Scientology STAND League members and other COS accounts spamming Twitter.

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  1. Scientology STAND League members and other COS accounts spamming Twitter.

    It is spam because the separate accounts are coordinated to send out the same tweet consecutively, one after the other. This is almost certainly automated.

    The obvious purpose is to dominate the results when one searches for the word "Scientology" on Twitter, and to push substantive critical tweets and news off of the results page. The STAND League and members accounts are far from the only Church of Scientology accounts that are doing this.

    One suspects we may see this when Season 2 of Scientology and the Aftermath premieres on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

    Any substantive Twitter participation would be appreciated.

    For example:

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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Quick idea: reply with a link to "We stand tall".
  3. Scientology is circumventing Twitter's anti-spam rules by having multiple accounts make the same tweet consecutively in an apparently automated way. The purpose is to flood the Twitter search results for "Scientology."

  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    There is no reason why Twitter could only be used to spread political spam.
  5. Scientology is now spamming the #ScientologyTheAftermath hashtag on Twitter.

    They are using the same technique - i.e., using separate accounts coordinated to send out the same tweet consecutively, one after the other, in what appears to be an automated fashion. Again, the obvious purpose is to circumvent Twitter's rules against spam.

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  6. Scientology is now spamming the #ScientologyTheAftermath Twitter hastag with a crude attack on A&E TV's Nancy Dubuc, Paul Buccieri, and Rob Werenow. I suspect Twitter may be a shitshow tomorrow night, which is what Scientology wants.


  7. Twitter has done nothing about Scientology repeatedly spamming the #Scientology and #ScientologyTheAftermath hashtags despite numerous reports.

  8. Will Twitter EVER address Scientology STAND League's spamming of the #Scientology and #ScientologyTheAftermath hashtags? Or did Scientology buy Twitter's acquiescence with advertising dollars? Repeated spam reports to Twitter have received no response.

  9. -Artfag- Member

    This is so pathetic... I'm picturing all those poor drones spamming CTRL-V for days on end. What a sad existence.
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  10. VWD, C/IC. Here's a Freedom Medal of Valor.

  11. Nice work OP. Great reporting.
  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s new ‘STAND’ front unleashes bot army on Twitter — and gets zapped

    By Tony Ortega, August 26, 2017


    Our readers tend to be very observant, and we were reminded of that again recently when a Bunker regular reached out to us with some things he’d noticed about Scientology’s reaction to the new season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

    “During the premiere episode, I kept noticing all of these spammy, fake-looking outbursts of identical tweets from accounts claiming to be members of the Scientology STAND League, all attacking Leah Remini, A&E, and everyone on the show. I did some research, and it looks like Scientology has a new bot army,” he says.

    He first noticed it a couple of weeks before the new season began, when the STAND League, Scientology’s spiffy new front group that fights against religious discrimination, tweeted a message about that new anti-Leah Remini petition we wrote about earlier:

    <photo snipped>

    “In the span of only three minutes, dozens of accounts, mostly with uniform-looking STAND League usernames claiming to be real people, tweeted the exact same message with the same photo and the same weird “” link,” our tipster says.

    <photo snipped>

    “The accounts are also attacking people who appear on Leah’s show, including victims of child sexual abuse,” he says. “I was able to find 57 accounts that blast out these identical spam tweets day and night, including the official STAND League account. Most of these accounts, 45 of them, are robotically uniform-looking usernames claiming to be real people, like @EBStandLeague, @ECStandLeague, @EDStandLeague, etc. The other 12 look like old Scientology accounts that have been re-purposed for spam. The names and photos on these accounts may belong to actual Scientologists, but the accounts don’t appear to be run by any real humans with unique thoughts. I don’t see any idle musings or conversations with each other in between all the spam. They just churn out batch after batch of carefully crafted, hashtag-filled, spammy tweet barrages.”

    Using a webtool that analyzes basic information about a Twitter account, our reader found that the new bot accounts had been created within a 25-hour period in June, with 37 of them created on an average of every 5 minutes.

    <photo snipped>

    “Also, these newer accounts aren’t tweeting from the Twitter website or app, they’re instead using something called ‘Social Report’ that advertises, among other services, ‘Social Media Automations.’ And the weird ‘’ URL that they all keep linking to is registered to Social Report’s CEO, Vitaly Veksler. Those links track clicks and then forward users to whatever site the client wants, such as the STAND League site.”

    Several days ago, we sent an email to Veksler, telling him that we were hoping to speak with him about the services he’s providing the Church of Scientology. We’ll let you know if he gets back to us.

    Our tipster took us through just one of the suspicious accounts, the one that’s registered to the STAND League’s director, OSA operative Edward Parkin, someone our readers are familiar with.

    <photo snipped>

    The Parkin account was created on June 21 just minutes before and after dozens of other STAND League accounts were also created. “This account tweets 24 hours a day using Social Report,” our reader says, “but as the analysis software points out, ‘humans tend to sleep.'”

    <photo snipped>

    So it turns out that Scientology’s “grass roots” STAND League effort is as fake as L. Ron Hubbard’s medals for military valor. We asked our tipster if this bot army was a violation of Twitter’s rules.

