Sea Org Training Manual

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonwater, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Yup, sounds like a Flubtard book to me...
  2. MaryannMobley Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    But it's NOT A, you know that. It's a bunch of crooks................who are smart enough to steal your life and then keep you real busy , working for them ( crimes) and reading all this shit, which is really criminal!
  3. ALLANON Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    I mean really, this is absurd. Kudos for digging this up. I've popped in and out of here and the clam for about a year or so, just intrigued. But this past week has been a cash cow of damnation of the Co$ and I couldn't be happier for everyone who has been on these clown's asses. This document is pure gold. The text displays overwhelming signs of mental instability on LRH's part, and the unrelenting gullibility of its followers. I probably shouldn't, but I feel sorry for anyone duped into this cult. What a month with this, Jett, and the wage lawsuit. Keep it up, I can't look away!
  4. meatpin Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    What an absolute piece of shit. That thing is a useless joke. A "course" on seamanship? Don't make me laugh. It is a faded, pale , counterfeit.

    Here are a couple examples of the real thing...The Bluejacket's Manual from the U.S. Navy.

    This is a course on seamanship. I dare anyone, especially Scilons, to compare the two and find an intellectual, informational, and instructional equivalence between the two. Hubbards "course" is nonsensical, babbling logorhea.

    Knot tying

    The art of the Bo'sun's pipe
  5. XenuAlia Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Hubbard was batshit crazy?
  6. XenuAlia Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Deep Clam has my utmost respect.
    Keep safe in the belly of the beast.
    i am patient person.
  7. imariscent Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Pre-Clears= Potential Clients=Paying Clients or Customers
  8. Re: Sea Org Training Manual, Welcome to the Sea Org

    Thanks for leaking this manual. It sure brought back some memories.

    I was chatting with hubbie last night and we were talking about the Sea Org's "freeloader debt" and debt bondage for labor human trafficking. So I show him online the recently leaked coursepack for "Welcome to the Sea Org". I say "This course costs about $800 and is the FIRST course you do when you join the Sea Org. First day! And the course is just five lectures by Hubbard which is 5 hours of lecturing. It probably would take you 3 days to complete the course. So from Day One you now owe the organization $800 if you leave them. In the first week you earn $25."

    And he asks me if one could then not do another course until you pay off the course? I said "No". Most Sea Org earn about $1500-$2000 per year. So this course would take about 6 months of work to pay off, but it only took you 3 days to accrue the debt. And you have to complete 5 courses to get off the EPF and become a full Sea Org member and get your $37.50/week.

    So no matter what you do, you can never "work off" your debt. And since the contract is for "1 billion years", you're told you owe this money when you leave, if you ever leave, no matter how many years you work for the Sea Org.

    And the longer you work, the bigger the debt. If you had worked for an org like Tampa Org, the contract is for 2.5 years. At the end of 2.5 years, you owe them nothing and you can leave. But if you leave at 2.4 years, you owe them for ALL your courses and auditing. Meanwhile, you probably made between $20 and $100 per week.

    Okay, so the story got worse. I told him I was in the SO for 9 months. During that time I made about $600. I was in for 6 months before I said I wanted to leave. For the next 3 months, I was paid $0.00 -- nothing, nada -- but I also didn't do any courses and accrue more debts. When I walked out of there, I paid off my freeloader debt by writing a check for about $6,000.

    So... count this... then go to the bathroom and throw up...

    I worked for them for 9 months (basically free for them) and paid them $6,000 to boot. So they made $666/mo cash off of me PLUS the benefits from my labor.

    Did you throw up?

    I almost did after I said it out loud to my hubbie and heard myself admit it!
  9. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Sounds like that conversation with your husband was an important one for you to have behind you. Well done. I hope you will take whatever action you can to seek legal remedies from the CoS for the lost wages and whatever other injustices you suffered. Check out Marc and Claire Headley's complaints and, if you can, join them. :)

    I hope you'll find yourself feeling a little more free the next time you speak with your husband or someone close about the Sea Org and what happened to you.
  10. AuntAnonymous Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual, Welcome to the Sea Org

    Thanks for this. I'm glad you got it out and by the way, we've all done things that when you say it back, years later it sounds pretty bad....join the bunch!

    In the meantime I see that the megaupload file is not available anymore but I think enough copies have been captured [sarcasm] that the bullshit of Sea Org won't be suppressed ever again.
  11. meatpin Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    I think I might have accidentally dropped my pdf file and it rolled off the balcony and fell into Wikileaks.

    We'll see if it shows up there in a while or not.

    EDIT: Mine prolly won't show up, because it is already on Leaks. It's just named poorly.

    The existing Wikileaks SeaOrg doc is named scientology-wso-pack-1990.pdf
  12. Olrik Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Repetition is an important tool for... hypnotists.
    All this mess is part of the brainwashing.
  13. BigBeard Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    You left out Darcy Lever's "The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor: Or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship." Looking at this, they didn't even come close to getting their sand locked "California" rigged correctly.

  14. meatpin Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    From pages 11-12 (doc pages, not pdf pages) of the Sea Org training manual:

  15. francie Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    He could have sent the girl to get the coffee. That would have been more in-character for L. Ron Hubbtard.
  16. meatpin Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Actually, sending someone....anyone....for coffee and remaining at the helm would have been much more proper, but after all, we are dealing with a lifelong epic fuktard here.
  17. francie Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    L. Ron Hubbard preferred to spin the more "colorful" tale, than what happened in reality. And he liked to "save the day". Sending the girl for coffee wouldn't have made such a good story.

    In reality, the event probably never happened.
  18. meatpin Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    I agree. My basic point is that if that were a sea story of mine (and I have many) I would never tell it because it would make me look so bad.
  19. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Sea Org Training Manual

    Hubbard was basically a complete and utter failure in life, but with one exception.

    He was probably one of the world's finest con men.

    End of story.

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