scientology's new front group: STAND

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by anon8109, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. anon8109 Member

    The scientology corporation announced a new front group, in this video posted on its youtube channel, whose purported purpose is to prevent discrimination against people who identify as members of scientology.

    This new group may gain traction with politically correct minded people. It needs to be closely watched so that it can be exposed wherever it pops up.
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  2. DeathHamster Member

  3. DeathHamster Member

    Ed Parkin (of OSA) is at the top of STAAD's masthead.

    Here's Ed helping make a little girl cry:

    FF to 12m 18s if in a hurry.
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  4. I'll add that despite the recent announcement STAND has been active on Twitter for at least since 2015. It used to tweet under @_S_T_A_N_D, but I see that account is closed. The new Twitter account is:


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  5. The Internet Member

    Scientology hates psychiatrists. It is a hate group.
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  6. STAND may wish to take the Student Hat course, Key to LIfe course, or perhaps just the Basic Study Manual.

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  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Keep your Oscars, we won a Scientology ‘bigot’ award!

    By Tony Ortega, February 27, 2017


    Once again Scientology is trying to fight back against a tidal wave of negative publicity by claiming that the people exposing its abuses are all a bunch of religious “bigots.”

    The church unveiled a new website this weekend that does its best to pretend that Scientology has some kind of shared victim status with actual, you know, members of religious faiths who have been experiencing an uptick in discrimination and harassment.

    What’s actually been happening is that more and more brave people whose families were ripped apart by Scientology are speaking up about their experiences, and more journalists are treating them with the respect they deserve.

    But hey, thanks for the honor! The new website calls itself “Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination,” but it’s really just Scientology leader David Miscavige throwing a fit.

    So let’s take a look at everyone who made the list of winners!


    Hey, let’s have some acceptance speeches!

    Mike Rinder: Oh wow, what noble and honorable company to be in. Seems so fitting on Oscar Day to be recognized with induction into the Scientology Hatemonger Hall of Fame. Though it is a little sad they have overlooked some obvious choices — Louis Theroux, Steve Cannane, and Tom Tobin in the media category and Jeffrey Augustine, Nick Xenophon, and Mat Pesch in the hatemonger category. And they don’t even have a legal category for Ray Jeffrey, Ted Babbitt, Luis & Rocio Garcia and Laura DeCrescenzo… I am sure those who have been overlooked are disappointed, it’s probably just a clerical error. Perhaps there is going to be another induction coincident with the Emmy Awards or Pulitzers? Scientology loves handing out statuses. The difference is we didn’t have to buy these and they are far rarer. I would rather be recognized as a Scientology “hatemonger” than a discounted Scientology “humanitarian.” These sort of “anti” awards — like getting the KKK “black sympathizer” plaque — are a source of real pride. Thanks for letting me know.

    Alex Gibney: What an honor! Like being attacked by Trump, who is inexorably infuriated by the truth, being named as a ‘bigot’ by the ‘Church’ of Scientology is like being named an ‘apostate’ or a hater by the Catholic League for exposing pedophile priests and how the church worked to cover their tracks. Oh yes, I recall: that happened too. The experience of making Going Clear was particularly gratifying because it put me in touch with thousands of ex-members who thanked me for helping to tell the world the truth about the malice and human rights abuses of this creepy tax dodge masquerading as a religion.

    Lawrence Wright: I’m very honored.

    Karen de la Carriere: This is a villainous group that destroys families, milks its flock for everything they’re worth, harasses, stalks, and uses gaslighting to intimidate. When such a group names one on a hate page, it is indeed an honor.

    John Sweeney: I’m not a propagandist. I’m a reporter. If the Church Of Fear acted like a true religion I would stop. It doesn’t so: game on.

    Bryan Seymour: It is humbling to be listed with a Pulitzer Prize winner, an Oscar winner and a senior BBC journalist. I am most grateful to be considered in the same class as Joe Childs. As always, I offer this pact with David Miscavige: When Scientology stops abusing people, I’ll stop reporting those abuses.

    David Edgar Love: I’m actually feeling quite honored by making ‘the cut’ on DM’s website. I didn’t realize I had pissed Miscavige off to this degree. Perhaps Miscavige is a wee bit upset about the recent complaint I filed with the Canada Human Rights Commission… a pending federal case?

    Claire Headley: One thing scientology knows well, whatever they do or say, I will continue to speak of my experiences no matter what. So congrats to them on another completely useless waste of money.

    Stephen Kent: I thought that Trump invented fake news!

    Phil Jones: Do I get a trophy for getting on this list?

    More at
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    The best part is that the site uses HTTPS, and they've digitally-signed their ownership.
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    This was posted in another thread:

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  10. Quentinanon Member

    STAND is an official OSA outlet for Fair Game. This is a first for this sort of thing in the dark history of scientology.
    Watch them for Harassment, Defamation, and Racketeering.

    BTW, on the cult black list are Margaret Singer, who died in 2003, and Ted Patrick, 87 years old and long retired from deprogramming. For all of their "super powerz", scientologists can never let go of anything. Their baggage increases each day.
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination-League seems like a same-old rehash of the Scientology Parishioners League.

