Scientology sues city over sewage-reaps reward

Discussion in 'Media' started by Triumph, May 26, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    Pasadena Weekly

    L Ron Hubbub

    Scientology officials file claim against city for plumbing damage days before accepting preservation award

    somethings rotten in Pasadena
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  2. xenubarb Member

    Grease blockage? That doesn't sound like a city problem to me. I don't know if the laws are the same in Pasadena and San Diego, but I had a catastrophic sewage incident involving tree roots and Mexicans who thought disposable meant "flushable" and disposed of diapers accordingly.

    The city is only responsible for lines in the street, period. The homeowner has to take care of lines that go from the house to the city lines. Of course in my case, the landlord had to take care of the bill, but in my research of city ordinances, that's what I found.

    Now, if the grease blockage happened to plug the larger city sewage pipe somewhere downstream of the org, the city would be responsible. However, there was once a restaurant in that building, and if that's the source, it's not the city's problem. If their laws are similar to San Diego's, that is.
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  3. Triumph Member

    $700,000 sound like an inflated claim for emergency restoration...

    especially if its a bunch of crappy books with an over inflated price that got wet....

    they bought the backed up grease traps ..and plumbing problems along with with the building

    (City)Welcome to the neighborhood!..heres your award.....(Scientology) I'll Sue you!!

    Louanne has hit the comments...spamming some crap about KCET

    in court...(Scientology) it can't be our fault you gave us this shiny new award

    stick it to the WOGS (Pasadena Tax Payers) for the greatest good
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  4. xenubarb Member

    Triumph, it cost $5000 to fix the blockage at my house and disinfect everything in the basement. The Braley is a large building. Nearly a million dollars sounds excessive, however. Knock off two zeros and it might be moar accurate.
  5. BigBeard Member

    Why are they getting an award for fixing up the Braley building?? They were intent on removing the original facade, and in fact did remove the Beaux Art blue tiles, until enough complaints were made they were forced to put them back and restore the original look. And now the city's giving them an award??? Who got the bribe??

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  6. RightOn Member

    “When personnel came in, they found four inches of raw sewage covering the entire basement area.”

    OMG! DM was there?

    serioulsy.... if it's the citie's fault for something, than it's the cities fault no matter who the tenant is, but this is not a good way to make friends before getting an award you didn't deserve in the first place.
    And their damage total sounds inflated like all their other numbers on everything else
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  7. Oh my!

    They pulled it in. They're shit and they know they are (sing it to the tune of 'Go West').
  8. Just more proof that SCIENTOLOGY IS FULL OF SHIT.
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  9. Triumph Member

    love the article title L Ron Hubbub
    We now know what Tommy Davis was doing last November 23rd
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  10. amaX Member

    Didn't the sci's come into the building and found the sewage and there was a big sci event at the building that day or that night?
  11. Triumph Member

    the flood was in the month of November...
    they had the opening in July I think...2010

    the flood would have happened in NOV 2009

    they filed the law suit 2 days before the big grand opening they waited 6-7 months and sprung it on the city...just at the right time ..before they could change their mind about the award...
  12. AnonyVix Member

    I can't see what Louanne and co (or maybe just him/her) are bawwing about with this article. All it says is what happened. "BillOnator" claimed in the comments that there was a subliminal hatred of the church of scientology but the only thing the article contains is the irony that the city awarded them for their work 2 days after they sued the city, which says more about the city's good integrity than anything else; if you decide an award is due and then something like this happens it's a bit childish to "take your ball home" by deciding not to give the award.

    Anyhow since Louanne and co (or maybe just him/her) were there I decided to throw in a comment too. TBH I doubt the article would have been read by many people and even now we're the only ones who are likely to look now.
  13. Anonymous Member

    ITT thread Fe, 26
  14. Anonymous Member

    lol raw sewage
  15. Sponge Member

    Old shoop seems sorta fitting ITT. Needs moar shit...

  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

    LMFAO @ 700k for 'personal damage'.

    Good lordy, that'd mean every fucking scilon over the last thirty years had his shit stored there? (like it'd be worth anything at all...)

    As usual, cult values itself out of the market... (and moar lolololololol!, the Tommeh shoop is excellent!)
  17. Anonymous Member

    Most commercial property insurance policies offer an rider for sewer back-up coverage. It is very common for companies to add this coverage to their property policy. The same holds true on most home policies. Check your home policy for sewer back up coverage.

