Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnotherSP, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. enigma Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    great advice here. we are working on carrying out many of the suggestions here. i will look into lawyering up with a local lawyer since mine is in san diego.
  2. Dubber Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I'm not sure this is really the effective approach. Cops don't know whether material you give them is accurate and don't care. What's needed (and maybe it's been discussed in this thread) is a letter to the PD from the anons who were present, explaining how your rights were violated and how the police behaved unprofessionally in this specific case.
  3. Plups Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    That is not the case in Western Australia, unless you are referring to the prohibition on recording telephone conversations. Every state is different when it comes to face-to-face recordings.
  4. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Another thing:

    When haggling with lawyers, make sure to point out the added media exposure due to Project Chanology. They will cut you a deal.
  5. Plups Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Anon Punching Bag, I'm glad you're okay, but totally understand how shocking it must have been both to be assaulted and to have the police officer turn out to be such an incompetent unprofessional. Well done on complaining to the police about her conduct (and really the second cop should have stood up to her, so his conduct is at issue too).

    Keep us informed, please. And be safe.
  6. Hoo Phar Ted Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    This is an interesting take if I am reading this correctly. Because even though you are filming from outside, unfortunately the scilons inside their own building would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Now that being said, it could run a fine line I think because you could just be filming the exterior of the building and just happen to capture a scilon inside of the building on film. This would be a good question for any lawyers that might be reading this. If I was still patrolling and this would come up, personally I would probably say fair is fair, if they are going to blatantly and visibly film you from a window, I would see no problem in you filming them back from a public place, as long as you weren't trying to film the actual internal activities of the building.

    This comes down to a similar thing where fine lines run, an example, that if a guy is walking down the sidewalk and looks at a house and happens to see a girl standing naked in front of her window but keeps walking, is he a peeping tom? Law would generally say no because he was minding his own business in a public place and just happened to glance in that direction. He did not encroach on the naked girls private property to sneak a peak. And because she did it in front of an open window, would have no expectation of full privacy as she could have taken steps towards better privacy, I.E. closing the curtains or showing discretion. But if the same girl is an exhibitionist and doing it on purpose, she can't turn around an press charges on a guy walking by minding his own business because she coerced him into looking either.

    Again a lawyer would be able to lay it out clearer. In anything law there are always going to be fine lines. And interpretation will usually need to show an intentional violation.
  7. zosozodiac Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I know Alvin, he's really decent guy and was pretty weirded out today. He's debating his options on how to react as smart as possible to this situation and that's one mistake they made picking him to attack.
  8. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Here's Alvin's videos, unfortunately the camera didn't record during the actual assault, he was turning it on when he was attacked.

    Our conversation with him, to me it looks as though he is high:
    YouTube - Crazy Violent Seattle Scientologist part 1

    After the attack, when the Assault Scilon is in his car:
    YouTube - Seattle Scientology assault Pt 2

    No video after the cops arrive, the first thing she told us to do was put away the cameras.
  9. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I back off my previous position that the anon should press charges in this case. The advice here in this thread is probably wise. Leave it alone if there were no injuries. tough call.
  10. Anon20132 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Tourists in my area had better hope they never get a beef with me now then. They all 'Secretly' film me and record my voice.

    And they wave to me from the top of the bus. Thats harrassment. So if we get the same situation here, it'll give me legal precident to throw a petrol bomb into open top buses filled with chinese buisnessmen will it?

    I don't know masses about the states legal system, but I know you were clearly on public land, and clearly exercising your right to protest. Something amendment.

    Personally... about the cop: I think prehaps copper there (if not on the Co$ payroll parttime) sees Co$ as a church, just like any other religion. If you were a christian and saw protesters outside a church, you would be confused and agitated im sure. They may simply not be well informed about the parctices of Co$, seeing us as some kind of stanistic atheist sect bent of firebombing everything with a cross.

    Oh bugger, I sound like I'm defending the dozy tosser. Still, just might make our efforts even more worthwhile... if so many people still dont know what Co$ is really all about.

