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    and its tax exempt and legal
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    More info: google Steve Hassan's video called Releasing the Bonds - Leaving Scientology (40mins)
  4. Also check out what scientology did to lisa mcpherson.
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    When God Called on My Cellphone, by Robert Vincent Piro, May 2011
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    "In many countries there exists a separation of church and state and freedom of religion. Governments of some of these countries, concerned with possible abuses by groups they deem cults, have taken restrictive measures against some of their activities. Critics of such measures claim that the counter-cult movement and the anti-cult movement have succeeded in influencing governments in transferring the public's abhorrence of doomsday cults and make the generalization that it is directed against all small or new religious movements without discrimination. The critique's countered by stressing that the measures are directed not against any religious beliefs, but specifically against groups whom they see as inimical to the public order due to their totalitarianism, violations of the fundamental liberties, inordinate emphasis on finances, and/or disregard for appropriate medical care.

    Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force, Stephen A. Kent, 1997
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    What he said.
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    What this anon said.
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    hopefully more books will be written and to assume the audience has never heard of the subject.
    also, it should be written to inform not indoctrinate
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    those sneaky posts that are actually an introduction to the subject tsk . . .sneaky
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    not yet released: Heretic of Hollywood, Paul Haggis vs. The Church of Scientology (June, July 2011?)
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    Lawrence Wright is the purported author
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    well "dedicated" is the point, devoted only to the cause . . .

    think with Scientology its more about keeping church business within the church, why this is ?
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    money, brainwashing
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    OP, are you taking notes?
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    research both sides, the pro and the anti then decide for yourself
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    You should google these things for more information:
    Lisa Mcpherson
    Fair game
    Operation Snow White
    Slavery in Scientology
    Scientology methods to remove Tom Cruise video
    Scientology methods to remove Xenu story
    Ellie Perkins
    Jett Travolta
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    This is interesting - Globe and Mail, by John Picton, May 17, 1978, 'Church kept "enemies list" '
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    That's easy, just connect up with this to get rid of all that faggyness you got going

    Our lord & savior
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    correction: L. Ron Hubbard Messiah or Madman, author is Bent Corydon, not Russell Miller
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    OSA is that you?
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    Online books:
    Book Lists
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    ohhh thats relevant to my interests, can haz ling for proper citation?
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    That ARS post reads more like the Roman Catholic church during the middle ages.

    No connection to the Christ I know and serve.

    Anyway, through the Dissertation Express website you can find a small number of old papers (most book length) on scientology and Hubbard.
    If I remember correctly, some of these can be purchased online for a small fee and downloaded as a pdf file.
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    No shit. That's why the title of the post is "If christians were to use scientologist methods..."
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    oh hai!
    looks like some good juicy stuff well worth having xtra mirrors of can been harvested ITT for my e-book collection on scribd:
    Scientology Cult Buster e-Books
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    Scientology helps people get drug free, become literate, learn self-confidence, learn how to manage finances, deal with past traumas, identify and disconnect from "toxic" personalities who are trying to discourage them from getting better and more able to deal with life. That seems to be the intention of L. Ron Hubbard.

    The staff do work very hard for little pay and for this they deserve respect.

    Any group has its "bad apples" and they cause a lot of trouble, obviously, or there would be no trouble.

    Don't forget about the good apples who are trying to help others.
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    They might have good intentions, but they're passing out poison kool-aid.
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    Scientology did a tremendous amount to help Lisa move up the bridge. Unfortunately she was knocked off lines by some PTS people and refused the efforts of the Church to help her deal with her psychotic break.
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    People will get mad in 3... 2... 1...

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    and, 7 hours later:
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    OK, I'm mad as hell and.........
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    You have my vote for 'Twit of The Week'

    Thanks Herro.
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    Can you identify even a single false datum in that post?

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