ScnTO's Very Own Last Chance Thread

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DeathHamster, May 15, 2011.

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  1. OhSah Member

    LOL AlButtnor - I wonder if he still takes it up the ass from guys in Quebec bath houses. ONLY TIME WILL TELL!
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Video? ;)
  4. Anonymous Member

    a GF mask would look perfect on his face
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I like how the kitteh doesn't even look at the person
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Al Buttnor (ScnTO)


  7. Anonymous Member

    quote for this picture:
    "When Ursula Caberta arrived in Tampa 10 days or so ago, OSA's Al Buttnor was running the airport operation. This is a picture of him running said operation from the "Office of Special Affairs."
    Scientology works and it helps people. And Fair Game was cancelled , BWA HA HA
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Oh so happy =D
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  9. COREarg Member

    ^... Why I posted that anonymously? :S God,Coco needs to buy some lens and stop pressing shit randomly.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Now, heerz how we know Al is queer. He's not even looking at the PYT in front of him.
    also: flunk for out TR-0
    also: cocks
  11. Anonymous Member

    hey wait, didn't Buttnor make fun of Headley's weight when talking about hot dogs?
    Hey BUTT-MOAR nice gut!! an oh nice white socks and where's the rest of your hair?
  12. Tourniquet Member

    Now we also know the WHY of ScnTO's obsession with hotdogs and objects phallic, and also why he flinch'd at goatse.

    We know your crimes, ScnTO. All of them.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. gwad... i'm running out of yummy recipes here...
    someone make it stop!
  15. ScnTO Member

    Obviously you have been stalking the washroom even...AnonSParrow, was charged with Stalking and Wearing a Mask to it's true!...this is what you do!
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  16. Anonymous Member


    ScnTO is now back online. Looks like this thread will continue as long as we continue to interact with him/her/it, as TT now reflects and is kept alive by our obsession(s) and not ScnTO's. Personally I am bored and will now cease illustrating TT with pretty pictures. I suggest everyone take stock again regarding what they are getting from this exercise, cause at this point it's only about teh LULZ--yours or ScnTO's?
  17. you can't tell me what to do!
    you're not the boss of me!
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  18. Anonymous Member

    He's all yours, chica...
  19. Ironhead Member

    Pot: Hey Kettle!
    Kettle: yeah, what?
    Pot: you're black....just sayin
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  20. bacon-lamp-1.jpg
    i hereby declare all 48 thousand pages of ScnTo's arguments invalid!
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  21. Ironhead Member

    *golf clap*

    well said sir.
  22. i'm not a sir i'm a mam'
    also i think the bacon lamp just trumped dividing by zero as them ender of the world as we know it!
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  23. ScnTO Member

    You are a only live once...feel better?

    Dianetics the modern science of mental health is about the brain however he is more focused on function rather than you well know, nobody has to know how a telephone really works in order to make a call...pardon me for my crude analogy.

    Lets look at Dianetics where Hubbard tells us how the mind works. The mind is made of mental image pictures. If you think of a cat you see a picture of a cat. Is this true?

    He also discovered the Reactive mind. Where pain and unhappiness is stored. A child gets bitten by a dog and is now afraid of dogs. You talk to Sue about her ex-boyfriend and she cries. You talk to Ted about work and he gets angry. These people are reacting on a stimulus response basis.

    Dianetics provides a simple 10 step procedure which you can test yourself to get rid of your reactive mind.

    How can you prove mental image pictures exist? If we think of a cat, we see a picture of a cat. I can't pull one out and show it to you but you can see it for yourself.

    Mental image pictures exist, acknowledge the truth when you see it.
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  24. Ironhead Member

    I stand corrected.
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  25. Puppetmama Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    But definitely ready to be moved into a pile somewhere.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Ironhead Member

    which all sounds fine, but he is still basing alot of his conclusions on correlation, as opposed to true research. when hubbard claimed that he could "cure" anything with dianetics I'm afraid the burden of proof was on his shoulders, he fell short.
  29. Anonymous Member

    No mods online atm, what should we do to end this? Time to start assaulting the report button?
  30. ScnTO Member

    He never said he could cure everything with Dianetics...he said that 70% of man's ills are psychosomatic of which these conditions can be improved using Dianetics.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    And what evidence was he basing this upon? His word alone? Or is there actual medical (read: NOT provided by Scientologists) evidence to back these claims up?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Please explain what it feels like to be proud to be ignorant.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    You lie.
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Prepare to go to jail if you file a false police report.
    You remember what jail was like don't you?
  36. ScnTO Member

    "the Rule of Authority: “Does Dr. J. Doe agree with your proposition? No?
    Then, of course, it cannot be true. Dr. Doe is an eminent authority in the field.”

    A man by the name of Galen at one time dominated the field of medicine. Another man
    by the name of Harvey upset Galen’s cozy position with a new theory of blood circulation.
    Galen had been agreeing with the people of his day concerning the “tides” of the blood. They
    knew nothing about heart action. They accepted everything they had been taught and did little
    observing of their own. Harvey worked at the Royal Medical Academy and found by animal
    vivisection the actual function of the heart.

    He had the good sense to keep his findings absolutely quiet for a while. Leonardo da
    Vinci had somehow discovered or postulated the same thing, but he was a “crazy artist” and no
    one would believe an artist. Harvey was a member of the audience of a play by Shakespeare in
    which the playwright made the same observation, but again the feeling that artists never
    contribute anything to society blocked anyone but Harvey from considering the statement as
    anything more than fiction.

    Finally, Harvey made his announcement. Immediately dead cats, rotten fruit and pieces
    of wine jugs were hurled in his direction. He raised quite a commotion in medical and social
    circles until finally, in desperation, one doctor made the historical statement, “I would rather err
    with Galen than be right with Harvey!”

    Man would have made an advance of exactly zero if this had always been the only
    method of testing evidence. But every so often during Man’s progress, there have been rebels
    who were not satisfied with preponderance of opinion, and who tested a fact for themselves,
    observing and accepting the data of their observation, and then testing again." - L. Ron Hubbard
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Ramblings of a lunatic.
  38. Anonymous Member

    I do believe you chose to ignore the words "NOT provided by Scientologists".

    You fail.

    Insert coin to continue.
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