Scientology sued for Fraud! It's going DOWN like bird sh**! (The Garcia Suit)

Discussion in 'Media' started by BlackRob, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Sued Over Never-Opened ‘Money Pit’ $100 Million Building in Florida | Showbiz411

    By Roger Friedman

    In the end Scientology will be taken down over money. Interesting, huh? A wealthy couple from Irvine, California are suing the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige for fraud. Long time members of the cult, Luis and Rocio Garcia filed in federal court in Tampa, Florida. They say they’ve invested in something Scientology calls the “Super Power Building” in Clearwater, Florida that was begun in 1998 and has never opened.

    The Garcias have found a high powered Tampa attorney, Theodore Babbitt, who’s already held a press conference down there and started up a P.R. machine.

    The story – with a video you should watch – appears in today’s Tampa Tribune.

    Scientology, of course, denies all the accusations. But the lawsuit comes at a propitious moment, as Lawrence Wright’s book, “Going Clear,” is a bestseller and sheds new light on the religious cult that has been accused of all kinds of things from fraud to brainwashing to torture. All of the last year has been a bad time for Scientology. Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie “The Master” depicted a fictitious version of the cult’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard and his Cause – a cult that walked and talked like Scientology.

    The group was hurt earlier last year when Tom Cruise’s wife, actress Katie Holmes, managed to “escape” from their marriage to New York. Holmes managed to get the quickest Hollywood divorce ever – it took two weeks and Cruise signed on the dotted line. But during those two weeks, Scientology was blamed for the breakup. Ex Scientologists came out of the woodwork. Cruise, it’s thought, acquiesced quickly rather than expose the group to more investigation.

    Another book, due shortly, is from Miscavige’s niece, Jenna Miscavige Hill, who publicly left the organization and has since been very vocal about its inner workings.

    This week, Kim Masters, one of my favorite colleagues in the Hollywood press, wrote a great piece about her own experiences dealing with Scientology.

    I’ve had my own encounters with this scary group – that’s for another time. For now, the Garcias, they say, are just the beginning as Babbitt courageously takes on more cases down in Tampa.

    Source, and open comments:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    When the cult refuses to pay, there has to be a lotta principle involved.

    That is, the Garcias don't have real dirt to dish on Miscavige. This lolsuit tastes like... Wollersheim, though the cult's MO regarding this flavor suit has changed and they won't drag it out like they have in the past.
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  3. BlackRob Member

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  5. RolandRB Member

    The cult must squash this case or a lot of the huge IAS donors will be asking for their money back so they can use it actually, really and truly for charitable purposes and to help Scientology expand rather than it being stored as gold bullion in Caracao as DM's retirement nest egg.
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  6. BlackRob Member


    Tick Tock Davey!

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  7. RolandRB Member

    If stuff like that can be made to stick then it is all over for the cult. Scores of people will be going to jail for a very long time. There is maybe a way five of those people at most can avoid jail and that is by handing themselves in, in the next two days, and giving evidence.

    At this present moment in time it looks to me like the cult is going down this year.
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. jensting Member

    .. and by seizing the initiative now and hand themselves in they can grab the sympathy vote ("we wanted to help, but were given orders to cheat") and avoid an awful lot of detailed scrutiny of all their actions. It's not like David "he is NOT insane!" Miscavige is going to stand by them and support them if they get caught, and they know it.
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  10. fishypants Moderator

    Well, in talking honestly to this law firm, it seems to me that's what some of them are starting to do.

    Of course, they themselves might have a case against the 'Church', if they were pressured into their actions by threats of 'disconnection', 'fair game' or 'freeloader debt', or even imprisonment in 'the hole'!
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  11. eddieVroom Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Only if they keep regging, and that pool is getting really shallow now. Beyond that, the money flows one way: Into Hubbard's (and now Miscavige;s) bank accounts. Ron never wrote policy to kick money back down the lines in bad times. The plan was unsustainable ever-growing upstats until it became time to take the money and run.
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  13. fishypants Moderator

    That's true.

    That means those at the top have plenty of cash to spend defending themselves though - legal defence or other more shady 'dirty tricks' type stuff.

    Thank goodness they don't listen to professional advice!
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  14. I like Mr Theodore Babbitt. I'm going to call him 'Charlie'. Funny Rain Man. Mustn't hurt Charlie Babbitt.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Multiple lawlsuits in different states? Do Want! It'll be death by a thousand cuts for Scientology.

    I've also wondered about the factors leading to this:
    - Project Chanology, of course
    - 2008 recession - less money for "donations" and clams needing to get their refunds to pay for food, mortgages
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    They do have to be careful. Civil court isn't about punishing the guilty, but making good damages (sometimes with a side order of extra punitive).

    If Scientology puts on a show that "they'd love to settle, but those gosh-darned Garcias only want blood", then there could be something like that retired mofo Judge "I never talked to Scientologists" Beach, who basically forced a settlement in the McPherson civil case.
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    And less chance that Scientology has stacked the deck with local judges and politicians.

    They'll have to assemble a crack legal team in each state, because they can't afford to lose even one of these. Expensive.

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  18. RolandRB Member

    Scientologists do not worship Babbitts! :)
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  19. Anonymous Member

    There are a lot of similarities between the Jim Bakker (Praise the Lord) scandal in the late 80s and the Garcia situation with one large exception - Bakker was under investigation by the feds as a result of a newspaper expose that laid out the fraud. The SP Times laid out Scientology's fraud in "The Money Machine" series and we got crickets in return from the feds.

