Scilon attorney Elliott Abselson recovering from kidney transplant..

Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by Anonymous, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    All the vids he is in are maDE GONE BY THE cHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY

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  2. Anonymous Member


  3. Anonymous Member

    who's kidney?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Gold Baseis missing a Sea Orger
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Why did he allow his kidney to fail?
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  6. I think his kidney was fed up with him

    Sane answer: He drinks alot because his conscience is not clear
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  7. his liver would have failed, moron. wrong organ, lol
  8. You Scientologists are not well educated, Kidney failure is alsoo a side effect of heavy drinking

    That is a life listening to L Ron Hubbard will do for you
  9. RightOn Member

    choke on it
  10. So a young Sea Org kid DID loose a kidney, is that what you are saying ?
  11. What do you think ? Sea Org kid lost a kidney ?
  12. I am going to say it. He should have died
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Be patient. The organ failure bus should arrive soon...
  14. The Internet Member

    Modern medicine saves yet another anti-science douchebag's life. Probably not even a thank-you. Just more political action to put quackery on the same footing as actual, careful research.

    My cousins made me watch a Superman movie recently, the one where the evil scientists destroy Krypton by making all their babies in weird containers so they come out programed in a certain way. Superman's father is an exception. He and the missus make a baby the old fashioned way, which upsets many. Anyway, long story short: Hollywood warned me for the eleventieth time that scientists are cold hearted and twisted. Beware science. Pure evil.

    Fuck Hollywood, Scientology, and Abelson, the lot of them, for all their lies. Science is mostly about being ridiculously honest.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Random guy Member

    I'm usually not into the "clam should have gone belly up" camp, but I'll make an exception for this case. He's a lawyer, he knows that the shit he's doing is illegal. He's the type if lawyer who justifies all the lawyer jokes. Giving him a new kidney is a bloody waste.
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  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    There's better uses for that kidney. Making beans for us to eat, for instance.
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