Sclion Art and Culture- The Spritual Beingness of Plants & Theta

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  2. I love the regging.
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    So I am a good troll? Thanks Cancer. From you that means a lot.
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  4. You had me fooled ;(
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    where's Ted's masterpieces?
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    so many people, someone call the riot police. the ex's want their families back
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    that crowd of people will be people attending the "everything must go" tag sale when they fold
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  10. wandering body-thetan clusters that converge on the opening of every new Ideal org....
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    Harming Artists: Psychiatry Ruins Creativity

    A Message to Artists
    Every great society has its creative minds—its true artists. From Ancient Greece and Rome, through the Renaissance to the world today, Mankind has revered men and women of exceptional artistic ability.
    As renowned American writer Henry James once said, “It is art that makes life.” His words are no less true today, for indeed, artists are the individuals who dream our future and create the realities of tomorrow. True, so do engineers and businesspersons and visionaries in other fields, but by and large the futures they create revolve around our material well-being. It is the artist who lifts the spirit, makes us laugh and cry and can even shape the spiritual future of our culture. It is artists who make life.
    This explains, then, why artists remain the most cherished of human assets the world over.

    Unfortunately, in many cases, they are assets we have lost too soon—losses that have left us poorer. In recent decades we have all mourned the untimely deaths of great artists who enriched our lives, yet left before their work was done. Luminaries of literature, the screen, the theater and the concert stage, names such as Ernest Hemingway, France’s great writer Antonin Artaud, jazz singer Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh, Kurt Cobain, Michael Hutchence, Phil Hartman and many, many more.
    Faced with even this partial list, it would be easy to form the impression that the lives of artists are unavoidably tumultuous and that for some, the pressures of success bring demands too great to be borne. It would also be easy to believe that to be a successful artist you must be neurotic or some sort of tragic figure.
    None of this is true.
    In each of the cases above, hidden influences worked to ensure the deadly outcome. The truth is, each of these great artists and many of the others who have left us were offered “help.” Instead they were betrayed and placed on a path which assured their destruction.
    This betrayal came through the direct or indirect influence of psychiatrists or psychologists, who claimed they would help but were, in effect, a destructive influence that left these artists dreadfully damaged—or dead—after their foundations of strength and certainty were torn away.

    Today there is an added urgency that this message be heard and understood, for the assault upon artists of every genre has only increased in both volume and efficiency. The weapons now include an array of deadly drugs that masquerade as therapeutic cures, just as the prefrontal lobotomy once did. In Hollywood, the mecca of the entertainment industry, those mind-altering and addictive psychotropic drugs are exacting too high a cost in creative lives.

    Quite apart from the devastation being spread within the ranks of artists themselves, we must not forget: Artists create the future of our culture.
    Is this the future we face? One in which we will follow these leaders of public opinion into the brave new therapeutic world of stunted creative personalities, ruined families, wasted lives and self-destruction?
    If this seems alarmist, then review the figures below—they show what the future holds unless some drastic changes are made quickly: Currently, more than 20 million children around the world are prescribed mind-altering psychiatric drugs, including antidepressants that both United Kingdom and United States drug regulatory agencies have warned can cause suicide and violent behavior. Indeed, the increasing incidence of school shootings and violent crime among teens can be traced to the proliferation of these drugs being prescribed them. Millions are also prescribed stimulants that are more potent than cocaine.

    Among these millions, consider how many potentially great artists will never fulfill their destiny? And how will our culture suffer from their absence?
    We have mourned the great artists we have lost too soon. Let’s not grieve for more.

    The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International prepares up-to-the-minute information and studies that assist authors and scriptwriters with material and facts on the subject of psychiatry. This has included the book, Shadowland, the story of actress Frances Farmer; compelling evidence provided “60 Minutes” in Australia, which led to national television awards for the program, and case studies for documentaries aired on Channel 4 UK, in Germany, Italy and in other countries. In fact, CCHR’s international headquarters is in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard and houses a state of the art permanent museum, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, with 14 one-of-a-kind documentaries on various aspects of psychiatry—ranging from its dark history to its role in the Holocaust; from detestable ethnic cleansing and apartheid programs and racism to the harmful and often fatal effects of its treatments such as dangerous and addictive psychotropic drugs, electroshock, psychosurgery and stimulants used for child drugging.

    The Museum and CCHR’s decades of research are resources for screenwriters, television scriptwriters, playwrights and novelists. We urge you to work with us to further disseminate this information; and protect those artists who need help, ensuring that our future is not betrayed.

    Jan EastgatePresident
    CCHR International

    Bruce Wiseman President
    CCHR United States

    CCHR Scientology link
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    "and protect those artists who need help, ensuring that our future is not betrayed."

    oh hai Jan Eastgate!
    You mean like how you protected that girl that was being abused by her father and hid it from authorities and then lied? And how you betrayed her?
    criminal much?
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    This is informative, but whats in the green boxes? my eyes are bad, are those supposed to be faces or hidden messages? Or are those "theatans"

    any, thank you for the posts on their culture. I am analyzing scilon culture for guerrilla pamphlets, pamphlets that any anon can print off once uploaded here and place in high scilon traffic areas. They may try to ignore it as entheta, but once something is seen, it cant be unseen. Two girls one cup has proven this true....
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    Green Boxes are a part of that site, roll it around while there and you get a close up. It unintentionally comes up when screenshooting.
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    still unsold Ted? :D

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    This is worse than the Kincaid shit Karen sells.
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    what is this? sci fi? Links plox
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    Quite true. At least with the Kincaid shit, fun can be had...
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    I just got the NASA anniversary documentary set on Blu-ray (recommended) and they show a few rocket launches like that. In the "and then they went back to the drawing board and came up with a working solution" part of the introduction. (or even, "the new contractor made rockets that didn't blow up.")
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    labeled creepy and found at a flea market.
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    Scientologist (ahem! artist) Owen York. I call it Will Riker about to be headbutted by a Goat while his sad girlfriend audits the cat.
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    L.A. Craigslist. my bold:
    Battlefield Earth Rare Special Edition LRH Signed - $3450 (LOS ANGELES)

    Battlefield Earth Rare Special Edition LRH Signed 818-914-6431 - (LOS ANGELES)
    - (BOOK Brand NEW Condition -)
    Original Cost $12,500 in 1982 and appreciating in value ever since.
    BOOK Brand NEW Condition !!
    Beautiful leather binding, gold lettering and gilt-edged pages. Rosewood case with red velvet lining and silk gloves for handling. Never used, so still NEW. Bridge Publications Sells for $20,000, if they can find one. I accepted this property as collateral for a loan, and that's why I can sell it so inexpensively. I'm also open to fair offers. I have pictures o send to interested parties. ### Book is Signed by L. Ron Hubbard,
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    Scientology kitsch collection. This is a keeper.
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    You guys wanna go half and have a book burning in clearwater in Sept. as well?
  32. I lol'd
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    this is painful
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    Smell my SCI Armpit

    York is also quick to point out that if he hadn’t become a Scientologist he probably wouldn’t be painting at all.

    hahaha no shit!
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    The effects of smoking blue asbestos.
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    Is it ... for real ... I mean, not ironic or anything?

    Good Lord Xenu protect me from stupid!
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