Scientology's Narconon targets Harris Wittels hollywood writer

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    Harris Wittels, a tv comedy writer, was dating a cult member who took him to the Scientology celebrity center to get him into the cult and to treat his drug addiction.

    Luckily he changed his mind despite having given the cult $700 and went to a real drug rehab instead.

    Scientology is discussed between 30:00 and 60:00

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    Harris Wittels was a comedian who died from a drug overdose on 19 FEB 2015. His former girlfriend Sarah Leigh and her family were Scientologists. He says Scientology was a "fucking deal breaker but this girl was worth it". He talks about her, going to the LA Celebrity Centre and giving them $700 for auditing. He says he partly became addicted to Oxycodone to relieve his stress about being in love with a Scientologist. Start at 30 minutes into this interview to hear him talk about that:

    They wanted him to go to Narconon, the $700 he gave Scientology was to be a down payment on auditing after he became drug free with Narconon. He decided not to go to Narconon because he didn't want to be a Scientologist. He told them they could keep the $700.

    He was a writer and producer for and had a small part in the TV show "Parks And Recreation"

  3. You left out the part about him dying from an overdose 5 days ago!
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    InB4 "if only he had got the help we offered him"
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