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  12. Intelligence Member

    If this is the best DM and his OSA minions can do, I look forward to when the 'wet crap' really hits the fan pointing in their direction. And I've been so quiet over the past several months in my semi-retired state, I'm a wee bit surprised that the tiny guy even remembered me?

    The silence of late-night keyboard taps is a bitch, eh OSA? ... only semi-retired ... not dead yet ... :cool:
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology tries to get Fox reporter fired for a tweet supporting Leah Remini

    By Tony Ortega, July 21, 2017


    Same old tactics, new venue. Here’s what Miami-based Fox reporter Eben Brown tweeted a few days ago, pointing out that the Twitter account “Freedom Media Ethics’ is clearly representing the Church of Scientology itself:


    Scientology’s new front group, the “STAND League,” then turned that into a hysterical call for Brown’s firing yesterday:


    Here’s the full letter:


    We’re going to assume that Fox News isn’t going to fall for this kind of fake outrage about “anti-religious bigotry.”

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  14. fishypants Moderator

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  15. How do you know who is on the cult's blacklist?
    For someone who would have us believe he's been out of the cult a long time you appear to know quite a bit about who and why.
    Then again there's still that persistent theory of you being a never in but yet you know more about what's what than our inside people tell us.
    Can you update us on anything else we're interested in?
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  16. You always had that smell about you of something being not quite right didn't you Quentinanon?
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  17. ^Dox or GTFO. (Alleged smells < dox).
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    Then there's the theory that I am a loyal officer of the Marcabian Fleet who infiltrated the scientology crime syndicate decades ago and now supervise technical and human intel penetrations from the outside.


    Since you have OT Superpowerz, you should be able to telepathically read my mind for the answer.

    Telepathic-communicate-with-aliens.jpg alientelepath.jpg
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  19. Fear of being found out was the reason you didn't show at Flag down isn't it ? You're a fraud Quentinanon and using Quentin Hubbard's name in here is utterly reprehensible.
    You know no shame.
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  20. AmaX and I have known for years you are a fraud and we find it amusing to watch you pretend to be otherwise.
    You're quite pathetic.
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  21. Not to mention disturbed living that lie in here.

    Still it takes all sorts.
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  22. Quentinanon Member

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  23. More like an evil manipulative lie pretending to be an ex Scientologist and bloody good cover too for an OSA.
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  24. White Tara Global Moderator

    Amax can speak for herself when and if she feels the need, of that I am quite sure.
    Please try to keep to the topic. /derail
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  25. Quentinanon Member

    Hubbard knew it and wrote a policy against it called "Joking and Degrading" in February 1977. Despite his superhuman abilities, L. Ron could not stand being laughed at.
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  26. Hubbard knew it alright.

    The average brainwashed lifer Scientologist probably doesn't get it, now that I really think about it. I know that when I was in the cult, that I never would have liked anyone making fun of my ''religion''.

    I remember reading the ''Joking and Degrading'' policy and being somewhat resentful of Hubbard and hating him just a little bit. Just the same, I glumly fell in line and promised to never joke about Scientology or Hubbard again. I am also pretty sure that others who read the policy reacted differently. Some probably even welcomed it. That's what cults are like.
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  27. Quentinanon Member

    Me, too. I thought to myself, "Huh? Why the hell should he even care?"
    After leaving, I got the answer, something called narcissistic rage.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologists Blast Accusations That They're a Cult

    By John Ellis, PJ Media, August 7, 2018


    Under the title "PJ Media Told: Religions Must Join Force, Not Attack Brethren," Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) (STAND) wrote me an open letter denouncing this article about the purported growth of Scientology. Loving a good squabble, I have decided to wade back into the fray and explain how STAND's open letter to me is based on the inaccurate premise that we are "brethren." Theological purity is important.

    The open letter begins with a sharp rebuke and a not-so-subtle accusation that my character is lacking:

    Mr. Ellis,

    It amazes me that you are staff at your church and yet find time to speak ill of people of another religion and in highly bigoted and uninformed terms. That you speak so disparagingly of others of faith I believe reflects worse on you than on those you malign.

    Having reread my article (which, frankly, I had forgotten I had even written until I accidentally stumbled upon the letter), I'm assuming that STAND's ire was stoked by my comparison of their beloved religion with pyramid schemes like Amway. Rereading what I assume is the offending paragraph, I freely and happily admit that it drips with snark and offense. However, I stand by my snark and offense that oozes out of these words:

    To be clear, I'm not convinced that Scientology should be classified a religion and not a cult. I've always thought of it as a pyramid scheme with eternal rewards in place of a pink Cadillac. How it could be growing is beyond me. I mean, I know that I immediately lock the doors, pull the shades, and turn off the lights whenever I see a neighbor approaching with an Amway flipchart. However, since movie stars seem especially susceptible to Scientology, the religious cult has taken on an aura of glamour for some people. Never underestimate the selling ability of a pretty face, I guess.

    While I'm willing to double-down on the appropriateness of the above paragraph, STAND disagrees, obviously.

    Continued at
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