Scifag in London PD Command???

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by HouseSpiderV2, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    We need to be cautious, but here is an interesting fact, not yet mentioned in that thread, if I am correct:
    His very presence and speech at the grand opening do not appear on the official site of London scientology.
    If I am correct, there was a press release that was then censored on their own site.
  2. Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    That would imply he is not a scilon then
  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Perhaps. We should wait for a clear proof... if it exists.
  4. D... Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    After reading this thread, I'm leaning to the "No he is not a scilon but he's in bed with them" stance. He obviously has good relations with them, but I wouldn't necessarily believe he subscribes to their belief. All of his interactions and special "dinners" might have raised a lot of eyebrows, but if he was, there would have been an explosion about it. At worst, it might be a conflict of interest- if that.

    Besides a few minor incidents, the police on your side of the pond seem to be awesome. And the few incidents can be attributed to a few personalities and them getting annoyed about scilon whining.
  5. kaos Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Perhaps, being that he is in a position of power in a European country, he is keeping his Scientology activities secret? With the issues in Germany, France, Belgium, etc. he may want to remain an "anonymous" scilon...
  6. Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Perhaps the Minister for Health should be bombarded with the details..... and the Minister for Police, and why not the Queen ?.

    show them $cientologys past examples of Govt infiltration, and point this Guy out.

    at least one minister for health has said.

  7. anon1957 Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Spiritual Wealth?!?!

    Talk about an "unconscious communication" in Freud-speak. Or an oxymoron, depending upon your POV.
  8. anon5712 Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    The first thing that comes to mind: FOIA.
  9. supafreak Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Is he the guy at the start of Scientology and Me, where they have the shot of the opening of a new whiz-bang org in London? IIRC, a policeman gave the opening speech.
  10. anon1957 Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command


    That is one freakin' scary photograph. He could be wearing a Sea Org uniform, but he is not, he is standing behind ElRon's bastardization of the Cross wearing a London police officer uniform.

    Really beyond creepy...if I were a Londonfag, I would spend some money and print that photo out in color with an appropriate caption and hand it out at London protests. Better yet, blow it up and make it into an epic placard.
  11. D... Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Guise. This might sounds cowardish but... don't fuck with men in power unless you have clear undeniable proof. If our sources are wrong we could

    1. Unjustly put strain on his career
    2. Make him angry enough to make Chanology's life in the UK a living hell.
  12. Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    That's it!! - That's the video I knew was somewhere... Godday'um! - Muzt be alheimerz!!

  13. tokanon Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Youth Projects, Football teams for youngsters, Say No to Drugs = very good ideas and something the police are very keen on. And if they have somehow missed what scientology really is/it's agenda then it maybe doesn't seem such a bad thing or possibly even relevant.

    It's difficult for us to believe that anyone could be so absolutely staggeringly naive and misinformed - but perhaps Kevin Hurley was simply very effectively shmoozed. Very embarrassing for him if that is the case.

    Since it's in the public domain someone could always simply politely ask him or a minister to clarify the position for everyone.

    Schmoozing attempts from scientology are still happening through community organisations such as the Peace Alliance.
  14. martinpoulter Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    I was sent this, which is apparently a transcript of his speech:


    Alderman, Ladies and Gentlemen....

    It is a pleasure to speak with you today.

    I would like to begin with welcoming the Church of Scientology to the
    historic City of London.

    We are a tight knit community in a city where one comes to know one's
    neighbours well - sometimes too well, but certainly not in this case.

    For while Scientology has only lately come to this square mile of
    London just last year, we've come to know that you bring "positive
    good" to the areas in which you work - that you are tenaciously bent
    on bettering this world.

    As the Divisional Commander of the Snow Hill Police Station, I work
    with clergy and members of all faiths and groups who, in turn, work to
    manage the all too common problems befalling Londoners. Through the
    last year, I have had the good fortune to partner with members of the
    Church of Scientology.

    The level of dedication greatly impressed me and they exemplify the
    words "bringing goodwill".

    So yes, and with my complete personal certainty, I know you are
    raising the spiritual wealth of society through your charitable works.

    We know we live in dangerous times and that danger has already
    encroached on our city.

    The events of the 7th of July brought home to us that serious violence
    is not only possible, by it can happen unexpectedly.

    One of the things that helped make our ordeal tolerable was the help
    provided by members of the City community, and frankly, those who
    stood out were the members of your volunteer force.

    And some 300 of you came and helped look after the rescue workers to
    ensure we had what we needed in terms of material support - food and
    drinks and an ear to listen.

    Also on an ongoing basis, I know of the work in rehabilitation of
    offenders and drug users that members of the church do.

    It is a valuable contribution.

    We are delighted that you are here.

    We look forward to working with you and we at the City of London
    Police wish you all success in your new home in the City of London.

