Scilons coming to North York (Toronto)!

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Re: Scilons coming to North York (Toronto)!

    I sure hope so!

    Gentlemen, please; this is important. /R/ undercover anon disguised as a passerby recon the DFM booth to see if they're handing out the booklet confiscated by the Northern Territory Health Dept. in Australia and, if possible, obtain one. It has the popular Scilon theme of hands reaching for each other on the cover of the copies held up by Aborigines. This would be VERY relevant to our Australian interests.

    I would have on hand a few printouts of the Aussie story for LEO, who will undoubtedly be bawwed at by the Drug Free Marshals.

    Perhaps Xenu's Rangers should pay them a visit. After you've acquired the target booklet, of course.
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  4. Re: Scilons coming to North York (Toronto)!

    I don't know what that says but I don't like the look of it. Scientology targetting the immigrant demographics who may not know the dirt on the cult because they are too busy trying to learn English, working, raising a family, and trying to make a fresh start in their new home. Sneaky and lowdown. Those bastards are trying to CULTivate allies from different ethinc communities and in the end get [STRIKE]new converts[/STRIKE] more money.
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    Re: Scilons coming to North York (Toronto)!


    Scilons seem to be determined to target Asians recently.

    Sydney photos - Page 3 - Ex Scientologist Message Board


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    Re: Scilons coming to North York (Toronto)!

    it's the 10th and I haven't been on here in ages... I guess I missed something important. Oh well....

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