Scientology's US Tax Exempt Properties

Discussion in 'Scientology Property Tax' started by RightOn, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. RightOn Member

    not all COS property is tax exempt.
    and the COS having to pay some property tax on some of their vast real estate holdings is a double edged sword, since their members are the ones being regged to keep the orgs afloat.
    And of course their members do not have any kind of part ownership , even though they are the ones who pay for all the buildings. All owned by Miscavige under the RTC.
    Which of course is normal for other religions to have their members help pay for their places of worship.
    But the only thing the COS worships is the almighty dollar.
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology project out of money?

    By Reed Jackson - October 5th, 2012

    I wrote last week about the Church of Scientology’s renovation of the Sherlock Building downtown.

    As it turns out, the renovation may be on hold.

    According to one contractor involved in the project, construction has stopped due to a lack of funds. Workers on the project were told to stop construction a few weeks ago and have not been told when to come back, the contractor said.

    The church denies this. Construction is still ongoing, but it was briefly delayed during the project’s permitting process, according to Gwen Barnard, spokeswoman for the church’s Portland chapter.

    “When I heard that, I thought, ‘What is he talking about?’” she said. “But then I remembered that things took a little longer to get started because of permits and the structural work.”

    But the contractor said construction stopped after it had already begun and is still on hold. The contractor also said workers were told stoppage was due to funding problems – not permitting.

    Other contractors on the project would not comment on the matter due a contractual stipulation that prohibits them from speaking about it.

    Personally, I have not seen construction going on at the building lately, but I’ve only driven by a few times. What have you guys seen?


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  3. THANK YOU for posting that. I do not have access to this publication b/c it's for subscribers only, so I really appreciate that you did the copy/paste. I think I will email Mr. Reed directly as I have some info. I'll post here later with what I've found.

  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Does anyone know if the Atlanta org is out of business?

    I drove by the Atlanta org, on Roswell Road, a couple of nights was around 9 PM and it was completely dark.

    I mean pitch black, there was absolutely NO lights on whatsoever. No cars in parking lot. I wonder if their utilities have been cut off??



  6. Anonymous Member

    Is there any way to find out via the local authorities?
  7. snippy Member

    Not out of business. They got their approval to renovate the basement hole, but still may sue for discrimination. Converting the basement from parking to "office space" gives them the sq. ft. bare minimum to call it an Ideal Org. Found this: 006900010514

    Today's Date October 19, 2012
    Mailing Address 1611 MOUNT VERNON RD
    Parcel Number 17 006900010514
    DUNWOODY, GA 30338
    Tax District 59
    Location Address 5395 ROSWELL RD
    Zoning OI Acres 0
    Property Class E2-Exempt - Churches
    Parcel Map [IMG]
    Neighborhood C202 Homestead N

    Assessment Information
    Year LUC CLASS Land Value Building Value Total Value Assessed Value
    2012 620 E2 $ 2,408,400 $ 3,635,300 $ 6,043,700 $ 0

    Land Information
    Land Type Land Code Description Square Feet Acreage Price
    A 21 77,711 1.784 $ 2,408,400

    Commercial Improvement Information
    Card Building Type Structure Code/Desc Units Year Built Total Sq. Footage
    1 01 353-353 OFFICE BLDG L/R 1-4S 1984 38,786

    Building Sketch Enlarge Sketch
    go click on link above
    A MAIN OFFICES 12107
    B OFFICES 12107
    Commercial areas are aggregated

    Accessory Information
    Description Year Built Area Grade Value
    PA1-PAVING-ASPHALT PARK 1984 40000 $ 49,784

    Sale Information
    Sale Date Sale Price Instrument Deed Book Deed Page Sale Qualification Validity Grantee Grantor
    2005-11-17 $ 5,600,000 LW 41444 169 Unqualified 2-To/From Exempt or Utility CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF HAMMOND PROPERTY INVESTORS
    2005-06-06 $ 4,600,000 LW 40184 302 Unqualified 9-Unvalidated/Deed Stamps HAMMOND PROPERTY INVESTORS KIRBO PROPERTY SERVICES LLC
    2005-06-06 $ 3,550,000 LW 40159 135 Unqualified 5-Liquidation / Foreclosure KIRBO PROPERTY SERVICES LLC JPMORGAN CHASE BANK
    2004-02-03 DP 36984 606 Unqualified T-Sale < = 1000 JPMORGAN CHASE BANK REALMARK VII LP

    Don't know about Gas and Electric.
  8. snippy Member

    It is possible in some counties. I don't know about Fulton County. Home Zilla or Georgia Power ?
  9. BigBeard Member

    The WISE/Other "Secular" Front Group using the building could be a problem property tax wise, unless they are charging rent for the use of the building. But then they have to pay taxes on the rent money as 'other income'. I'll have to start looking for that as I plod through their 990's.

  10. Here's an update on the Portland org:

    Very light construction occurring, such as some railings that went up on the roof a couple of weeks ago. There is a dumpster out front, but judging from all the food containers piled on top of it, I'd say not much demolition occurring. However, as of today there is some new plywood up out front with a no smoking sign (ha). Based on my research, they are probably doing enough to maintain their property tax exemption for now. But I also think there's a pretty good case to be made for reducing the exemption both prospectively and retroactively, if the City cared. Not sure they do, since it's in a kinda sketchy part of town and maybe any tenant is a good tenant.

    The org is currently operating in the space next door, closer to Oak and 4th, with Dianetics materials displayed in the window. I've also seen them set up with their tables and free personality tests on the corner of Oak and 3rd. They never look happy. What gives?

    I'll post some pics when I can figure out how. Flunk!
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