Scientology touts Faculty of Comparative Study of Religions book on Scientology

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  1. Scientology touts Faculty of Comparative Study of Religions book on Scientology.

    I find it interesting that: (a) the book contains the article, "The Fertile Mind of Phillip Bennett Wearne, an Early Scientology Apostate": and (b) the book is nonetheless touted by the Church of Scientology.


    NOTE: PDF version of below graphic, which is easier to read, is attached to the end of this post.




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  2. Lol, That's a good one, funny............
  3. Zak McKracken Member

    It is an old principle that people who do not understand something occasionally make fun of it.

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  4. I can assure you that that the reason I ridicule any 'scholarly' perspective of Scientology is not from a lack of understanding of the subject. It's because my well founded research of L. Ron Hubbard and his non-scholarly ramblings for decades has shown it all to be a complete and utter dangerous farce deserving of nothing but ridicule, imho.

    I've been fighting and exposing this abusive fraud for decades. This report card (thanks for posting it) is further evidence of his failed education and phony research. I'm extremely well versed in all things LRH and his bogus fake Science / Religion and it is completely unworthy of any scholarly debate.

    LRH claimed to be nuclear physicist (NO) with degrees in Civil Engineering (NO) and a PhD inPhilosophy (NO) and a WWII hero with 21 medals of Honor (NO - Stolen Valor Lies). This child abusing monster is not a man whose bogus works and lies of Scientology should be given any legitimate credit in scholarly debates about 'Religion' or Fake Science?

    Hubbard's scam started out with his book: Dianetics: The Modern 'Science' of Mental Health.
    Any true scientific research was completely non-existent. LRH was being pursued for medical malpractice, fraud and tax evasion when he changed his bogus 'Science' to a bogus 'Religion' using a religious cloaking policy of all things. Remember this, Scientology is a complete farce. It always has been a mind-numbing, controlling scam. It's been an elaborate, devious con-job based on lies from a convicted con-man from the very beginning.
    , 's
    It's because I do completely understand what Scientology is all about (Money and Control) that I ridicule this abusive monster L. Ron Hubbard and his ridiculous writings. I could list endless examples, take his book 'All About Radiation' (Please) and all of his fully exposed lies concerning his research, education and biography and you'll discover that his research was a joke and the subject of Scientology was built on LRH bullshit and lies mixed in with others philosophy that he stole from.

    Just my honest opinion and not based on a lack of understanding of this fraud's scam called Scientology.

    It's like Narconon and groups that claim to give it accreditation are bogus front groups, It goes on in many Scientology affiliated groups, WISE, ABLE, CCHR to make it look like they're all legit. Scientology has been a massive scam from Jump St. started by a convicted fraud who died a fugitive.

    Others can form their own opinions on the merits of Hubbard's work. I found it all to be nothing more than an utterly abusive scam with laughable, totally unworkable 'Technology' that has never come close to delivering any of the promised abilities that people have paid so so much for in many ways. There are no, zero, none, not 1 of the promised Scientology 'Clears' with perfect memory, vision and freedom from the vast majority of human illnesses. Zero!

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard: Biography of Lies / Fraud
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard: Abuse of Children by policy in Scientology
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard: Disconnection / Fair Game Policies
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard: Scientology Prison / RPF Policy
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  5. Incredulicide Member

    I'm pretty sure he was referring to Hubbard's ridiculing of the subjects, or at least experts in them, that he got lower than a C in at school. Hubbard did that a lot to make people think he was "above" the experts.
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  6. Well, he quoted my ridiculing LRH which is why I was responding as though it was my ridiculing of Hubbard (which I've long had a propensity for, lol) that prompted his response to me.
    If he was referring to Hubbard ridiculing his college subjects, then ty, you're quite perceptive and it's ok with me either way. I just couldn't pass up the chance to take more shots at the merits of Hubbard's 'scholarly' attributes. Thanks.
  7. Zak McKracken Member

    I was quoting HCOPL 5 Feb 77 to remind you that joking and degrading get us nowhere. On some web sites, wit and humor are looked upon as a healthy release, however in the case of WWP this was found not to be the case. Intentional destruction of Chanology and other OSA tactics was the direct purpose.

    As the course records show, his time at GWU gave LRH a unique and personal insight into handling this problem.
  8. Are you serious, Zak? You're suggesting that the wit and humor that runs rampant and always has throughout the WWP site with very good reason and purpose is used for the intentional destruction of Chanology and other OSA tactics as the direct purpose? I couldn't possibly disagree with you more.

    You're quoting a Hubbard Policy Letter to call wit and humor on this site degrading and getting us nowhere? WWP is stock full of wit and humor, always has been. There's shoops and humorous comments that run everywhere here. The purpose is to expose the hypocrisy and bullshit of Hubbard's bogus 'Tech' and abusive policies.

    Here's my comment in full:
    This is degrading? Give me a break............

    Yes, I very seriously think it's laughable to have a debate on Scientology's scholarly attributes. You think that's degrading? I'll tell you what's degrading, take a close look at this picture of Lisa McPherson after 17 days of lockdown undergoing the abusive fuck L. Ron Hubbard's batshit insane Introspection rundown that killed her.

    Do you think that Scientology is worthy of being discussed in a scholarly perspective? What are Hubbard's qualifications? Scientology is responsible for countless abuses to thousands of families and children over the years. It's based on the lies of a conman.

    I could go on for weeks describing abuses to every single RPF victim of this prick L. Ron Hubbard. I feel for every Scientologist still trapped who got duped and indoctrinated. I don't blame them, I fight for them. Anyone attempting to legitimize LRH needs to be taken on, more Scientology in any form is the worst thing that can happen to anyone who finally gets a chance at real freedom.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard brutally abuses 4 year old Derek Greene on the Apollo
    (One should not need any more evidence of this charlatan's foul, abusive character traits.)

    Derek Greene's crime that enraged the self appointed 'Commodore' L. Ron Hubbard?
    The 4 year old child was guilty of inadvertently chewing on a telex on board the Apollo.
    LRH had this 4 yr. old locked inside a dark, cold, nasty, foul chain locker for 2 full days of soiling himself in the dark. If that's not child abuse........what is?

    Nobody on board the Apollo (1968) had the courage to speak up for this abused young child.
    Hubbard's feeling was that children were adults inside small bodies and subject to his wrath.
    L. Ron Hubbard was a child-abusing piece of shit. Indies, please stop promoting this monster's philosophy that has damaged so many.
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  9. We all have differences in opinion from time to time about how to take on Scientology. It takes both a hard line and a softer understanding approach to help the victims.The truth about the real goals of this cult is getting a lot of exposure and many are catching on.

    It's very difficult to figure out how to stand up for these victims of Scientology who have been through years of processing and indoctrination. Many have been deceived and once you've undergone enough processing, it's hard to get out.

    The good news is that many have finally found the strength to leave and get a new start. It takes time to decompress, but they've all seen things they know inside just aren't right about Scientology. They're a hard working, resilient bunch and many exes are currently doing quite well with most helping in the effort to get those still trapped out.

    Thanks for supporting this effort to end Scientology abuses, Zak
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  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

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