    Glad your ok guys. Keep spaced out and film each other, that way you wont be intentionally secretly filming anyone who might not want it. Unless they come to you with the proverbial Mega Beef.
  11. AnonHeMussed Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    This is all true. I would have asked for a badge number, some clarification on why the assaulted had become the suspect and a number of other things, if she hadn't essentially said that if I even kept talking she would make things harder on Alvin. I did ask for clarification on the point that she was citing the 'law' of not being able record audio, she just rolled her eyes and rattled off "yeah, it's illegal". I asked about their security cameras, and she says "no audio on those cameras". It was around that time she started saying things like "he's getting off lightly" and "Ok, don't be getting all 'like that', sir" etc, etc. so I backed off, even in my obvious dismay. My deep after-impression was that she was one of two things, both equally as dangerous:

    1. A lazy police officer who just doesn't feel like filling out the paperwork.

    2. A scilon conspirator who at the very least has friendly ties to this cult, if not membership.

    Considering ALL of our dealings thus far with the Seattle police have been more than amiable, it was just a very startling thing to have to deal with, and I showed up right in the middle of her half-assed 'investigation'.

    In light of all this we are holding an 'Assault on Anonymous Memorial Protest' next Wednesday the 11th, outside the Seattle org. It's starting at 5 pm and going till whenever, so we hope anyone who can attend will definitely do so! We accept out of towners too (as unlikely as it would be to get you all to fly in)!

    Here are links to details: - Assault on Anonymous Memorial Protest - Assault on Anonymous Memorial Protest
  12. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    It is most definitely illegal (in California at least, which is all the law I know) for CIVIL litigation. I.e. you cannot invite your boss over for dinner at a restaurant and chat him up about your underhanded business practices while both video and sound recording are going. CRIMINAL litigation is another thing entirely; tape of an assault is most definitely viable evidence.

    Note that on private property, people have the "expectation of privacy", so a tape of an assault on private property might be disputed. However, in public you do not have that expectation. So much of it depends on where the Scientologist was while you were filming - whether *he* was on private property. Hoo Phar Ted has covered much of this well.
  13. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I most definitely agree with Alvin's choice, you guys don't have any solid evidence and since it's your words vs there's clearly the cops are taking theirs over yours right now. The best thing you can do is give us the officer's ID and we can maybe make some complaints at the department. Next time, and I know laws vary but I think she's fucking with you, I think you should continue to film despite what she says. I don't care if you have to conceal it. Any officer who doesn't want you filming has something to hide.

    Again I know it's easy for me to say since I'm all the way down south, but you have absolutely no leverage over her if you comply. It's going to be a trying task but you guys missed some very important stuff, don't let it happen again.
  14. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I just did what she said and didn't think about it, I should have pointed the camera down and still recorded. Not that it would have mattered in this case, she pulled Alvin onto scilon property where we couldn't follow so I wouldn't have been able to record what she said to him. I guess HE could have kept recording with the camera on around his neck.
  15. pooks Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I just sent you a PM

    I have someone that will liaise between anon and the police.
  16. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    This bitch seriously sounds like she's on the take from Scientology. You guys watch yourselves next time you see her. Better yet have us all watch her.

    If she's not one herself she's one of their secret police
  17. Anon115 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    This angers me every time I read it :\


    The only time they can ask you to turn off the cameras is if you're "interfering in an investigation". Passive filming is not interference.

    Whenever you go out protesting, know the laws. Memorize them. Print them out if you want. Even if you don't though, if a policeman is giving you orders with no legal basis that infringe upon your rights, you are stubbornly refusing, and someone is filming... if the PD doesn't care, the media will :)
  18. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I've looked around for a while now, trying to find the Supreme Court decisions concerning reasonable expectation of privacy in public places, and I can't find any. The Washington Supreme Court has a decision allowing 'upskirt' photography in public (they ruled in Washington v. Glas (2002) that the state's voyeurism statute doesn't apply to public places), so I take it the filming here was on safe legal ground. And I can find a lot of other state supreme court and appellate court decisions. But I'd like to know the Supreme Court decision.

