Sea Org Training Manual

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonwater, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. DamOTclese Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    The bizarre spew that Hubbard often launched off in to is called verbal salad and it's a significant hallmark of neurological problems causing insanity.
  2. snakeyes Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Fun fact for the day: There is an island named Yap.

    Actually this is a good question and I have a good answer, although it will sound mean. Educate yourself as well as possible first and by that I mean make sure you understand just because a person might say one true thing doesn't mean every thing else they say is and make sure you understand the process of science.

    I've only read the first two chapters of dianetics, but I only need to read those to understand that Hubbard thinks just because he says it's fact and says experimental data backs up what he says that he doesn't have to BACK UP what he says. A good con man will always distort the truth rather make totally false claims. Although, Hubbard does do that as well. Basically using the mythology present in current society to garner a following.
  3. HellRazor Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Schizophasia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    The 'wuff-wuff' thing worries me.

    Sounds like a dog noise.

    LRH = Furry?
  5. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Only Orange is a furking furrie!
  6. AnonLover Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    zomg... /r/ LRon as Furry shoop!!!
  7. BoombaGoomba Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    As far I know its LRH's work, my friend found an E-book torrent of all this crap. If anyone who seen past documents can confirm its DM homebrewed let me know. Its a lot of zip files containing E-books of Dianetics Vol 1-16, OT Levels and more, there is just so much shit I might just have my PC read it to me.

    Reading this Sea Org Manual has given me severe head trauma and I can smell toasted almonds (I think you smell this before you have a stroke) and I feel like Im becoming dumber by the second. I will be posting it up soon, but Im guessing most people have it.

    Is it me or is L-Ron's Favorite Phrase: AND SO ON AND SO FORTH

    Edit: Sorry I think you smell Burnt Toast
  8. imariscent Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    That's one of his past lives, trying to come out. Thetans running all through me, all through me
  9. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    The funniest moment of the year had to be on one of AGP's videos.

    He was filming Frank the Scilon guard. Out of nowhere, Frank said "You know that Orange is a furree" and I PMSL.

    Especially as Frank obviously had no idea what a "furree" really was.

  10. imariscent Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    This is shit that most of you probably have and if you don't, enjoy!!:rolleyes:
  11. francie Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    I've listened to the tapes before. They are in Hubbard's voice.

    Titlepage copyright date is 1990, which is post-Hubbard death.

    These are mainly transcripts of taped lectures. As with other Hubbard-recorded lectures, the lectures MAY Have been altered, and the transcripts following along with the current version of the recording.

    In other words, there is really no way of knowing if these are unaltered lectures, or not.
  12. BoombaGoomba Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    its best if you just post the address to where you want us to go because embedding doesn't do well it seems :rolleyes:

    When my sister came over she told me the same thing while we were laughing our asses off reading this shit, but who can alter LRH's stuff when this sounds like him, anyone hear that Xenu story, it was like hearing a child tell a story.
  13. imariscent Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    I have to see more AGP's videos, I've seen a few, and he is doing a real good job enturbulating them.
  14. francie Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Not much gets altered in the lectures. Usually, DM just removes the stuff that is "bad PR" for Scientology. Removals might be light or extensive. However, rarely would one find whole passages ADDED or even complete lectures. (There is one case... RJ38 or something like that which is reputed to be a Hubbard sound-alike.)

    The stuff is Hubbard's for sure.
  15. BoombaGoomba Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Hopefully in one of the raids I will quote some of this just so they know I read it, and I will do it all LRH style as well. I know they will look at me and think WTF, and then I will take a bow and say "thank you for enjoying "WELCOME TO THE SEA ORG MANUAL, Act 1; there is more to come"
  16. imariscent Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    This is him talking about Old Man Sea, does he mean Neptune?
  17. imariscent Member

  18. imariscent Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    I don't see "as a Church"
  19. BoombaGoomba Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Yeah brain has originally been friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied, anyone smell burnt toast? :confused:
  20. anonymous451 Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    It could also be sent to any comedians that might use elements of it in their acts.
  21. Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Anyone got contact info for Frankie Boyle?
  22. Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Correct me if I'm being retarded, but isn't the SO manual given to all newbies who join the SO? In other words, people attempting to work their way up from the bottom through the various OT levels. If that's the case, why in the glossary of a "beginner's manual" does it mention the Space Opera story and say it's based on fact i.e. Xenu and friends? Surely that's stuff they are not "qualified" to know about yet?
  23. auchraw Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    <<Americans have figured out a new angle, and the British have figured out a new angle, and somebody wants something out of this country of Pumjum, see, so it's hotted up.>>

    It would be easier to say Hubbard's lectures are all rubbish but the problem is that they aren't. Look at the recent story of Mark Thatcher who tried to stir up a revolution in Equatorial Guinea probably with the help of SA diamond interests who wanted in to the Congo and owned the plane that was bought to transport the mercenaries etc etc. It was hotted up all right.

    Hubbard spent time in Rhodesia (1960s??) and understood something about how small countries run. Not much, thank god, or he might have taken them all over by now.
  24. vegnej Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    It was Hubbards centre of the universe in the 60's but he shipped LOL, his S.O out to Florida in the U.S. ie Flag.
  25. Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    I just did a search and outside of the recognized name "Church of Scientology" - there is not ONE single mention of the word "church" in that entire document.

    Nor is there mention of the word "worship". Nor the words "pray" or "prayer". "Faith" isn't there either. "Religion" is only mentioned two or three times in the glossary, and not in any relevant context. Considering this is meant to be a document for the "church's" most dedicated members to learn how to best serve their "religion", that's a little strange. The word "money" is used nearly 30 times.

