is clear to him that a game is played. After it was clear that he could forget meeting with his daughters, he also got another SP-declare 'to his pants: a kind of judgement that the only current Scientologists to Suppressive Person described. The other is strictly prohibited Scientologists them to maintain contact with family or not.

    ''But I do not let me go on,''said De Rijk. ''I have not the money, as Scientology, years-long legal process, but I do consider steps. I just want to know whether this can completely against the background of what Scientology itself always claims, namely that they are for freedom and against discrimination. This proves again that Scientology has absolutely no respect for families.''

    Network reporter Frank du Mosch confirms the state of affairs. ''Is. We were already very far with Caspar. Just before the shots, he called out that there are suddenly all kinds of 'open'. I voted against him said: I think you'll screwed where you stand. They have apparently some people in a sensitive chord managed to touch. By Caspar were that his daughters, commitments to others that they finally could get the money back in Scientology that they have stopped.''

    In Scientology is to use media to manipulate expressions whenever possible. How the sect the creators of TV programs for contracts if they want to interview someone. It is recorded that Scientology not only 'right to inspect the final version will receive, but also the right "insulting remarks" to correct. If a 'third party' in the broadcast comments, Scientology has the right under those contracts as a last response. Quote from this contract: "My reaction will be part of the broadcast and will be broadcast after the third party to broadcast his / her comments. This reaction will at least get equal air time as the amount of airtime that the third party has received for his position. " On failure to comply with the contract has a 'compensation' (in guilders) a tonne.

    Networking is not ready to give up just yet. Now it is clear what game is played and now De Rijk is proclaimed a SP, the current affairs still trying documented the demise of Scientology in the Netherlands. Caspar De Rijk has become the target of an old-fashioned black propaganda according to the infamous Fair Game Law of Scientology. ''I would have stolen money from people, there would have been charges made against me, I would ... et cetera. That is all inspired by the Office of Special Affairs and the theory is simple: if there is a renegade group, you need to discredit them one by one.''

    Julia Rijnvis, spokesman and secretary of Scientology in the Netherlands, would not comment on the case. Except''than this: you must go and see how Caspar de Rijk the past year - what do I say: the last five years - treated his family. That's all I have to say.''

    Please help translate.

    The Scientology way=always attack, never defend.

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