Scientology Youth for Human Rights Award Winner NOI Bro Rizza Islam promotes Jew-hate to thousands

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  1. Leading anti-vaxx influencer Scientology Youth for Human Rights Award Winner Nation of Islam Brother Rizza Islam promotes Jew-hate to thousands.

    The Jewish Chronicle: Leading anti-vaxx influencers promote Jew-hate to hundreds of thousands

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    Several tweets visible on Rizza Islam’s feed - which has around 54,700 followers - contain claims Jewish people control sectors such as banking and the media.


    CCDH chief Imran Ahmed says some anti-vaxxers are “introducing new audiences to old conspiracy theories and hatred” in addition to “putting the success of the vaccine rollout in jeopardy.”

    “It’s no surprise to see many of the most prominent superspreaders of anti-vaccine disinformation have also engaged in antisemitism.

    “The worldview preached by anti-vaxxers, which states that the global pandemic and vaccine programmes were all planned by a shadowy global elite, are just a step away from prominent antisemitic conspiracy theories,” he told the JC.

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