    I really don't understand why no one has yet to be arrested within Scientology when a forensic accountant could easily come up with evidence to prove Miscavige et al guilty of criminal fraud. It is really disgusting how this has been left to fester for so many years.
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  20. Random guy Member

    He doesn't look like a man I would want to have on the opposite table in a courtroom:

  21. Assange Member

    Two former Scientology members sue the Church of Scientology, claiming it duped its members into donating to misrepresented causes.

    Luis and Maria Garcia sue, saying they were duped into donating over $420,000 to the Church of Scientology. The Church claimed to have used the money for disaster relief and other charity, but the Garcias later said it was going to the pockets of the Church's leader, David Miscavige.

    The full story can be found here:
  22. Anonymous Member

    Lurkmoar, faggot!
  23. White Tara Global Moderator

    Reported as duplicate thread.
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  24. When I was just a wee tot. I was raised around this strange blue building. I knew what went on inside was kept seckit, but i did not know why. As i grew up, things got strange. Like Jim Morrison, piles of bodies were on display for the kids to see.The y had a profound effect on the kids to be sure. Some of those kids bought into the idea that death was just a part of life and don't worry about it too much. But some of did not. And we were "expelled" at one point or another. In different ways as not to drew attention.

    Now I know that horrible things were happening in that building, while I learnded to jump off the curb on my skateboard outside. What I don't know, what I can not even comprehend, is the suffering and misery that has resulted in the "production" of the "sea Org". Of course I was given the peliminary indoctrination. But they saw something unusual in me and I got some special treatment. Such as missing time and abuse. Abduction, brainwashing, beating, molestation were "Normal". if you resist you are in "danger". If you continue you are a "liability". And just before you DIE you are in "treason".

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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Are we there yet? Mind control abuse cult.


  27. Anonymous Member

    Please let not be another lawsuit that the cult started just to intentionally blow to boost their legal legal standing in the courts, via precedence.
  28. RightOn Member

    Epic Ears Guy
    The thought of Miscavige getting deposed makes me tingly all over.
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  29. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yup. Could you post this (and anything else ya care to add) in the most recent child abuse thread, the moar the better, let's keep it organized sortta I think, so that those looking in can find it easily rather than spreading it out here-and-there? :)

    These are important statements people are making and should (if ever) an 'inni' just happen to read 'em, well, ya never know how many new stories it might generate.
    Just a thought.
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  30. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Um, please man. The last thing cult 'likes' to do is sue themselves, that'd be a new one on me. show me where its been done before eh!

    Look in mirror, say to self "I, am a troll without a clue." Then go get fucking drunk.

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  31. Drunkpost

    but 100%true.

    editr:fuk LMagnotta mindcontrol subject that murders even though he knows he was programmed to.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Link plx?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Large quantities of mind altering drugs can do that to a person. You think they would know that by now.

    Oh yeah, "they" are the one that invented "that".
  34. Ogsonofgroo Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    You can't argue with 3D renderings. Also, looking fwd to wiggling on the oiliness table...ooooo! Delicious!
  36. anon walker Moderator

    That is assuming anyone actually IS in an affected area. It occurred to me a long time ago after viewing dozens of pix from the happy shiny VMs that there are an awful lot of palm trees in LA. Who'd ever know?
  37. RightOn Member

    According to the church’s website, the renovation at the Toronto location is part of its “Ideal Churches of Scientology” movement, prompted by the leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige."
  38. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I also love that every fucking photo op the VM's use shows... clean, no sweating, often bright and refreshed (gee thanks Red Cross etc.), some really depressed kids, all the fun stuff. Bunch of photo-sluts imho.
    We, here, already know how these vampires swing, and have watched for a while. Though it is a shame that these often well-meaning folk get sent on these 'missions'., often paying out-of-pocket for their own basic shit, while the cult kicks in fuck-all, except what maybe can be conned out of parisioners in real-time.
    CoS has NO CHARITY! FFS I wish the world saw these snakes for what they are.
    I am appalled that most 'members' don't see what a fucking embarrassment they are to real relief agencies.
    I'd be more than ashamed.
    Needless to say, the shame level of cult members is pretty much zero.
    Wish I could find some of the opinions of the real workers on the ground in Haiti, they were not impressed at the stupids from cult, who brought fuck all, stole a tonne of shit from other agencies and passed it off as coming from them, and continuously set themselves up for photo ops using other's hard work.
    Fucking ban these fucktards from any disasters imho, good christ, they can't even help themselves..... oh wait, 'Here let me give you a 'touch assist', that'll bring back your family and feed ya!

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  39. Anonymous Member

    I found these comments on Marty's blog to be of interest. YMMV.

    First, an observation I largely (but not entirely) agree with.
    Next, the desperate desire and effort to differentiate the "religion" and "applied religious philosophy" of Scientology from the corporate "Church of Scientology."
  40. "We, Scientologists, applying Scientology, *must* stick to our guns and ensure that the religion itself, followed correctly, would have *never* produced such a vile element as DM and his Minions, if it were actually being *applied*."

    Uh, what can I possibly say, other then quoting source.

    - L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384
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