    “The fact that so many accounts were created within just a few minutes of each other and that they’re all acting like clones is just comically blatant,” he says. “Twitter bans for ‘creating multiple accounts’ and ‘repeatedly posting duplicate updates.’ These accounts are like an exaggerated training video on what not to do.”

    And apparently, Twitter noticed. Last night, as we were preparing this story, our tipster got back in touch with some surprising news.

    All of the newer “STAND League” bots have been permanently suspended for spamming.

    More at
  13. UPDATE: The Scientology STAND Twitter spam accounts have been reinstated and are tweeting again.

    Tony Ortega:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCEPT * * * * *

    UPDATE: And now they’re back! Just received this message from our tipster:

    “40 of the uniform accounts have just been reinstated. I know because I have a dummy account that follows them all, and my ‘following’ count jumped from 12 to 52. I investigated further, and it’s true, they’re back and tweeting, with the 5 others still ‘permanently’ suspended.”

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


    UPDATE from pdxusr:


    The Scientology STAND Twitter Spam Account List:

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  14. failboat Member

    Some of you have probably noticed STAND trying to rally a &quot;grassroots&quot; boycott of various sponsors who advertise during Leah's show.


    I thought I'd help them out by starting a list of advertised products - and their parent companies - so that they can really get serious (lol). I rather like the idea of Scientologists going out of their way trying to remember to avoid products from all of these companies at great inconvenience to them and with almost no impact on these firms, most of which are multinational conglomerates. The published estimates are that there are 20,000 practicing Scientologists, and I would consider their boycott wildly successful if they managed to get a quarter - at most a half - of that number to boycott. Losing 5000 to 10000 customers is like rounding error to most of these companies. They can pick up or drop ten times that number on a quarterly advertising budget.

    T-mobile (and partner Netflix)

    Discover Card

    Quickbooks - Intuit
    Trulia - Zillow - pet project of Expedia execs
    Trivago - Expedia
    Tripadvisor - Expedia (former)
    Kelley Blue Book - Cox Automotive - also owns
    Glassdoor - pet project of Expedia execs
    Shark Robot - SharkNinja


    Cosentyx - Novartis
    Harvoni - Gilead
    Coricidin - Bayer
    Dr. Scholl’s - Merck
    Chantix - Pfizer
    Miralax - Merck
    Emergen-C - Pfizer
    Gold Bond - Sanofi
    Chapstick - Pfizer

    Esurance - AllState
    Liberty Mutual

    Country Crock - Unilever
    Bush’s Baked Beans
    Oreo - Nabisco

    Corona - Grupo Modelo - AnheuserBusch/InBev
    Modelo - Grupo Modelo - AnheuserBusch/InBev
    Strongbow Hard Apple Cider - Heineken

    KFC - Yum!/PepsiCo
    Popeyes - 3G Capital - also owns Kraft, Heinz, Tim Horton's, Burger King
    Little Caesar’s

    I gathered this list from one episode's worth of advertising. Just one.

    Companies like Unilever, Nabisco, T-mobile, Netflix, Pfizer, and Allstate are huge - some have products in every supermarket and drugstore. It's also nice to see that someone is finally getting a payoff from Big Pharma for fighting Scientology (and it's just too bad it wasn't us!)

    I especially like the beverage penetration. Coke, Pepsi, and AnheuserBusch/InBev probably account for like 80% of the beverages sold in America. There is basically no way that CoS can avoid serving beverages from these companies at their events - and no way for them to avoid helping to fund advertising for Aftermath.
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  15. Lickit10Times Member

    $$$$ to Google, Facebook & Twitter from the co$
  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s ‘grass roots’ social media effort is actually led by its most mediocre spokesman

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 25, 2019


    Chuck Beatty remembers Ed Parkin as his fellow inmate, his bunkmate, and his jailer.


    We suspect that Ed only writes a small percentage of the hateful messages put out in his name, if any at all. But he’s playing the part of STAND leader in other ways. A small number of shills has been rounded up to make it look like Ed is actually leading a movement.

    The Office of Special Affairs is hoping it can convince a few people unfamiliar with Scientology’s long line of similar hustles that STAND is a genuine effort. We hope the people it targets take the time to look into it enough to know what’s really going on.

    Scientology elevated its most unsuccessful spokesman to the roll of crusader, and they’re trying to fake out advertisers and studio executives that what Leah Remini is doing isn’t effective or sincere.

    “He was always a nobody in the PR Bureau — for a while he was Heber’s gofer,” says Mike Rinder, a man who used to run OSA and who has been targeted by Parkin and STAND.

    “Parkin has risen to the ‘top’ because there is nobody else. Karin Pouw is still there in name. The great hope for the future, Nick and Erin Banks, have faded into nothing. NFL alum Bob Adams was never really trusted to do anything — he’s too nice and too moderate — and you don’t hear about him any more. Gail Armstrong was taken to Int, went into the Hole and it’s the last anyone has heard from her.

    “It’s slim pickins,” Rinder adds.

    And thus, Ed Parkin gets the job of becoming Scientology’s face on social media.

    More at
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