    So can anyone provide specific resources on filming in public and US law?
  19. IsThisOn? Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Seriously guys, read up on photography and privacy rights, read what someone posted before I did, the link..

    Bert P. Krages Attorney at Law Photographer's Rights Page

    Now to address this again, it doesn't matter if you are inside public property, behind a fence, etc, etc...if you can be seen from a public place, you have no right to an expectation of privacy! If I am standing on bridge, and I can see into your back yard, and you're sunbathing nude...guess what? You have no claim.
  20. Hollow Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    In all seriousness, I think you did the right thing. If you feel that someone's life may be in jeopardy you should put down the camera and do something about it. Ideally, there should be another able bodied anon with you so that you don't have to do that, but in an emergency the person's well being takes precedence. It's too bad that the footage was missed, but we'll expose their practices in time.

    Just as an additional comment, if someone is being assaulted try to simply pull them off or physically restrain them. In my opinion, we don't want to punch any scilon for any reason. I mean yeah, we'd like to punch them :wink: , but it's much better for us, as a whole, if they're the only ones resorting to violence.
  21. Hoo Phar Ted Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I'm going to disagree with you a little bit, so don't take offense :). Yes, I believe that if someone's life is in imminent danger and it is a life and death situation and you can do something to help you should. But in the same respect I don't want to see any hero's getting themselves injured worse than the original person if it is something that started as simple assault and here's my reasoning. Having worked private security and been ex-law enforcement, and this includes some bodyguard work, and I'm a martial artist as well, have been for over 16 years in multiple disciplines, a simple assault such as this can turn very violent very quick even with "simply pulling them off or physically restraining them". That's because at first the situation is one-on-one, the moment a 2nd or third anon/bystander jumps in, even if just to defuse the situation the scilon will most likely try to change it up that he was jumped by multiple people and trying to defend himself, which will cause them to resort to more violent means, which would not end with simply pulling them off. This is where the video is imperative. Even if it means turning it on, pointing it in the direction of the scuffle or just the first few seconds of it, you at least then have initial proof that the violence was not started by yourselves, and anything you did after that can be claimed as self defense, especially if the one being assaulted can't defend himself properly by the attacker. The cops and, if it goes to court, judges and lawyers go by a Use of Force model and by following that model it is determined whether an appropriate amount of force was applied to defuse the situation. Just the right amount of force can be deemed self defense, too much force can be deemed assault, or aggravated assault.

    That being said also be careful if restraining. If you can properly perform a citizens arrest you shouldn't have much problem, again if you have video or impartial witnesses and you make it loudly known that you are performing a citizens arrest until police show up. Otherwise the scilons could claim that you were holding them against their will for no reason. And without proof of a citizens arrest, you could in fact be the one going to jail for unlawful confinement or kidnapping, and yes, kidnapping charges can and have been laid in the past even though a person is still in public view and not taken from an area.

    Bottom line is I feel for the individuals involved, the moral thing in most peoples heads would tell them to break up the fight or intervene, the logical thing though is to make sure you have evidence, video, photos, etc. before any type of intervening, otherwise it turns into a "he said, she said" type of incident. The scilons are pushing more and more towards provoking violence. The problem is their provoking, harrassment or simple assault charges are going to be nothing compared to full assault should anyone decide to fight back beyond the realm of self defense. They are trying to get you riled up so that your anger takes you out of that "reasonable thought" mode of thinking and into the "blind rage" mode. It's just a more intense, non-verbal form of bullbaiting, don't fall for it.

    sorry again for the tl;dr :)
  22. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    This is easier said than done.

    CamAnons aren't trained journalists dying to get footage. Most do the best they can with simple equipment, no training and certainly no training in how to film during a crisis.

