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    before Scientology
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    [quote="Anonymous, post: 1804[IMG]

    after Scientology
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    Protip: If you can't beat down Herro's statements on here in a calm and reaonable manner, then you're fucked if you end up having to debate with Scilons in real life.
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    years later, they left Scientology and lived happily ever after
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    Viagra works!
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    slobeck said: ↑
    little rabbit herro,
    hoppin through the message board,
    pickin' up the anon kids and boppin' em on the head.
    dooooooowwwwwnnn came Miranda and she said....
    little rabbit Herro,
    You know I really hate it, yo
    all this pickin' up the anon kids and boppin' em on the head!
    And Herro said
    "Meh, Fuck off" "wanna fuck?"

    as in ancient movie Eyes Wide Shut, which seems to be based on the premise that Tom is a psych and Nicole is OSA and she marries him to fair game him

    or Nicole is just in a cult and he finds out - but why is she undercover?

    Or, is the plot just too messed up to understand?

    Or, is this comment meant to suggest that Herro, like Nicole is undercover?

    Or, is this comment really slap worthy?
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    Nicole is hot, far too good for little Tom Thumb.
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    but what is that movie about?
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    historical online articles:
    What Christians Need to Know about Scientology
    What is Scientology?
    Satanism, Scientology & Suicide
    Scientology Explained
    Playboy Interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr
    Hubbard believed he was Satan Incarnate

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    corrections made
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    interview with Ronald Dewolfe was with Penthouse and not Playboy
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    yes she is beautiful

    but no , he's handsome, educated, rich, kind (did she get half a billion in divorce) but he should get off the koolaid
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    is it true CofS has suicide waivers, signed before starting courses or counselling?
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    well, there is the purification rundown -
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    its only $5,200.00!

    -per wikipedia, 2009 price
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    Ms Vonthehoff—"The experiences include bullying and harassment; two
    coerced abortions; Scientology justice procedures, including court
    hearings resulting in removal of freedoms; forced financial
    donations; severe financial stress; working a minimum of 40 hours
    and up to 70 hours a week for no pay; removal of my Australian
    passport while studying for Scientology in the US, so I was unable
    to leave; working under duress all night on many occasions while my
    young children were forced to stay at the office and sleep on the
    lounge; threats of loss of my family if I tried to leave;
    psychological abuse; being forced to sign a suicide waiver, freeing
    Scientology of all responsibility if I caused myself any harm, when
    I made it clear how much I wanted to leave; and interrogation
    regarding my personal life and sex life."
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    yeah, you khow swoooosh then its wccckkkiiik, itttticy, you see, bing bohg, like that, until eventually Dept 20, well, they those fellas, you know, swooosh, kibbity bop,
    I Think David Miscavige made me sign one
    I was, you know, bibbibity bop bop, you see, because this fellow, well, he's not even anywhere near, this whole swooshy, swoosh phenomena, its like, zzzzzziiiiinnnnggg and before you know it its this whole, brrrrriiiizzzzzz, well you get the idea
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    wow, that does make sense!
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    National Suicide Crisis Hotlines

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