    Why? City don't have to pay for this. Crazy, yes. True, yes.

    Some variance on this by jurisdiction can be expected of course. But more often than not, if the sewer backs up into your home or business, the city's response is, well, sorry, call your insurance company. Many cities now require that new commercial and housing construction install traps that prevent the sewer line from backing up. It is also typical in restoration projects to put one of these traps in place.

    I never in my entire life thought this knowledge would be contribute to Chanology.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    This article was written May 26, when they say the flooding happened in November..that sounds like 2010 to me.
    And in November 2010, they were open and would have had stuff in the basement.

    But several people think this refers to November 2009. I don't think so.
    Can anyone confirm the date of the flooding?
  19. anonymous612 Member

    Oh, I see the misunderstanding. Honey, that wasn't sewage, that was the latest delivery from Bridge Publications.
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  20. Sea Org ain't paid well enough to clean the grease traps.

    Then again, perhaps L.Ron's great wisdom didn't extend to commercial kitchen (or sewer) maitenence. Except for his barley water slop and vitamin doo-doo, he also seems strangely bereft of recipes for being such a font of universal wisdom. Cooking was for wives and *niggers* I assume.

    It also makes me meditate on the gastric consequences of cheap food, niacin and vegetable oil...
  21. The hive mind moves in mysterious ways.
  22. AnonLover Member

    if the sewage problem was the city's fault, i cant see the plumber fixing it for property owner. wouldnt of he been required to notify the appropriate water/waste authority if problem was out at the street and not on the private utilities access for the building?
  23. xenubarb Member

    I can't see a plumber taking on the liability of dicking with city sewage lines. Yes, I would think the plumber would recommend reporting it to the city if he determined it was Pasadena's problem. So...hmm.

    <edit>I got to thinking about the restaurant and the probable grease trap. The usual way to clean them out is with a honeybucket truck sort of like what they use to pump out portable toilets.

    What if one were ignorant of such things, or too cheap to hire a pump wagon? One might try to flush away the grease, or scoop it out in buckets and pour it down the drain.

    Now, you and I would never consider doing such a thing...
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  24. TinyDancer Member

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  25. Triumph Member

    all the dust and debris from that construction..will cause well as the lack of use...especially if the water is turned off for a significant amount of time... or decreased usage over a prolonged period...

    flushing drywall mud..and mortar ..from cleaning tools...can screw up a drain system in a hurry...
    if it dries will become a major headache

    Grease would only cause a backup in a sewer if Grease was being dumped into it...with the water shut off the grease would harden and cause blockage...
    its not the city's fault grease would be inside the waste system....

    the city is not in the grease business ... its in delivering clean water and removing waste water...

    any crud that found its way into the plumbing was by former tenants...or debris from construction...

    a private licensed plumbing contractor will not touch public waste system outside a private structure without permission.not to mention the regulations .too many fines and penalties if they would..

    the cult has some responsibilities in the inspection process when the bought the building... to make sure the system would suit the current usage
    and and responsible to update the system if warranted ...especially since it was a major renovation so they would be responsible for making sure the system was currently up to code..and re-designed to handle the load..

    having proper plumbing traps in place would have prevented keep the waster water out..

    just a thought....maybe they shouldn't have sea ogres install plumbing....
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  26. AnonyVix Member

    Interesting... and here I was thinking the city were just being nice to the whiny little baby. Going soft in my old age.
  27. RightOn Member

    good point Tri
    certianly they have the paperwork from the inspection (s) prior to purcharsing and what the assesment of plumbing costs?
    Copies of work orders from a LICENCSED PLUMBER of the work that was done post purchase?
    Can just ANYONE renovate a historical building?
    Would be interested in code violations too
  28. Budd Member

    If the city caves in on this, or if the judge awards damages... something STINKS, and it's not just four inches of sewage!
    Co$ is running roughshod over the city and judicial system in this country, and especially Pasadena. THIS MUST BE STOPPED.
  29. BigBeard Member

    If I was the city, I'd subpena the plumbers records to find out exactly what work was done. And if the problem was on the Cof$'s side of the demarcation point, I'd ask the judge to toss this as a waste of taxpayer's money.