    We also aren't organized to respond to crisis like real life news teams are.

    I really think anons should use whistles because on a noisy street, we camanons can't tell what's going on ten feet away when we're camming something else. That way every anon who sees it can whistle for help and bring the camAnon running and encourage continued filming.

    The CamAnon in this case was worried about the assault of his fellow-anon and his focus was to stop his friend from being hurt further--not YouTube footage. Very humane of him.

    Next top, I'm sure my fellow CamAnon will be quicker to push his cam buttons.
  23. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member


    I am looking for a plain cap to write on "ANON TV FILMING NOW" after this statement!:alien:
  24. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member


    I keep my cam flap OPEN at all times. They do not know when I am filming and when I am not since they can't get close enuff to see. I keep one 1/2 hour battery I DO NOT USE at all times in case of emergency.

    And CoS behaves reasonably at everything I've been at because they don't know when the film is rolling.
  25. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Don't forget about Rodney King. :)

    That was on someone's personal video camera.

    <insert echos of "Can't we all just get along?">
  26. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    My fav I saw one day was "PUT DOWN THE DONUTS AND NOBODY GETS HURT"
  27. AnonHeMussed Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I agree that what happened was the best possible course, as far as violence is concerned. As to all the complaints about lacking footage due to not recording every second, for the majority of the time outside the Seattle org (I would say 95% of the time) there is nobody coming or going, and we are literally just standing outside what may as well be an empty building for a few hours, with 4 or 5 scilons who quickly enter and exit. Because of that we have essentially kept our cameras at the ready to record, which is why you are seeing footage that starts immediately following the incident. Being taken by surprise by an attack like that, in what i understand was a matter of seconds, you really cannot blame anyone for not having their first thought be 'camera'.

    As far as recording the officer goes, when a police person who already appears to be against you asks you to shut your camera off, you shut your camera off. There is no end to the number of make believe charges she certainly would have tried to pin on us just for not liking us, that much was clear. There was no way the small group of anons was going to endager themselves needlessly at that time, and I don't blame them. Just having my questions shot down by that cop was one of the most helpless feelings I've had in a long time, I can only imagine what it put the guy who actually got BEAT UP through.

    As useless as it has seemed to constantly be recording nothing at all happening, it is just something we in Seattle are going to have to come to terms with, obviously. Up until this point the relations with the SPD have been nothing short of excellent, and the scilons have rarely even uttered a word to us, so I hope you can understand why constant filming has appeared up to this point to be nothing more than a waste of resources, when we could just as easily intermittently film. Things have clearly changed, but I just wanted to make clear why there isn't more footage, when there is great want for it.

    Fool me once, etc. etc.
  28. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Whistles are a good idea, could get fairgame alert or something printed on them, they cost nothing

    couple of short toots and every hits record, a loud blast and everyone dial 911
  29. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Bullies target convenient victims to them [it's in THEIR head, it's not about what YOU do] and use the fear generated to keep everyone else that witnessed the bullying in a state of fear. It's not about the target [you] it's about how much general fear they can engender. CoS does this to their own members regularly and they will use the same tactics on us
  30. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    A possible option I know of when someone saw a cop beating a suspect they were told "interfering with an investigation"--the woman moved across the street and zoomed in--getting the last few minutes of the beating on tape.

    We might want to consider this possibility as CamAnons.


    MODS--CAN WE GET A CAMANON THREAD ONLY FOR CAMANONS? Talk about what we do right-what we do wrong--and help each other? And ask questions?

    As a CamAnon, I know I have a habit of beating myself for all the nifty things I *didn't* get on camera.
  31. meatpopsicle Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    this ^^^

    again, do not ask police what is legal, they are not lawyers. and yes, every anon should have some kind of video recording capability at the ready. multiple angles means multiple proof. don't bother reporting the bad police; it will just namefag you for the ones that are friendly with $ci. just be patient and record everything.
  32. Veszerin Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    cop did horrible job.