    Here's the video of Kevin Hurley and other London great-and-good at the opening of the QVS org:

    YouTube - UK politicos shilling for Scientology Cult
  15. martinpoulter Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Forgot to spit after I wrote that
  16. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    The sentence scientology removed from their site is: "Mr. Kevin Hurley, Divisional Commander of London’s Snow Hill Police Station called upon the Scientologists to “tenaciously focus on bettering this world,” and said that he knows with “complete personal certainty” that the members are “raising the spiritual wealth of society” with their charitable works. He presented a special recognition for their valuable assistance and support following the tragic events of July 2005."
    They just forgot that, once you publish a press release, you cannot easily edit it!
    Spectacular Grand Opening of the Church of Scientology | ClickPress
  17. basil Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Had a long chat with my contact who said that he was pretty sure Kevin Hurley was not a Scientologist.

    Apparently he was the "Faith Champion" which meant he was the designated 'official' that represented the Police at any faith related events - they also had a "Diversity Champion" and others.

    So unless things have changed in the last year or so... sorry :(
  18. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Ok, looks like this info was already out there, but I'm glad I got enturbulators discussing it now. I will continue looking into this myself. Everyone do the same.

    As far as how trustworthy my source can be if he's remaining anonymous? I know exactly who he/she is and I looked into him/her before posting this. However...

  19. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    ok then i suggest to really add at least a "?" to the title. This is a strong claim and if there's no evidence it should be reflected in the title.
    From reading the speech I don't think he's necessarily an ally. Maybe he just wasn't informed and simply based his remarks on what he experienced and who is to say that this wasn't positive?
    "Raising the spiritual wealth" maybe this is just a standard speech when talking to a new religious institution you consider genuine.
    So, unless there's not more than an anonymous source claiming this, then i don't think he's a Scientologist. It's more probable he was deceived by CoS and had he known CoS's history he wouldn't have given the speech.

    the info that he -allegedly- is an actual member was not already out there.
  20. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    I added ??? to the first post subject but it's not showing up. Am I doin it wrong?
  21. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    no, I think members can't change the thread title only the post's title. Thanks for publishing the redacted mail.
  22. mojo Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    k - faith champion, isn't that kind of stretching it since scientology is not recognized as a religion in the uk? or does any "faith-based" group get him to come speak??
  23. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    It would appear we're in the clear here, and that he's clean. Shit went down after the bribes incident went public, and he probably regretted affiliating himself with them immensely.

    But keep an eye on the fucker and no mistake.
  24. Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    You gotta contact a mod or Admin to get it done. And when you pm them remember to add the link to the thread title you want changed... not just the name. I've modded/Admined many boards and believe me this is greatly appreciated.
  25. basil Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    If it's anything "faith or religious based" then he would have been the guy nominated to attend representing the CoLP. I think he's been replaced now in that role but I'm not quite sure who by.

    I think the term "faith champion" is one of these made up, meaningless "PC phrases" more than anything else, that sounds like it has much more value than it really does - which is probably a bit misleading in our responses.

    "Shit went down after the bribes incident went public, and he probably regretted affiliating himself with them immensely" is, I think, a very good summary of the situation :)
  26. tokanon Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    There's evidence to suggest scientology is all over any inter-faith organisations/lobbying - it's a way they can gain respectability and network people in power. The civil service in the UK used to (I assume still does) include them in consultations regarding 'religions' and policy (mind you, they accommodated a rep. from every nutty group in existence).

    If you can - it might be worth everyone checking out anything going on in your area regarding inter-faith organisations or Peace Alliance groups to see if scientology has a presence. It may be an opportunity to educate other members there about what they really stand for.

    Does anyone know who Kevin Hurley has been replaced by as the 'Faith Liaison Officer' (or whatever silly title they have)?
    -It'd perhaps be useful just to know this.
    - It might even be worth sending him some information (the quotes from judges and ministers about scientology) - just to help ensure he doesn't make the same mistake as his predecessor.

    And Yep - scientology isn't based on faith and isn't recognised as a religion in the UK.
  27. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    For your information, the link is provided automatically. But adding it is a nice move.
  28. TheLetterN Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    What about "Tonight, we dine in hell" ?
  29. anonymoose Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Nothing to see here, move along.
  30. anonymoose Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    Step 1. Go to Google
    Step 2. Insert "City of London Police Faith Liaison Officer"
    Step 3: Hit "Search"
    Step 4:

    Faith AND Mental Health? Should come in useful around a certain cult....
  31. tokanon Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    ah - thank you

