ScnTO's Very Own Last Chance Thread

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DeathHamster, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

  2. Puppetmama Member

    You are protesting our actions. We think that is O.K. (if unbearably tedious and lacking in original thought) because we (well, I can't speak for everyone) believe that the free exchange of ideas is of value. A world where people are discouraged from protesting is a very stagnant and frightening place.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    You give up: SOLVED.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. ScnTO Member

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard: They've declared war on our way of life. We're to be assimilated.
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  6. Puppetmama Member

    Thousands of people have left Scientology and told the stories of their suffering. They are easily available to read. Without them, we wouldn't be here.
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  7. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I am not in jail and have been protesting for a while. If you are upset you do not understand why we protest. We protest for you.

    It isn't anons. You may not know us, but we know each other. None of us come out of the org and assault each other.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. ScnTO Member

    And there are 50,000 that say Scientology is their stories.
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  10. Either Herro lives vicariously thru ScnTo or maybe Herro is ScnTo's sock or Moxon is a sour twat.

    No question on Moxon, case closed.
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Torah or Koran?
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OK, OK, but can I have a conversation with a computer virus?
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  14. Anonymous Member

  15. ScnTO Member

    Trust are not helping me in any way!

    You know each other?...anybody can wear a mask how would you know?
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  16. Anonymous Member

    But we can teach you to do THIS

  17. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Because no one with a mask on has ever assaulted anyone at a protest.
  18. DeathHamster Member

    I used to gaze into the Abyss, but then it got a restraining order against me.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Can Scientology do THIS?

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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. ScnTO Member

    Guinan: Aren't you gonna tell me you have to assimilate me?
    Third of Five: You wish to be assimilated?
    Guinan: No, but that's what you... things do, isn't it?
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  22. Miranda Member

  23. ScnTO Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Semitics or semantics?
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. ScnTO Member

    "When you hear scathing and brutal criticism of someone which sounds just a bit strained, know that you have your eye on overts against that criticized person" - L. Ron Hubbard
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Did he say that before or after he threw people off the ship with their legs tied?
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  28. Miranda Member

    ScnTO is starting to sound a little plaintive. It all gets easier when you muster up the courage to stop the barrage of defensive derailing and actually listen. Information won't poison you. You're capable of recognizing truth from falsehood. Have the self-respect to give some real thought to the other point of view. It's the adult thing to do. It's communication.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I feel
  30. ScnTO Member

    Ask Mike Rinder who joined the Sea Org on the Apollo at 18...he would have seen something like that...he wouldn't have joined if it was true.
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  31. Puppetmama Member

    I have read far too many of their stories and they are disquieting, to put it mildly. They think they can change stoplights at will and cure illness by touching people and make people call them from far away by thinking about them. I have read more "success stories" than I care to think about and not one of them made me think that being a Scientologist would be a good thing. Even the ones that weren't batshit crazy, and there were many that were, were troubling in the author's overwhelming desire to be special, and important and superior to mere mortals. Benevolently superior perhaps, but nothing in their writing demonstrates any actual superiority and they end up appearing just sad and pathetic.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I would have said something like THIS

  33. ScnTO Member

    Here is a testimonial that maybe more real to are trying stop things like this...

    "About 5 years ago I had lost my mother to a heartattack and witnessed the whole incident. This affected me greatly as it was such a huge loss for a child to lose a parent. Since then I have “learned to live with it”, but inside I never really did.

    My boyfriend and I attended the Dianetics Seminar this past week and we decided we are going to be partners on this journey. My boyfriend, ran me through my mothers death. Not knowing what to expect we were both surprised at the extent of the grief that came up.

    I didn't realize how stuffed down my emotions were. The relief I felt was truly amazing; with something so simple as Dianetics Auditing! Now I know I can remember Mom's death and not feel bad.

    I thank my auditor and supervisors in helping me attack my negative charge. Now I will be in charge. I can't wait for my next win!" - A.B.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I asked you. Now, you answer. That's how communication works.
  35. Anonymous Member


    I am trying to stop things like THIS

  36. ScnTO Member

    That should be protested!
  37. Anonymous Member

    WE have fun and beauty and complexity; you have profit and ADVANCEMENT


  38. Anonymous Member

  39. ScnTO Member

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard: The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn't exist in the 24th century.
    Lily Sloane: No money? You mean, you don't get paid?
    Captain Jean-Luc Picard: We work to better ourselves.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    What's the point of presenting a computer virus with evidence? It's blind and will deny it all.
    It only knows what little it has been programmed to know.
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