Seattle woman punched in face by police officer

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by WHITE_SHADOW, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. WHITE_SHADOW Member

    Is this the kind of thing that we promote in our society. I am utterly disgusted by this, for a man to punch a woman is just wrong,I don't care if she kicked him or what there are so much better ways to handle it than to hit her. And this is a police officer doing this, something has to be done about the escalting police brutality in the united states. I know this is pretty minor compared to the recent shootings or strangling s of innocents by police officers but this is really just like the cherry on top, its almost as if all the good cops who uphold there duty to the law are beginning to fade away and are instead replaced by corrupt misogynistic racist assholes. As of right now after reading this, My attitude is FUCK the police.
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  2. anon8109 Member

    Prosecutor Dan Satterberg acknowledged the officer's actions might not meet the Seattle Police Department's policies, but he says that does not mean it was a criminal act.
  3. Darth Alor Member

    I agree that no man that consideres himself a man should ever lay a hand on a woman, very shameful since men are 90% built more heavily than a woman. Unless you have a DAMN good reason like if she has a gun, or can cause serious harm to others, you never strike a woman that simply isn't complying. If force is needed police should be trained that violent action isn't needed and if she was trying somthing the officer should have and could have handled the situation differently.
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  4. Anon1942 Member

    Everyone knows that the police are real macho men that beat and shoot unarmed men, women and children. Only real MACHO men can do that.
  5. Here's a handy hint: DON'T STRIKE A COP.



    Also, don't shoplift.

    Don't smoke crack while walking down the street.

    Just the basics.

    Get it?
  6. fr0st Member

    Criminal or not, she didn't deserve to get punched.
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  7. Neither you nor I know what happened. We only know a little bit.

    Would you have preferred she had been tasered?
  8. anonLX62 Member

    don't walk up to any police officer be them man or women in the law enforcement and blow (drug) smoke in their face! your just asking for trouble! couldn't get the video clip of it to work for me sorry!
  9. Old_Coder Member

    Maybe it is remembering the past in rose colored glasses, but I remember the police being and acting different to a significant degree. Now most of my run-ins with the law, did in fact occur during my college years and I was in every case, totally up to some schiznet. However, not only were they not quick to violence but they seemed almost reserved. However, their speech and manner gave off the exact opposite of push over.

    For a police officer to lose his cool and punch a woman in the face or choke down someone on the street is most disturbing because it shows todays officers as being not strong but weak and whose emotions are unchecked and whose manner is reckless. Those kind of people are dangerous because you never know what is going to set them off. I consider the punching of a woman to be a cowardly act. Unless you are being attacked and can not get away then do not hit a woman.

    Also, if you find yourself in an encounter with or in the are of a cop already wearing his black gloves then you should watch yourself carefully. I have never seen one that was not on the verge of tuning someone up with his fists and mace. Yes jus correlation probably signifying nothing but you just watch and see if it is not the case.
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  10. Did you ever physically attack a cop? Or know anyone, male or female, who did?
  11. Old_Coder Member

    Uh no... In fact, I tend to not attack anyone. Well my sister's first husband was a cop but I don't think she physically attacked him but being married I am not sure that would count. However, her temper could be best described as shock and awe. :)
  12. It sucks being a cop. Cops can get stressed, and some guys slip through the screening process and become cops when they're not psychologically up to it.

    But it would be easier being a cop if lowlifes and scum and thugs were not emboldened by clueless puffy white "activists," and disgusting race hustlers like Al Sharpton.
  13. Old_Coder Member

    Yeah, it is a hard job and probably can suck most days and when it comes to compensation and other benefits then I will support them getting properly compensated, but you know that when you take that job that you are going to be dealing with individuals who are willfully and actively breaking the law or in a highly agitated and emotional state or many times blitzed on their intoxicant of choice to the point of being a danger to themselves or others. That's the farking job. And it is to us law abiding citizens who granted the cop the authority to enforce our laws that the cop must honor by showing a judgement and conduct that represents the ideals of our community and society. So no, they don't get to abuse the power we gave them and then cry that they have a case of the Monday's or Rev. Al said I stink.

    If that is too much to ask then maybe they are not cut out for such a position of responsibility.
  14. You want a perfect world.
  15. Old_Coder Member

    I don't want or expect anything close to perfect, but I do expect better. You aim for optimal even knowing that achieving true optimal is impossible because that is how you improve, progress, become. I have seen waaaay to many people (who should know better) look around at the sh&&^y mess we have and prefer to accept it and then call themselves realist while decrying the desires of major improvement as products of Utopian dreamers. If pressed most can also identify some group/segment/demographic who is the reason for the whole mess anyway. In fact, that is the national motto today; Welcome to America where I'm not stupid, I'm not lazy, I'm not fat... YOU ARE!
  16. anonLX62 Member

    why do it seem cops get all the funny hitting on girls or people?

    I'll tell you the truth and whole truth! if i lie let the darn thing falloff on to the ground!

    never in my life have i ever hit or beating up a girl at all! not once! liveried in 11 country's, been around the world 3x over! [ I'm be 55 Jan, 14, 2015 coming ]
    no id why some would lose their mind, easier walk away cool off!

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