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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DeathHamster, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Just because you produce a massive amount of something, it's still shit no matter how you wrap it up or how you sell it
  2. Loki's spawn Member

    For any mods who might be thinking of moving this thread, due to the massive retardation. Please do NOT Dome this shit! It provides a valuable resource to be used in other internet forums where OSA resides. It provides clear insight into the way scientologists "think" and how they argue. However, if it were domed, people cannot visit the link without first creating an account and opting into the NSFW content, which would make it worthless. Just my 2¢.
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  3. Loki's spawn Member

    So, how's this working out for ya?
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  4. fallingspider Member

    they way he seems obessed with that hotdog, I'm thinking there's one of two conclusions. He misses sparrow in a special way but can't admit it, or he's trying to be all subtle and leet and insinuate somthing about sparrows choice in lifestyles. Either way he's failing, and i'm fighting the urge to lure a muslim bot over here from another site just so that he can have a special friend. Maybe the next op should be operation hotdog, and everyone gives their favorite scilon a package of hotdogs. (I dunno I fail at ideas, but it should atleast involve hotdogs)
  5. The AK47, some 170million produced (Inc variants)
    More than all other rifles put together
    Killed more people than any other weapon
    Made by more countries than any other weapon
    Used in more wars than any other weapon
    Can be used by children
    Cheap to manufacture
    Easily repaired
    The AK47 museum in the urals has 10,000 visitors annually

    Not everything produced in bulk is good
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  6. Anonymous Member

    ScnTO, let's talk about Applied Scholastics for a moment.

    What in the world happened in Kansas, (one of many states to nix it)? Only a few hundred miles from your ASI HQ, and yet - the Kansas State Department of Education removed it from their approved SES list. Why was that, do you suppose?
  7. Mr Kalashnikov thought he had done the world a favour But later said he wished he had invented something helpful like a lawnmower
  8. slobeck Member

    Yes, our shadowy leader called and told us to rape you harder and that we'd get our checks next Tuesday.

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  9. Quoting numbers of products like you did just makes it look more like a business to be honest
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  10. Herro Member

    Ok, but what about the stuff that isn't in the books. What about the stuff that can only be done at the orgs? What if I can't afford the donations? I can still get the services for free right? You said nobody owes me scientology and you are perhaps correct. But doesn't that contradict Ron's stated goals of helping people to help themselves? And if Scientology requires that I pay the donation for the services, then wouldn't they just be acting as a business, selling a (valuable) service to customers?

    Awwwe, how cute, you think his dismissive statement regarding your pointless question actually means something.You just go ahead and enjoy your "win" 612.
  11. Anonymous Member

    What if we just went to our local org and asked for one while we are protesting?
  12. slobeck Member

    So... you have all these millions of OT's with all their powers to eliminate false data and clear the planet... but you couldn't do it yet because of SP's? Your army of OT's arent enough to handle SP's to the point where you can successfully clear the planet? *sigh. You're such a faggot.
  13. I've been involved in works on "churches" like yours in the UK, a lot of them have sprung up in the last 20 yrs, all the same, promising to save the weaker minded ones amongst us. Sermons in large meeting halls which are more about bulk quantities of "followers" than anything else. Literature etc is a big money spinner promoted by the preachers, all saying heaven (or an equivellant) awaits if you just see the error of your ways and pass your worldly goods over to the "church"

    If you go behind the impressive altars and stages you will see something contradicting the preaching, luxury cars, massive screen tv's, air conditioned apartments, beautifully furnished and awash with clothes, computers etc, the preachers are living the high life, far removed from their target audiences. These "churches" have so much cash they don't know what to do with it.

    Scientology is just the same, selling bullshit and raking it in, people are so gullible, but that's what these "religions" rely on.
  14. COREarg Member

    I love this photo so much...only because it seems to make you so angry.

    And I get moist when you get angry.
    Raaawr! >:3
  15. Anonymous Member

    Herro, you can always join the Sea Org, then your classes and auditing would be free.
    Unless of course you left, then you would have "free loader" debt. So not free.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Come on Herro,go for it!
    So we can actually get rid of your little old troll ass. With luck you can die like Lisa.
  17. anon8109 Member

    You sure are obsessed about one lousy hot dog. You've mentioned it over 9000 times.
    What else do you obsess about?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Hands off Sparrow's hotdog, cultie.
  19. Anonymous Member

    love is not on the tone scale.

    doubt is not a crime.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^^LOVE is not on the tone scale.
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  21. ScnTO Member

    Kansas is against literacy?

    Applied Scholastics International, a nonprofit educational organization and makes available L. Ron Hubbard’s educational technology on a global scale.

    Teachers, tutors, trainers, parents and students can improve the quality of teaching and learning in their communities and in society.

    The application of Study Technology has quite literally salvaged millions of lives. And its broad use will achieve a world free from illiteracy, where people can learn anything and be anything.
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  22. ScnTO Member

    The whole tone scale is about love...from the top of the tone scale a person loves others a he goes down the tone scale a person loves others less and less...

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  23. ScnTO Member

    You lack hot dogs in your argument!
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  24. anonsparrow Member

    Mike Rinder had a face that felt squashed once. It wasn't from lack of mass though. It was from David Miscavige punching it.

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  25. Loki's spawn Member

    He called you a faggot, then you replied that he didn't have hot dogs in his argument.
    Point proven, I'd say.
  26. ScnTO Member

    Are Doctors patients customers?

    Are University students customers?
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  27. Loki's spawn Member

    Is it a business or not? He asked you a simple question.
  28. veravendetter Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    ^true, dat
  30. Orson Member

    New 'rule' so to speak, not an actual rule, but a suggestion.

    Any response by ScnTO containing a portion of any of the over posted copypasta responses below should be ignored completely.

    ScnTO - there are many unanswered questions, some better than others, in this thread that you have failed to answer. You have no ability to communicate your own thoughts and perspectives. Why is that?

    The challenge to you ScnTO, if you have the confront to accept it, is to answer legitimate questions without the aid of any of the posts below or other copypasta from Hubbard, etc. Share with us what you actually think and believe - in your own words.

    Are you capable?

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  31. Orson Member

  32. ScnTO Member

    Mike Rinder is about bring the hot dogs and Mike will bring his Pie Face...

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  33. ScnTO Member

    Scientology is a Religion.
  34. Anonymous Member

    You can't communicate with a computer virus.
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  35. adhocrat Member

  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. ScnTO Member

    Agent Smith: "We're willing to wipe the slate clean, give you a fresh start. All that we're asking in return is your cooperation in bringing a known terrorist to justice."
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  40. Anonymous Member

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