    Conclusion? Is Scientology a church in NAME only? According to this document: yes.


    Sounds like a great business.
  26. Anon556 Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Revenimus = Reincanate - not sure of the context. eg Reincarnat -ion, -ed, -e etc.
  27. docpaul Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    i'm still trying to get through all the bullshit
  28. Anon556 Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    You know what, im going to go through this whole thing and call L.Ron out on all his bullshit lies.

    For example.
    A 180 mile per hour hurricane is a category 5. More it is at the end of the spectrum for a category 5. In that if a category 6 existed. It would instead lie there. []Error
    Other category 5 hurricanes include Ivan and Katrina. The only way you're sailing through it drunk and living to tell the tale, is in a submarine.

    There is also no record of a category 5 hurricane in Alaska during Hubbards' life time. []Error

    The only one to hurricane to affect Alaska was hurricane Ioke []Error Which occurred in 2006, well into Hubbards 'maggot food' period.
  29. Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    /r/ MOAR OF THIS

    556, if your brain can handle the crazy, then you're made of stronger stuff than me...

    Please continue along this line of endeavour, my astute, homosexually-inclined colleague.
  30. BABANON Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    From all I've read about the experience awaiting a fresh Sea Org recruit, tapes (or a book) of Hubbard's worst/best ramblings strike me as just part of the breakdown process.

    "Keeping Scientology Working", however, reads to me like a dead-on study in the application of the occult for group gain, all painted in a futurist sheen. Well. With plenty of jargon, repetition and nearly no set-breaking, as is necessary for the de/re-programming.

    It's full of lulz, that's for sure, but there's a sinister edge to it when you realize that this isn't an instruction manual- it's indoctrination.
  31. anonyleaks Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    These are the tape transcripts/glossary for the WSO tape series for Sea Organization members. It would be kind of fun to have the actual tapes to listen to. I think this might be a newer series than the one I have on reel-to-reel tapes. My pack features tapes:

    720520 Talk with Training and Service Aide LA MOs - How to Write
    7205C1-8 Current & Future Op Actions
    720802 Purposes and Actions of the Programs Bureau
    720806-1 Handling & Evaluating Orgs

    It is worth noting that tape 6910C21 is actually from the ESTO tape series from 1968; anyone who did product zero confirm what the bizarre discrepency is here?
  32. skoek Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Whomever linqued this, you are a slice of beautiful. Merci.
  33. francie Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]I found it![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Here it is... a copy of the entire course lineup for Sea Org members.[/SIZE]


    Click here for link to the above image
  34. francie Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    A friend of mine left the Sea Org after completing the courses for Product 0 plus Product 1. My friend's freeloader bill (paid) was just shy of $6,000.

    The $6,000 was for these courses:

    Welcome to the Sea Org Course
    Sea Org Introduction to Scientology Ethics Course
    Basic Sea Org Member Hat
    Sea Org Personal Grooming Course
    Staff Status 0
    Staff Status I
    Staff Status II
    Sea Org Basic Cleaning Course
    Sea Org Etiquette Course
    How to Make Work Easier

    Basic Study Manual and Success Through Communication Course were waived due to my friend having previously completed Student Hat and Professional TRs Course.
  35. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Howdy all, think this is my first comment here but joined a bit back to check things out, happy to see such a great bunch here.
    I have DL'd this document (as posted link by the OP) and when I have a bit of time will peruse the vaunted (?) wisdom imparted by ol' Flubbernuts and tear along the dotted lines so ta speak, but just reading this thread leads me to believe I need a bigger bottle of rum :D
    I found the xenu dictionary quite helpful last time I tackled Co$ memorabelia (sp, gah!) it is here>
    Operation Clambake presents: ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ
    In itself is a pretty good read on a cold winter's night :)

    Cheers to all!

  36. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    I find it interesting that they even use the word 'product', it is probably accurate in the real sense of the word, like with 'package' etc., tis unfortunate you cannot send this 'product' back to the manufacturer, the warrantee is crappy, and returns are a nightmare, oi. Also, unlike most 'products', there isn't a warning label like 'This may make you more nuts, avoid using if sanity is required', erm, something like that....:rolleyes:
  37. Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    If there was ever a fight Ayn Rand could win, it would be this one.
  38. tazor Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Most people that join the Sea Org have been in Scientology for a while at least. So they have heard lectures, done courses, got auditing etc. They aren't usually real newbies. They could be OT8 when they sign up or on the comm course.

    The space opera stuff was told to me verbally before I joined the Sea Org. People supposedly found past life space opera stuff in auditing all the time. I always wondered what came first; people running across past life space opera in auditing or elron saying there was past life space opera. False memory syndrome anybody?

    There was even a tape I believe, that went into detail about the different types of aliens hiding on this planet or something to that effect. Reptilian people and cat people are the only two I remember.

    So for them to deny the Xenu story has always made me laugh. A lot of them have heard it from others already. But they think if they READ it on the internet they'll get sick and die? Some don't know about it but a fair number do, I have no doubt.
  39. kitfisto Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    page 55
    Then these guys, all this time, have
    had these fantastic numbers of dos┬žiers- sitting around. The British Intelligence
    is always issuing little information sheets-"Do-do-do-do, do, de-de,
    do-do." And some intelligence officer down there-he's been filing them and
    filing them. This country Of PumJum see-and he's been filing these things
    and he can hardly read, you know-"Ugh-bug," and files them and files

    Is it just me , or is this the best Bill Cosby impression ever ?
  40. BoombaGoomba Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Lol I quoted that a few posts back and it still makes me laugh when I read it, I don't know how they don't laugh when they read this BS.

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