ScnTO's Very Own Last Chance Thread

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DeathHamster, May 15, 2011.

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  1. ScnTO Member

    You can't have a conversation with a computer virus.
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  2. Loki's spawn Member

    If you have the originals and the new ones, why buy the new ones, if they're unaltered?
    Also, no, I haven't read Dianetics. I got about a page through. Pretty dry reading.
  3. anonymous612 Member


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  4. Anonymous Member

    You can't have a conversation with a computer virus.
  5. ScnTO Member

    The Devil was an Angel.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    How do you prove that? How do you prove WHO changed the tech? Do you have proof that it was the SPs that altered it, or was it Management that altered the text to make you buy both sets of books. Oh, and of course every version of the book is counted in those stats. So when they say (for example) Dianetics has sold 30 million copies, what they really mean is, they sold 6 million copies 5 times to the same sheep.
  7. Loki's spawn Member

    So you are a computer virus! It explains so much.
  8. anonymous612 Member

  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    OMG!!!!! These are their actual prices? 8 400 dollars to learn about Xenu? They charge 12 000 dollars for a run down of 12.5 hours? No fucking way! I knew it was a racket, but I'm really surprised how expansive it is!!!!!!!!!!!
    And how come OVII is so cheap? Did they run out of intergalactic stories to tell by the time they got to VII?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    You can't have a conversation with a computer virus.
  12. ScnTO Member

    I wanted to cross reference and see the alterations.

    The new editions also have a nice index and glossary.
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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    If only there was a course designed to shatter suppression!!! something called like, "PTS/SP Confront and Shatter Suppression"

    Man I wish we had some tech that could get rid of all those evil people.....
  15. Anonymous Member

    You can't have a conversation with a computer virus.
  16. n3uromanc3r Member

    You mean like with Hubbard's wife and 10 other top officials in Operation Snow White?

    I'll concede the point.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Still can't prove WHO made the alterations.... Was it management, or some disinterested publishing company that altering the tech could make them liable to a lawsuit....

    Too bad we didn't sue them for publishing the wrong material.... Usually that's called "Breach Of Contract" when I pay you to publish my book and you make changes to it that I didn't agree to.
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  19. n3uromanc3r Member

    Truefax. Maybe I'll go smoke a bowl. It'll be a better use of my time.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    You can't have a conversation with a computer virus.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. ScnTO Member

    Join the Sea Org at Bridge Publications and find out the truth.

    Regardless if it says L. Ron Hubbard on the end you have to read it yourself and see if it makes sense.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    You can't have a conversation with a computer virus.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Honey, the grownups and ScnTO are talking now, we can play later.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    How much of a "last chance" does this clown get? It's been 16 pages, and it's still drivel or unanswered questions.
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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. n3uromanc3r Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    What was the end of that story? I hope they brought charges. This lady clearly needs more Dianetics classes, because she is mental. I just couldn't believe it when she punched the anon so hard, right on his face!!!
  29. Loki's spawn Member

    Hey, faggot, are you Clear?
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Man... if only LRH's Handwritten notes could be scanned, and compiled into a PDF file that could easily be distributed to make sure there weren't any alterations. That wouldn't require very much money at all. You need $500 for a computer and Scanner, access to the handwritten notes, and some Sea Orgers that are paid $50 a week to scan page after page of notes. That way ANYONE can make sure there aren't any alterations. And then you could host it ona website and have dissemination really easily. Even Herro suggested how easy it would be to spread the word of Scientology like that.

    Oh well, that would require actually being interested in helping people and getting people into the Church. Man to bad that's really to hard to do....

    Oh well I can have pipe dreams right? oh wait, that's a waste of time to dream isn't it?
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  31. COREarg Member


    Oh,and someone seems to be on the 1.5 tone. No no, to the RPF with you. You are supposed to be acting like a little kid laughing like a maniac calm,defiant and resolute.
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  32. slobeck Member

    That's because it's really a hallmark of a cult to do so.
    paraphrase: would they let me read ot8 for free?
    Well, slap me in the face with a 70lb sea bass and call me Edna! This is the first honest thing you've yet said. Gratz
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  33. slobeck Member

    Funny, how the Catholics seem to be able to maintain 1000's of cathedrals all over the world and pay off abuse victims and pay its clergy and run hundreds of charities all on parishioner donations WITHOUT selling a single thing
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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. n3uromanc3r Member

    Of course you can't read OT8 for free. It would be, as ScnTO said, like trying to teach calculus to a four-year-old. Better to start with the arithmetic. Better yet, make people pay for any and all math knowledge. The Truth will set you free, but it will cost you first.
  36. Anonymous Member

    LOL'd again
  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. Oh hey guise.. whats up here? Sci Troll still rolling? Why hasn't anyone notified the Org that one of their Sheep is reading Entheta? Seriously.... I need Toronto Org's Dox plox! Gotta send those poons!
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  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Anonymous Member

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