    And did anyone in the Cof$ bother to find out you can't just let a building like that's plumbing sit unused for two years without essentially "mothballing" it to sit idle first??

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  30. Sponge Member

    What if it happens again? Better send them some charity just in case. It would be the right thing to do.....

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  31. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Its a beautiful thing there^^^^ Excellent logo considering the amount of sewage the sick dead fuck spewed!
  32. Herro Member

    You know it is entirely possible that the city fucked up and the CoS is in the right here. You should at the very least consider that possibility before you go all THIS MUST BE STOPPED!!!
  33. xenubarb Member

    I'm sure the city will make that determination of responsibility before coughing up $700.000, don't you think? Pasadena is a wealthy community overall, but you don't get wealthy by squandering money needlessly. Had the cult demanded $70,000, perhaps not much attention might be drawn. I don't know the square footage of the building, but it cost $5000 to clean up my basement after a similar catastrophe. It has become a bit of a game, estimating real amounts on cult estimates. It has been demonstrated that they are not above tacking on a zero or two.

    Based on absolutely no knowledge of such things besides my icky basement adventure, I would bet $70,000 might be in the ballpark. It's not just plumbers. There are teams of licensed cleaners who come and sanctify and cleanse, keyword being "licensed." Those guys cost me more than the plumber.
  34. Herro Member

    I'd imagine that this building is quite a bit larger than your basement. Regardless, that's why there is a process like this. To determine who is at fault and what the extent of the damages are.
  35. AnonyVix Member

    It's possible which iswhy I didn't post any judgement on the merits of the case. Nothing to stop other people being optiomistic after all the cult sues to put people on the defensive, if a contigent attacks while the others defend the chances of victory increase dramatically. I read the art of war too, but I understand it better than the scilons appear to. It's quite a short book available free online as well as in print.
  36. Zak McKracken Member

    November 2009??
    Are we sure about that?

    If it was November 2010, (after &quot;renovations&quot; and everyone moved in) i could believe it.

    But srsly, they want to baww over city plumbing problems from Nov 2009??

    (View of the interior, October 2009, some days after a major rainstorm,
    when not only had CoS not bothered to fix the leaky roof,
    but they hadn't even bothered to clean up the water the leaky roof spewed everywhere.)
    Presumably they eventually got around to cleaning up,

    but if they went apeshit over a supposed sewage reflux a few weeks later -
    after their pretty obvious negligence, I would hope the City of Pasadena gets a peek at the lovelies ITT:


    wouldn't hurt to 'poon them anyway, I guess. (even if the incident was, as I suspect, Nov 2010)
    Assuming the anons who took this video still have it in a form that can be easily transmitted.

    If the Scilons are trying to claim Pasadena is responsible for the water damage caused by their own from their own failure to rain-proof the building (and clean up after their fuck up) - and blaming it on the city's sewage lines, I would love to see the city's response.
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  37. xenubarb Member

    No man, I was livin PHAT on a 34,000 square foot McMansion! Regardless, the Braley Building is still bigger.
  38. Anonymous Member

    There's a very well reasoned post earlier in this thread discussing this situation from the insurance angle. I know it's good, I wrote it. I know it's correct, cause, um, well, let's just say I know it's correct.

    The point: Even if it's the City fucked up, tough shit (literally). That's what insurance is for in this situation. City is responsible for the mainline. Home or business owner is responsible for the line from their premises to the sewer. Sewer backs up from the city's mainline to your line, well, you're fucked. You should have had the proper traps in place to prevent this, or, you should have purchased insurance to cover the cost if it did.

    Why would insurance for sewer back-up coverage exist at all for both commercial and residential policies if the city was ever at fault in this scenario?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Samefag here. Just sayin', ^This post wins.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Heh...I was just going to post these.
    Here is the link to the videos:

    I would be more than happy to loan my unedited tapes to the lawyers for the City of Pasadena in this endeavor.
    I still think the cult is claiming this flooding happened in November 2010. The videos do show that even though scientology had possession of the property since was still in an unused state in any true sense of the word even in late 2009. 3 years. So it could very well be that this obstruction has been sitting there for a few years (or was created from construction materials improperly disposed of) and was not noticed until the building was finally occupied in 2010 and the pipes started being used.
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