Scientology slogans at teen outreach center questioned

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, May 23, 2011.

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  2. BigBeard Member

    Maybe Illinois Rep. Burke needs to give Mr. Ramirez a 'heads up' as to what he's letting Cameron County in for using TWTH as a basis for teaching morals and values.

  3. Anonymous Member

    Further background on this:
    Links to Criminon, Narconon, Way to Happiness and "Bridge Community Outreach"

    Can we say Scientology, Harlingen, Texas?
    Yes I knew you could.

    Looks like Tommy Ramirez is in it up to his eyebrows. Might be worth checking some of the other things mentioned to see their connection as well.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Scilon posted comment. It stands alone.
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    from Martyrs blog
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  9. RightOn Member

    expose expose expose
  10. Anonymous Member

    The question is, whose morals and values are they teaching? Certainly not mine.
  11. ObamAnon Member

    Methinks we scored a point or two. Comments open, and Anon is ahead.
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  12. RightOn Member

    from the article:
    Julie Herrington, a member of The Bridge’s fund-raising committee, said that rumors that the name “The Bridge” has something to do with Scientology is nonsense

    No Julie doin' it wrong.... Scientology is nonsense.
    you said it yourself! lol!!!
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  13. xenubarb Member

    Letter to Editor:

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  14. AnonLover Member

    i take it this must be in Texas... TX has been overly defensive of Applied Scholastics being on their approved SES list, to the point of hostile rudeness.
  15. xenubarb Member

    San Benito, Texas.
  16. Hostile Rudeness is just the par for the course in Texas. Once you start getting the republicans involved this thing will go down quick. brb.... checking who the representative of the area is.
  17. AnonLover Member

    when your done looking into / pooing this, please consider lending a hand on the Applied Scholastics Tutors in public schools in Texas... i've been trying long distance for nigh on 2years now and I cant seem to get anywhere in that state (and Louisiana as well), needs local halp badly:
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  18. 3002 Heritage Way
    Harlingen, TX

    Texas U.S. Senators

    U.S. Senators represent the entire state. Texas' current U.S. Senators are Senator John Cornyn and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. See their websites for current contact information.

    Texas U.S. Representatives

    Congressional District 15--Congressman Ruben Hinojosa
    Texas Congressional Member Websites

    Congressional District 27--Congressman Blake Farenthold
    Texas Congressional Member Websites

    Texas State Senator

    Senate District 27--Senator Eddie Lucio
    Capitol Office: CAP 3E.18
    Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0127
    Capitol Address: P.O. Box 12068, Capitol Station
    Austin, TX 78711
    District Address: 7 North Park Plaza
    Brownsville TX 78521
    Phone: (956) 548-0227
    State District Offices

    Texas State Representatives

    House District 43--Representative J. M. Lozano
    Capitol Office: EXT E1.318
    Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0463
    Capitol Address: P.O. Box 2910
    Austin, TX 78768
    District Address: P.O. Box 2910
    Austin TX 78768

    House District 38--Representative Eddie Lucio
    Capitol Office: EXT E2.510
    Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0606
    Capitol Address: P.O. Box 2910
    Austin, TX 78768
    District Address: 2402 West Bus Hwy 77, Suite I
    San Benito TX 78586
    Phone: (956) 361-2795

    Texas State Board of Education Member

    SBOE District 2--Mrs. Mary Helen Berlanga
    State Board of Education Member Websites
  19. AnonLover Member

    read the thread and related wiki page, then ask me questions here if u got any...

    state board of ed needs pooned (and it takes several offensive letters w/ proper timing being at the end of a school year), plus local school districts where Applied Scholastics is allowed to provide tutors needs investigated for other possibilities (defensive actions).
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  20. Triumph Member

    Americans United for the separation of Church and State blog
    Denominational Disconnect: Texas County Seeks To Make Kids ‘Good Christians’ – With Scientology Slogans‘good-christians’-–-with-scientology-slogans/
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  21. Diablo Member

    The internet is the biggest threat vs. cult since....DM took over?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    BTW this is Harlingen, not San Benito.

    I'm having trouble posting in that thread in the Herald. Can someone point out that this isn't just a question of the Way to Happiness?
    That the county and the city are hosting Narconon and Criminon in that Center. So essentially that means they are underwritng money going to
    Scientology. Some things about the lack of safety of the Narconon process would be nice too.
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  24. moarxenu Member

    Texas has a large Roman Catholic population. Last year the Catholic archbishop of Castries, the capital of St. Lucia devoted that last third of his Easter homily to denouncing infiltration of the island by The Way To Happiness International. The Easter homily is the most important sermon a Catholic bishop gives all year.

    Dialog Ireland has published background information and the entire text of the homily:

    A Challenge to Faith and Catholic Identity-Scientology in view: Archbishop Robert Rivas, O.P.

  25. ObamAnon Member

    Objection spurs new name for outreach center

    Did we miss this news? Or am I slowpoke?

    Lol at the cult claiming it was their wish that the name be changed...
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  26. Anonymous Member

    The Harlingen BRIDGE Outreach Center?:

    'Contacted for comment on the name change, Karin Pouw, of the Church of Scientology International’s public relations office in California, responded in an e-mail.
    “There was a technical issue concerning the trademark involved which was rapidly resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. We wish the Harlingen Bridge Outreach Center the very best success.”
    The Church of Scientology website shows that Bridge Publications is the publishing arm for the church and prints L. Ron Hubbard’s books.
    Hubbard is the founder of the Church of Scientology International."
  27. Anonymous Member

    So calling it the Bridge was more trademark offending than "Harlingen Bridge Outreach Center"? THat's kinda weird....

    Too bad all it did was get them to change the name.... did we figure out that the youth center wanted to use Dianetics inspired stuff?

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