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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DeathHamster, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    I think that LastOneStanding has rescued this thread from oblivion! These recipes are superb!
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  2. OhSah Member

    ScnTo - how come you won't answer my PM? Let's meet up in Toronto bra - let's meet at Norman Jewison Park bra it's by the Org. Cause I know you're Al or one of his dirt brain friends :p
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  3. why do you guys live so far AWAY grrr....

    Triple Rainbow Pushup Cakes



    • 1 box Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Cake Mix
    • 1 1/4 cups water
    • 1/3 cup oil
    • 3 eggs
    • nonstick cooking spray
    • 36 plastic push-up pop containers
    • 2 cans Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy White Frosting
    • 1/2 cup rainbow sprinkles
    • 5 drops food coloring in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple


    1. Preheat oven to 350 ° F.
    2. In a medium mixing bowl, combine cake mix, water, oil and eggs until well blended.
    3. Spray two mini muffin pans with nonstick cooking spray. Fill each 2/3 full with batter and bake at 350 ° until done, about 15 minutes.
    4. Remove from oven and repeat with remaining batter. Let cool completely.
    5. Drop one mini cupcake into each push-up pop container.
    6. Divide icing into 6 bowls and tint with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
    7. Add a generous teaspoon of frosting to the top of each cupcake.
    8. Sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles.
    9. Top with a second mini cupcake and add another dollop of frosting to the top.
    10. Finish with more rainbow sprinkles and serve.
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  4. BrakTalk Member

    By the way, recalling past events through hypnotism has been debunked. There is a scientific explanation for it: the subject is halfway in between the conscious and subconscious minds, like a waking dream-like state. "Recollections" and "memories" while in this state, like dreams, are often a figment of the subconscious imagination. They've proved this through several studies where the subjects couldn't correctly recall events where the facts were already known by the observers. Often, strange details of the events were fabricated via the subconscious dream adding imagination into the memory.

    I can provide dox if anyone really wants me to, but until then i cbf to look it up at the moment.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Why? Do they need help creating yet another absolutely corrected version of Hubbard's writings?

    That's only happened three or four times since his death.
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  6. ScnTO Member

    Here is an example of how you argue...

    ScnTO: I use the gym and it helped me lose weight!
    OhSah: The gym didn't help you lose weight, it was the oatmeal you ate.

    I can't conclude that the gym is working.
    Do you find the fallacy in this statement yes/no?

    Against reason and logic you always invalidate successful actions which include Scientology.
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  7. i love when you talk all nerdy.
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  8. OhSah Member

    I don't answer your questions/comments until you answer mine - why did you ask if I live in Toronto? Do you want to meet up? If so, I set a place - Jewison Park tomorrow morning by the Org. Failing this, do you know or are you Al Buttnor and do you know he has GIANT fat man tits?
  9. Ironhead Member

    so scientology came up to u and said

    the correct response would have been

  10. Anonymous Member

  11. BrakTalk Member

    That looks delish!
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Ironhead Member

    a little hard to take your response seriously considering you worship a guy named ron....who by the way would claim scientific fact based on correlations that he observed, as opposed to doing any real clinical testing on any of his theories.
  14. BrakTalk Member

  15. i know, and its easy as debunking scnto here to make! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Natter Bored Member

    @ SncTO (who is obviously not Herro)

    May you enjoy a world run by Scientology dictators, where no one has any rights, or money, or free will, or self-determinism, or independent thoughts.

    Scientology Inc. is far, far worse than 1984 ever imagined.

    And I hope that your Scientology world is in a different galaxy than Earth, so no one here can hear you scream. And your e-meter is your only friend. With your back-up e-meter as your alternate source of ARC.

    Kindly DIAF s l o w l y , endlessly, and for all eternity.

    I've said my piece, so please do continue your mindless zealot idiocy.
  18. Anonymous Member

    The last anyone has seen Al, he was down in Buffalo. (The rumour is that Toronto is a garrison org operated by Sea Org, remotely controlled from Buffalo.)
  19. BrakTalk Member

    Yeah, and who believes that just because some hypnotized chick remembered dreamed that she lived a past life in the 1800's, it must be true! Sylvia Browne claims she can see people's past lives too - I'm surprised that hasn't been added to their pile of "proof". LMAO!
  20. Anonymous Member

    Anyone wanna know how to get a scientologist off of your front porch?
  21. Anonymous Member


  22. OhSah Member

    Last time I saw Al Buttnor he was complaining his underwear was too tight and riding up on his sack and pinching them - he asked if he could get ball cancer from that. I chuckled and went on with my Observation Mission of his Org :O
  23. BrakTalk Member

    It's not Herro. Herro isn't pro-Co$, I've seen a lot of his posts where he's said it's "worse than brainwashing" (among other things), so yeah... not Herro.
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Natter Bored Member

    Herro can be amusing. Sometimes he falls flat on his face, but he can be amusing and has a wicked sense of humor < props >.

    Herro was never a scilon.

    ScnTO is a fucking useless waste of oxygen.
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  26. BrakTalk Member

    That looks so uncomfortable lol
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. ScnTO Member

    So if a person recalls his past life and his name and where he was buried and then goes there to verify it...what then?

    Without hypnotism what if I told you everybody has an innate ability to recall this?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Order him to leave. If he doesn't leave, call the police and have them remove him, possibly charge him with trespassing. If you live in the US in a Castle doctrine state, there might be other options.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    There is no life without hypnotism.

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  31. Ironhead Member

    then the burden of proof would lie on your shoulders.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I thought there would be a punchline. I am disappoint.

  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Pay it for the Pizza.
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  36. BrakTalk Member

    Because it would first have to be proven that this person didn't somehow (possibly unwittingly, or possibly scammingly) have knowledge of this other person's name and place of burial. Maybe at some point in their life, they were taken to that cemetery as a child, and that person's name stuck in their mind for some reason. Maybe they had a nice fancy headstone that attracted their attention for some reason as a child. Or, maybe they simply picked a random person out of the microfiche newspaper slides at the library and decided to stage the whole event. There are so many possibilities other than jumping to the conclusion that reincarnation has been proven.
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Natter Bored Member

    Go fuck yourself. This is an ancient bullshit line by scilons. Unproven hypothetical promo, to this day.

    Kindly provide dox on the name, address and private info of your imediate past life, that can be independently verified by non-scientologists. Name and location of gravestone, too.

    So, if you want to make this bullshit claim by others, show 1 instance where a currently living scientologist has provided proof-positive documentation of his / her immediate past life, complete with verifiable gravestone location.

    Otherwise, blow it out your ass.
  39. Anonymous Member


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