Scientology's wish list of Idle Orgs

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by DeathHamster, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Upcoming Churches of Scientology - Church of Scientology Ideal Organizations - David Miscavige

    The listing below includes new properties in planning or construction stage projected to open in 2014-2015.

    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Battle Creek, Michigan
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Chicago, Illinois
    Columbus, Ohio
    Detroit, Michigan
    Harlem, New York
    Kansas City, Missouri
    New Haven, Connecticut
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    San Diego, California
    San Fernando Valley, California
    St. Louis, Missouri

    Cape Town, South Africa
    Durban, South Africa
    Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    Harare, Zimbabwe

    Toronto, Ontario
    Montréal, Québec

    Las Lomas, Mexico
    Caracas, Venezuela
    Valencia, Venezuela

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Budapest, Hungary

    Birmingham, England
    Manchester, England
    Plymouth, England
    Sunderland, England

    Auckland, New Zealand


    The page goes back to 2013 in Wayback, with much the same list, but they are prompt at updating the page when one of them actually goes Ideal.

    I assume at the end of 2015, they'll bump the projection date a couple more years.
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  2. Yes, Scientology is currently projecting more future projection dates for all of their idle projects, unfortunately for these projects, the Internet is still available to all potential recruits.

    Nothing has slowed down the scam more than these two words:

    Google: Scientology


    I remember the good old days of Scientology projecting female staffers in Swing-Coats attending to the masses that never came in for indoctrination and personal bankruptcies in the name of LRH 'Tech' (Yech!).
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  3. X13 Member

    France will never appear on that list, the Gallic people resist the invader :D
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  4. RightOn Member

    My wish list for COS orgs....
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    I think the oldest one on their list is Battle Creek, where they've been sitting on a rotting building since 2001.
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  6. A little covert run through New Haven today revealed that the New Haven org has moved!
    The original location at 909 Whalley Ave. which was previously visited by Suppresalooza Tour or whatever they called with Bert Leahey and David Love used to be on the bottom floor. They then moved upstairs at that address. The doorway at 909 used top read Hubbard Dianetics.
    BUT NOW, it reads 909 West River Arts! West River Arts appears to be an art coop?

    Scientology has moved up the street to 980 Whalley Ave. It is a white 1900's house that used to be a doctors office and the sign on the front lawn still reads Fasano Internal Medicine.
    There is a small yellow Church of Scientology banner going across the front of the building with a couple of Christmas wreaths. They also have a FREE STRESS TEST sandwich board sign on the front porch.
    It has only 10 parking spaces in the back lot according to the real estate listing. Looks like the COS are really bussing the thetans in! *snark*
    But there are many rooms on the inside of this building. Some rooms with the medical equipment still in them which you can see in the pics of the listing!
    It is not easy to notice the COS at this new location at all.
    Sorry I couldn't snap a pic.

    OK, so now the KICKER!
    This building is currently for sale! Huh?
    It is listed for $850,000. And the taxes are $17,000 a year.
    The real estate agent is actually trying to sell the building next to it as well (986 Whalley Ave) as a bundle for $2.6 mil.
    So, I would guess the COS must be renting? Which is about $1,200 a month? Not sure about that amount.
    Are they trying to buy this "house"? Or what?
    It appears that this listing started back in 2014 and was just updated this past October. (10/12/15)
    Is this temporary digs for the COS ?
    Pic of the property from the net:

    And is the foreclosed building up the street that was supposed to be an ideal org going to be bought back from the bank? I doubt it! The renovation alone would be outrageous.