    Seattle Cops < Dekalb cops??? maybe i'm taking this a little too far, but it seems seattle's police dept. is obviously crap.

    did you get badge #?
  33. Hoo Phar Ted Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I have that one here somewhere LOL. You'd be surprised what some officers collect over the years. See attached image. Also just stumbled across this site AntiTicket - Home . If I was still an officer and someone handed me this for something minor, I would have laughed my ass off. But it would still be against our code to accept it as a gift/bribe.
  34. ZEB Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    you cant denounce a whole police department for the failings of 1 lazy/biased? cop. most cops, from my experience(i have quite a bit), are good( british and dutch police). you will always eventually run into a cop who is lazy or on a power trip.
  35. Veszerin Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    ya, maybe i took it a lil too far. My apologies.

    yes, most cops are good.

    but then there are the cops that give the entire profession a bad name.

    this is one of those methinks.
  36. ZEB Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    or the cop is biased towards $cientology.

    this cop was terrible. but from what ive read before didnt the anons in seattle normally have good relations with seattle PD. it seems it is just this 1 cop thats a problem. and the $cientology chaplains in the PD that someone reported.
  37. Post the cop's name

    AnonSP, you should obtain and post the power-trippy cop's name here. There are a lot of talented Anons and OG reading here who can investigate if there's a connection between her and Scientology. Some OG have insider info (connections, records and memory) that is not obtainable through other online means (such as public records and google).

    Don't add it only to your own "to do list" -- let some others help. The length of this thread should show you that Anon-people care.
  38. pooks Member

    This is from a Scientology magazine called Centre Magazine.

    Centre Magazine is the magazine of SMI or Scientology Missions International.

    Missions are basically &quot;small orgs&quot;. Missions don't deliver as many Scn courses
    or services as an Org would. Missions are there to recruit new people into
    Scn, and then &quot;route them&quot; or send them to the larger orgs for more services.

    Scanned pics below the text of the article

    This data is over 5 years old, but I thought it was important to post.

    Centre Mag
    The Mission Journal Issue 78 [circa Feb 03]



    TWO PAGE PHOTO: Mission Holder Diane Gagon driving in the passenger seat of a Seattle Police Car, looking very smug.

    Diane Gagon, Mission Holder for Seattle and Bellingham, accepted an invitation from the Seattle Police Department Chaplain John Oas to attend a meeting at the West Precinct police headquarters to discuss the expansion of the Police Departement's Chaplaincy Program.

    In the words of Chaplain Oas, &quot;It is our hope that a diverse group of Seattle's religious leaders will find an interest in building a partnership with the Department to serve the
    needs of our community.&quot;

    Diane, an ordained minister, contacted Ann Pearce, the Director of Special Affaires Seattle Org (also an ordained minister) about this new opportunity to expand the role of the VM program in Washington State. In response to the call from Chaplain Oas, Diane, Ann and Jeff Lake, the Clear Expansion Committee's Volunteer Minister In-Charge, attended the first meeting at the West precinct.

    With members of various denominations-Roman Catholic, Lutheran , Unitarian, Assemblies of God, Christian Science, Seventh Day Adventist and others-they crowded into the meeting room to hear about this pilot program that would bring help to those in need in the community. Throughout the evening, a great deal of enthusiasm was generated for what would become the new Seattle Police Department (SPD) Community Chaplaincy Program.

    After the meeting, the Church of Scientology ministers met with Chaplain Oas and gave him a booklet on the Scientology Volunteer Minister program to enlighten him on its purpose and activities. In total, twenty of the attendees applied to become Associate Chaplains with the new program. However, during the months of the application progress (sic), (should be process) a
    number of the other religious ministers dropped out of the program.


