Scientology to Marc and Claire Headley: Spy For Us

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by The Wrong Guy, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    From Tony Ortega on Facebook:

    Scientology asked Marc and Claire Headley to spy on Marty Rathbun, and we have the proof. When the Headleys asked to waive the nearly $43K in costs after their recent court defeat, the church asked in return that they become informants and sign over rights to Marc's book, "Blown for Good." We have the lawyer's letter that spells it out. The Headleys, instead, have impoverished themselves rather than become spies for Scientology.

    Scientology to Marc and Claire Headley: Spy For Us and We'll Forget the $43K You Owe

    The Voice has obtained a remarkable document -- a letter from Scientology's attorneys which explains how the church would agree to forgive almost $43,000 in court costs if Marc and Claire Headley agree to turn over information about former Scientology executive Marty Rathbun and "others involved in disparaging" the church, "including any media contacts."

    Article and comments:
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  2. RightOn Member

    oh sweet jeebus!
    tis' a lovely day!
    fucking awesome!
    More proof that they are insane litigeous fair gaming culties.
    So to all authorities...... how much more do you actually need?
    I mean REALLY!

    and Kudos to the Headleys
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  3. Tourniquet Member

    Dere Scientologists:

    Word clear Method 2 and clay demo "INTEGRITY".

    That is all.

    Tourniquet, SP

    P.S. So predictable, you clams...
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  4. RightOn Member

    I am sorry but these next couple of lines, put me in tears.
    They are going to sell the kid's swing set and wiped out their bank accounts for the new child?
    This has to be spread far and wide.

    You haven't done enough to ruin these two people's lives, first with forced abortions, brainwashing, fair game and more while they were dedicated members of your cult. And now that they are out, you are following the tech by trying to "ruin them utterly" per Hubbard's policy.
    The Headleys will survive! And not with your blood money which was raised by abusing and regging your members to death.
    I can't wait till the day you totally crumble, because I will be dancing on the graves of all your empty orgs with sweet delicious tears of joy.
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  5. Miscavige you are a legal genius. Another brilliant strategic move that hasn't blown up in your face at all.
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

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  7. anonamus Member

    Fucking scilon lawyers think anyone can be bought. In the cult world, integrity = KSW. Sleazy bastards!

    -How about a free ad here on WWP for the book "Blown for good" ?
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  8. anon walker Moderator

    It's another Bad Week At Cult Rock. This gets released at the same time The Master is about to hit theaters, Narconon is jerking and thrashing around trying to apply the tech and sound important and competent and honest in depositions and failing miserably. And Vanity Fair.

    It's an Enthetic Convergence and it will grow in magnitude, as the media seems to have finally twigged to the factual reality that Scientology stories sell, the weirder the better.
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

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  10. RightOn Member

    happy fucking stats Scientology!
    And all before 2pm!
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. RightOn Member

    if anyone can tweet this please do!
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  13. Anonymous Member

    another $50 added
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  14. blownforgood Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    I liked your book a lot and would never think you were MPA. KTXBAI
  16. Krautfag Member

    Marc, srsly, I think you got a personal army in this case, dude ;)

    Also: release the channiggersfollowers on that turd of a lawyer.
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  17. Internetzin Member

    <3<3<3 the Headleys.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I love how this is all blowing up in David Miscavige's face. 2012 is the year!

    Where's Shelly Miscavige??
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  19. Internetzin Member

    Yes lets not forget, Wheres Shelly David?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    I'll be shocked (and happy for the Headleys) if Marty really sends a cashable check with no strings attached.

    Maybe BFG will confirm... ?
  21. CarterUSP Member

    With regular footbullets like this, there's almost no need to protest any more. Miscavige is better at wrecking scientology than us.

    And while I'm here, I'd really recommend Blown For Good - very well written, easy to access for even those who aint big readers and a fascinating insight into Miscavige and the crumbling cult. Well worth a look.
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  22. YouSeeNothing Member

    That's a great point. Striking while the irons are hot and the media seems to have lost its fear of publishing anti-cult stories. I've been sending requests for stories to local papers in regards to the LRH tech in public schools and I hope they pick up on the Scilon-bashing trend.
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  23. jensting Member

    It ha been a good few days, and there's still the weekend.
    And I like the number of stories about how the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology hurts people and how it' tiny tyrant David Miscavige is running scared form the media spotlight.

    According to Marc Headly, Damnation Navy practices went from HOW BAD?!? to pretty darned bad after his and Claire's lawsuit. DM no longer mentions narCONon. The story about Nazanin Boniadi focuses heavily on the punishment, the video-taping, the NDA. Le and les "Xenu-LOL!" and more and more "this orgnisation hurts people!"

    Wouldn't have been the same without the two recently disclosed "lawyers" letters.
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  24. The site that made me really sit up and take notice of Tom Cruise/scientology?

    Tom Cruise is Fucking Nuts.

    Pity that went under just post Katie-couch-jumping, long before the real lulz began. Sometimes I wonder if the creators are just as gobsmacked as we are about Tom's kinky wife auditions.

    And I'm amazed it took the media this long to see that twisted scientology stories sell like hotcakes.
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  25. fishypants Moderator

  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Defectors Claire and Marc Headley say Church of Scientology tried to bargain for info on critics - Tampa Bay Times

    Asked about the proposal, church spokeswoman Karin Pouw said: "The church makes every effort to participate in good-faith confidential settlement negotiations. The church has no desire to engage in long-term litigation with Mr. Headley concerning his defamatory publication and his continuing harassment of the church and its parishioners.''

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  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    No, we're looking for Shelly Miscavige.
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  28. anon walker Moderator

    Oh, you! See what the lack of a comma can spawn? PEDANTS! THE PEDANT HORDE APPROACHETH!
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  29. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Commas, quite unlike Scientology, work and they help people.
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  30. hushpuppy Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Hushpuppy!

    Apart from all this being all fuzzy and heart warming and stuff, the lulz of yanking DMs chain is priceless!
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

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  33. Internetzin Member

    All hail xenu and Tory Magoo!
  34. Cool, and worthy, cause. As an aside, FUCK YOU, VILLAGE VOICE. They had a pic of Madonna in a cheerleading uniform on the sidebar. Talk about a crime against humanity. Ugh!
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    From Tony Ortega on Facebook:

    Voice readers have helped raise $35,000 for the Headleys in just three days after we broke news that the couple had hocked much of what they own rather than spy for Scientology.

    And much more in our big Sunday post: A report about ABC's lack of spine, our Top 25 countdown nears the end, a big batch of Sunday Funnies, and even L. Ron Hubbard on the high seas. Hee Haw!

    Voice Readers Raise Thousands For Couple That Refused to Spy for Scientology
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  36. anonysamvines Member

    and marty isn't named as a donor yet. What happened to the $8 000+ left over from the debbie cook fighting fund?
    waiting to contact everone who donated personally marty?
    hoping they reach the target without you, while you get good pr without doing anything?

    i am sure a donation of the size you were talking would get an honour medal award at least
  37. Anonymous Member

    Supposedly, Marty is ponying up on the 16th.
  38. Anonymous Member

    If he doesn't, he'll be praying for Squirrel Busters to show up!
  39. anonysamvines Member

    ah but by the 16th he will claim it wasn't needed
  40. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous Flying Dong Copters can be just as annoying as the Squirrel Busters, and certainly funnier.


    Better pay up Marty.
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