    That building, (the Mason's building ) is a little farther up the street on the right that was purchased by the COS long ago still sits vacant and in is still an eye sore and total mess. The city foreclosed on that building a few years ago. They never did make it into an ideal org. wah wah
  7. DeathHamster Member

    List on their site is unchanged, date unchanged. If they're going to shift any by the end of the year, they'd better hurry!
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  8. RightOn Member

    it's getting hard to keep up with the New Haven org. They started out on the bottom floor at 909 Whalley with two big store front windows that used to have COS items displayed with a big volcano and Hubbard crap. And they also used to have a hanging metal sign for this location.
    This is before they moved UPSTAIRS.
    On one of my many trips through New Haven before they moved upstairs, I saw an elderly lady sitting at a desk with her hat and coat on manning the desk and I guessed that the COS was either not turning the heat on, or keeping it low to save money. I knew something was wrong. In the mean time they had purchased the big Mason's building up the street in 2003 on the right hand side. Which was 949 Whalley Ave. And then it went into foreclosure in 2009.
    Then times must have got really tough and they moved upstairs at 909 Whalley Ave .and the only visible appearance of them was a small printed sign on the glass door that read Hubbard Dianetics. That is the same door where Bert and David talked to that women in their vid. So now it looks like West River Arts took over upstairs. Can't find much on them.

    Oddly, their CT. location website used to show a picture of the whole building at 909 Whalley as being the entire Scientology headqauarters. I don't know if it still shows that or not?
    They were giving people the illusion that Scientology was the entire building. It used to say Hubbard Diabetics in big letters on the second floor. The building's corner sits on the corner of Blake St. and Whalley Ave. And now THAT address is now listed as 803 Whallley! Which appears to be owned by Pops Li LLC. Owner is Ellen D. Loura?
    And in one month's time the owner names changed a bunch of times. From Susan DAndrea, Elizabeth DAndrea, and then Ellen DAndrea which is also Ellen D. Loura. (D stands for DAndrea) and also the names Peter and Emons appear in the tax accusers records. I don't get it at all.
    Nor do I get that this is now a separate property listing? Maybe the individual rental spaces are now owned individually by different people?
    The two store front windows @ 909 Whalley are now occupied by a clothing store. The corner space WAS a clothing store, but didn't last very long and I think it is vacant again.
    When you try to look up 909 Whalley Ave, in the Accessors records, nothing comes up! Who owns this entire building? I have no idea!

    So now they are at 980 Whalley Ave in a 1900's house? WOW. So they have to be renting it out since it is for sale?
    The big brick behemoth at 949 Whalley which they bought years ago (which was formally owned by Hallocks), sits empty as an idle morgue.
    Of course the owner of this property is still listed as the COS on the tax records.
    A quote from an article on the idle morgue:
    "After checking his records, Building Inspector Andy Rizzo said: "I terminated the building permit on Feb. 5, 2009 for lack of any work."
    Here is the entire article and picture of the idle morgue.

    It definitely appears that the COS has tried to confuse people with their ever changing addresses on Whalley Ave, within a two block radius.
    Their website years ago was SO full of shit! Haven't looked at it lately!
    But web listings for the COS in New Haven on the web still show 909 Whalley and also Hubbard Dianetics at 909 Whalley and Yelp states that they are currently open! Even though they are not there! LOL!!!!!
    Maybe DeathHamster can make sense of all this. But I think something fishy is going on. The "ED" for COS New Haven still shows as Gail Cassolino and also Carol Yingling. Even though Gail's "Linked in" page on the web states she is the ED for the NY COS!

    One other thing, when you look up the charitable status for Hubbard Dianetics in Ct, it isn't there. It was also called the Dianetics Foundation.
    Again, something is fishy. But it wouldn't be Scientology if something didn't smell bad!
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  9. DeathHamster Member

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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    And here in NW Oregon, their new(ish) Portland Ideal Org is booming things so much that... in the past year, the only mention I've ever heard of Scientology was by... me. It prompted a friend to ask, tongue presumably in cheek, if *I* was a Scientologist. That's how commonplace the subject of Scientology is around here.

    Yep, straight up and vertical, alright. Careful walking in front of the org; you wouldn't want to get trampled by the stampede of incoming raw meat. *eyeroll*
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  12. Subjunctive?

  13. Nvm, I suck cocks. I mis-parsed what you were trying to say, and thought I was correcting a mood error that wasn't there.
  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologists are being urged to save the dates of May 21st and May 28th for the opening of the Budapest Ideal Org in Hungary. The building is the former headquarters of Pentair, a manufacturer of heating cables and valves, and is within a block of the Danube River on the west side of the city.