    Chaplain OAS knew the need for chaplain services was great in the area and asked the VMs to provide additional ministers, as he wanted a substantial group that could adequately respond to those needs. The number of Scientologists associated with the Chaplaincy Program increased from 3 to 5. Every VM trained for the program at the SPD Training Center in Seattle. During the training, Ann was appointed by Chaplain Oas to be on his Advisory Board with ministers from a local Lutheran and Unitarian Church. This board would help set future policy for the operation of the Chaplaincy Program.

    Upon completion of the training program, the Seattle Police Chief and Chaplain Oas presented certificates to the first 19 Associate Chaplain graduates. Chaplain Oas even specially mentioned the administrative assistance the VMs had given him throughout the program. The VM's were now ready for new challenges.


    The first call came early on a Tuesday morning to new Associate Chaplain Diane Gagon. A man had been murdered in the north end of Seattle, and Chaplain Oas asked her and another Associate Chaplain to respond with him to the scene. The two Associate Chaplains were on hand to give aid to the victim's sister and her children.

    Having set a precedent for the VM Program, Diane and her team of VM's have placed themselves in a position to create a huge demand for LRH's solutions to help their community. To provide this support, Chaplain Oas now intends to increase the number of Associate Chaplains to 50 in the coming months and more Volunteer Ministers will be called upon to join the program.


    In addition to the Chaplaincy Program, Seattle's VMs were recently in the spotlight when they helped handle an emergency situation right outside the doors of the Seattle Org. Heavy rains in downtown Seattle had blocked up a storm drain with debris, causing flooding on a major highway which runs directly past the Seattle Org. The flooding then spilled over onto another major road, effectively stopping traffic and causing a huge backup. Water started to seep into buildings including the Seattle Org - something had to be done about it!

    Volunteer Minister Rocky Smith leapt into action, removing the blockage and stopping the severe flooding. In the meantime, news teams from local FOX
    affiliate Channel 5 TV arrived at the org to cover the story, including an interview with Rocky. Zoe, the DSA PR, gave a VM publication to a reporter, resulting in [a] positive feature story about the flooding and the help from a Scientology Volunteer Minister.

    Seattle's Volunteer Ministers have also been active in helping improve their environment, such a park and street cleanups, graffiti paintouts and beautification projects. The Scientology Environmental Task Force, under the leadership of VM Jeff Lake, has garnered national recognition for its work in the community. The Task Force was also cited as a &quot;local hero&quot; in USA
    Weekend magazine for its activities in Seattle's Kinnear Park, which included the donation of a park bench and plaque dedicated to &quot;Our American Heroes of September 11th&quot;.

    The Task Force recently received a letter from Seattle Major Greg Nickels. In the letter, Major Nickels expressed his appreciation for the Task Force's community work: &quot;While local government has an important role to play, it is active citizens like you who take the initiative to accept responsibility for our neighborhoods and work to make them better places that really make the important contributions to Seattle, and I commend you for it.&quot;

    Centre Magazine Issue 78 Feb 03 Cover


    Centre Magazine Issue 78 Feb 03 page 8


    Centre Magazine Issue 78 Feb 03 page 9


    Centre Magazine Issue 78 Feb 03 page 10


    Centre Magazine Issue 78 Feb 03 page 11

  39. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the article. We have most of our scilons pics and names on our id chart we take around, so we definitely know who Diane Gagon is, but it's good to get more info on the whole chaplain aspect since some people have viewed it as suspect.

    Quick update as to what Seattle Anons are currently doing:
    - Have written complaints and sent it to the SPD Office of Professional Accountability
    - Have contacted our media sources to get some coverage of this
    - Set up a raid in response to the attack, for next wednesday (one week after), focusing soley on the attack, and will most likely stay until mightnight (many classes don't release until 11ish) w/a candlelight vigel.
    - will be meeting with the police to talk about this incident and also learning in what ways we can prevent this from happening/protect ourselves as well as requesting that the particular cop not be sent to the location again.
    -trying to get more of our members to buy/bring/borrow video cameras
  40. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Cool, we just got someone from the ACLU saying that they will come and monitor all of our protests. Freaking sweet!

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