    Yeah - he better declare a conflict of interests
  32. Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    The Scienos mainly responsible for forging the current relations with the PDs in the City of London (and presumably other UK cities) are Bob Keenan and his assistant Marianne Rowell. BK's post title at Cult Headquarters in East Grinstead is "LRH's Personal Public Relations Officer." Oh, with such WIDESPREAD acceptance of LRH's tech and works all across UK, it's clear that Bob is doing a smashing job of enhancing L. Ron Hubbard's PR in UK. Right! However, instead of going around representing himself as L. Ron Hubbard's failed PR, BK prefers to dash about representing the "L. Ron Hubbard Foundation" in London (a totally made up entity). In his mind it probably makes it easier to get his foot into certain doors that way. Makes sense, why start off a conversation stating you are THE ONE responsible for LRH's PR in UK and thus reveal yourself as a total failure? Anyway, it was BK and Marianne Rowell who managed to become buddy-buddy with the City Of London cops in the wake of the 7/7 bombings. BK is probably taking advantage of the Draconian anti-terror laws in UK and getting his cop pals to bust Anons for calling Scn a cult. Didn't work in London,Bob! But is he behind the trouble in Manchester, Scotland and elsewhere? Don't know. But he has been overheard saying that dealing with Anonymous is like swatting flies. If Hurley is a Scieno, BK would have been the one to get him on board. However, it's doubtful Hurley has done anything beyond read a book, because BK is rumoured to be a crap disseminator. BK and Hurley are probably just fast friends. Hey, like Bob Keenan's work? Well then call him up and tell him what you think! Or send him a text! I'm sure he would just love to hear from you! Here's his mobile phone number: (mod: no personal info). You should keep better track of your business cards Keenan!
  33. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command???

    Added '???' to the thread title.

    Keep digging guys! The truth of this needs to be uncovered.
  34. Re: Scifag in London PD Command???

    It was Bob Keenan that got Hurley to speak at the London Scieno opening in '06. See #72 in this thread.
  35. overt Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command???

    Tracy Sue Coleman was the scientologist spokesperson and contact for the Say No To Drugs programme that Camden police were reported to be involved in.
  36. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command???

    All of these people are PR. We need a plan to make the $cilon PR machine inoperable in the UK.

    Dramatis Personae:
    [*]Graeme Wilson
    [*]Janet Laveau
    [*]Tracy Sue Coleman (long blonde hair, haggard, can be seen glowering from TCR at earlier protests)
    [*]Bob Keenan
    [*]Marianne Rowell

    I would imagine there are one or two more.
  37. Re: Scifag in London PD Command???

    I tried google seach of Tracey Coleman and got seriously sidetracked!

  38. anonalogue Member

    Re: Scifag in London PD Command

    If London PD and Hurley aren't clams, then they've been sorely duped. So here's a little poison for the PR well!

    Since Hurley was so keen to speak about the Volunteer Ministers and their "good works" on July 7th specifically, I wonder if he and others in the department have been pointed towards the 2006 investigative piece BBC 5 Live did on CCHR and the VMs. In it, an undercover journalist gets tape of the London director of CCHR and a handful of volunteers admitting their true purpose that day -- keeping REAL mental health workers away from the scene to protect the victims' "spiritual security":
    Youtube - BBC Five Live Radio Investigate CCHR

    Chew on that one for a little while. Full transcript is here: BBC Radio report on Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Full report (realplayer only) found here: BBC iPlayer - Radio - Audio on Demand. Definitely worth the 40 minute listen - some pretty sweet footbullets to be found there.

    Han the marpoons!
  39. Re: Scifag in London PD Command???

    If you want to bring down the Scifag PR in UK, you have to get Bob Keenan removed or get him to blow, ala Mike Rinder. He is THE senior PR for all UK. Having said that, he is chicken-shit when it comes to going on TV or even radio. He makes Janet Laveau do it and then complains about how crap she was. Oh, Keenan is Mr Charming himself one-on-one with people like Hurley. That is how Scn has made the headway it has PR-wise in UK - BK's one-on-one wooing of VIPs. But when it comes to appearing in media, he is shit. He needs to be drawn into that arena. If somebody could get someone like John Sweeney to challenge Bob to a debate on LRH, well if BK doesn't do it he is chicken-shit and a fake. If he does do it, he will be cremated by Sweeney. Ever wonder why the official LRH bio never came out? Because it can't! They can't document their fairy tales about him and they can't refute the black PR. So Sweeney (or whoever) would have a field day with him. The PR flap has to be so big that he gets disowned by Miscavige, who BK allegedly has an amicable relationship with. But we all know being in DM's good graces is never permanent, don't we? Keenan should have gone down for that Panorama flap in '07, but Rinder got burned in the end. Rinder was visible so he got "shot". Now its BK's turn, but Mr Invisible needs to be drawn out into public view and humiliated to get DM to turn on him. So if you want to burn the PR lines you "burn" Keenan by getting him disowned by Miscavige, end of story.

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