  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    My guess would be the first date will be it, because for that day there is a 50/50 chance that it won't be the right day, but if they don't do it then, there will be a 100% chance of the second date being the day. (This is assuming they actually stick to those dates, obviously.) So, to try to suppress (heh) the protester turnout, they would be smartest to do it on the first day. (This is assuming they are smart, obviously.)
  16. The Wrong Guy Member


    Hungarian Scientologists Acquire Massive HUF 1bn Offices In Budapest | Hungary Today

    The Hungarian branch of the Church of Scientology is expecting thousands of guests from both inland and abroad to turn up at the inauguration of its new, massive administrative offices in Budapest’s District XIII.

    The controversial religious organisation, currently headquartered in more modest settings in Paulay Ede utca, District VI, purchased the property on Váci út in 2013 and spent fifteen years raising the close to HUF 1 billion (USD 3.6m) required for the purchase, according to press reports.

    Contacted by Magyar Nemzet, a Hungarian daily, the church claimed that they purchased the new office building because they “outgrew” their previous premises but declined to disclose the price of purchase, which as apparently covered by members’ donations. The building, which is set to be ceremonially inaugurated on 21 or 28 May, will be open to NGO groups and other denominations as well, they wrote.

    Scientology first gained a presence in Hungary at the time of the transition to democracy in 1989. In 1991, the Hungarian branch of the Church of Scientology, eligible for state funding, was formed. However, in 1993, the National Assembly declared the organisation a “destructive sect” and withdrew its state support. Under Hungary’s new church law, which took effect on 1 January 2012, scientology lost its status as an officially recognised church in the country, with Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén declaring that “as long as I and KDNP (the co-ruling Christian Democratic People’s Party) are in the Parliament, Scientology won’t be recognised as a religion”.

    In 2011, the weekly newspaper Heti Válasz published an interview with Péter Bolyai, a former leader of the church in Hungary. In the interview, he described the unlawful activities he took part in as church leader and claimed that the organisation collects compromising information of its membership.

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  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    My guess was wrong.
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  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Budapest finally going Ideal

    By Tony Ortega, June 16, 2016


    Peter Bonyai tells us that the Budapest Ideal Org, which had been rumored to be set for a grand opening in May, is finally going to get the red ribbon treatment next weekend. He says in a blog post that according to Scientology, there’s a push to make the Budapest org the biggest Class V org on earth, with a staff of 330. He expects Scientology leader David Miscavige to be present for the ceremony next Saturday.

    In regards to this flier, Peter writes: “For some reason, the logo of the Budapest Ideal Org contains the Hungarian Parliament Building. No idea why they did that, but I sincerely hope they will never get anywhere near to achieving that implied goal.”
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hungarian tabloid’s wacky claim: Shit poured on Scientology’s leader in Budapest protest

    By Tony Ortega, July 26, 2016


    We’ve heard from three of our Hungarian readers who each brought to our attention a rather astounding story that appeared in an online scandal sheet known as “RiPost” about this past weekend’s Scientology “Ideal Org” opening in Budapest.

    Each of them warned us that the publication is known for outrageous articles, and one of them told us she simply didn’t believe the story. Peter Bonyai, our usual correspondent in Hungary, told us that he had read the piece but was still trying to confirm it independently.

    So, for now, we want to emphasize that even from our sources there on the ground, there is considerable skepticism about RiPost’s report. But the story is rapidly gaining attention there, and is being picked up on forums and other websites in Budapest, and so we decided to make you aware of it, even with the caution that it may turn out to be apocryphal.

    The upshot of it is that following the Ideal Org opening ceremony, which offended numerous locals for the way it was conducted, an angry resident threw a bucket of human shit on Scientology leader David Miscavige.

    One of our Hungarian readers gave us this full account of the RiPost story, as well as some of his own impressions of the event there. We are printing what he sent us in full.

    Continued here:
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  21. DM's arrival was confirmed by Security........
  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    For the sake of any readers here who don't go read the link to TO's blog... the incident was looked into by Peter Bonyai who reported that what appears to have actually happened is that some pig poop was thrown near Miscavige and some of it got onto others, but none on him.

    Good times, good times.
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