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Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by HerrdoktorKrud, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. 32nd Artbomb Member

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  2. anyones thoughts on web proxies, ie proxify? does it provide good protection if accessing at work, where I don't have option of tor?
  3. AquaMan Member

    Different animal.

    End-user proxy programs modify/filter what comes from your computer. Unlike with TOR, your IP is still visible, though a lot of other stuff that could identify you is filtered, like user-agent, OS, and configuration-specific info. Local proxy filters also can filter out things like referer headers in HTTP (basically telling the site you're going to where you came from; obviously, going to from, for example, here or without filtering the referrer header is not recommended :p ).

    TL;DR version: TOR and end-user proxy programs do different things, comparing them is "apples and oranges".
  4. thats what i thought. i think im pretty safe browsing here from work though...IT says theres over 190 workstations/employees here on one public IP. But for home, I'll stick to tor.
  5. anonymouse95 Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    I got a question for those of you who know about TOR, if I download and install the basic Vidalia package (Vidalia, Privoxy and Tor Button) does it affect anything other than Firefox? I've already googled a lot so please don't go "Google it!"

    BTW just so we're clear, I have found tons of pages on how to torify chat programs, thunderbird etc etc. That's *NOT* what I'm looking for, I'm *NOT* interested in advice on how to do that.

    I just want to know if the package will only affect Firefox (when I click the Tor Button) and nothing else. Can someone confirm or deny this? There are reasons why I don't want to run my chat programs and email through TOR.
  6. anonymouse95 Member

    Re: Security on the Internet


    I still haven't gotten a reply to my post, and it's kind of important to me. I googled it, I've read the documentation, I've read the forums but... no one has answered my simple question. I'm guessing that the answer is no, but I don't want to take any chances. So please could someone with tech experience chime in?
  7. Re: Security on the Internet

    ^^^ Yes, someone please answer. I'm interested as well.

    In addition, I've had a question about Firefox that I don't know how to ask well:
    Basically, since the advent of tabbed browsing, can people track your other tabs the same way they can track you IP address? For example, say I'm looking for a job and I look at and send a resume to ABC company in one tab. If, in another tab, I send a resume to XYZ company, could they both know what I have open and am looking at in my other tabs?
  8. Anon21 Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    okay... Anon21 is half mac based admins.

    Macs are not expressly vulnerable in the way a Windoze box is.

    AntiVirus on a Mac... so far you will not need this. while some OSX trojans have been demoed, none are currently active or considered threats.
    you can get AntiVirus if you want... but it won't catch the few exploits that are out there. EDIT: though it is possible for a mac to pass come Windoze viruses from a mac...
    but if you are scrubbing your meta data prior to decentralizing docx and media files which you should allready be doing, this shouldn't be a problem.

    IntelMacs are no more vulnerable than PPC macs. OSX is Unix at heart. Thus exploits must work against UNIX, and those only go so far.
    as has been mentioned, keep running SOFTWARE UPDATE to catch any Security Updates... this will plug any holes as they come up.

    however the exploits that have been demoed do not go beyond the profile of the user who tripped them, unless that user is root... permissions are one fuck of a roadblock.

    IF you are concerned about your mac, some simply things to take into account:


    2. UNDER SYSTEM PREFS/SHARING : Disable EVERYTHING HERE. with these off you can't be remoted.

    3. CREATE A PROFILE FOR YOUR l33t ANON WORK THAT HAS NO ADMIN RIGHTS, and EXISTS ON A SEPERATE PARTION OF YOUR HDD: in the EXTREMLY unlikely event you pick up an exploit that works...damage will be contained to this profile only, with out admin rights no damage can happen beyond the profile infected.
    Also... if something occurs IRL and you wish to purge in a hurry... you can delete that profile in a matter of seconds. then reformat the partition using secure reformat.

    as has also been mentioned... File Vault is usefull... but does create its own bottleneck.

    for everyone... the EFF is a great resource for keeping yourself ANON ... tnG=Search
  9. Anon21 Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    traffic is traffic is traffic. if they can't trace your IP... they can't trace your tabs.
  10. I Member


    if one of those addons was no-script, then that is stopping javascripts running.
    in the icon for it in the corner, you can allow or temporaily allow (so just until you close firefox) javascript for specific sites. when you're on a particular page clicking on the icon will show all the different things that are trying to use javascript, bold ones are usually ones that are necessary to use the site properly, for example watching stuff on youtube.
  11. anonymouse95 Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    So uhm, what about my question? I realise I'm probably being a bit panicky here but I'd like to have a confirmation.

    I've installed the Vidalia + Privoxy + TOR Button package, and I'm only interested in browsing without giving away my IP. So will ALL your internet traffic be automatically routed through TOR, or only those parts you explicitly configure to work that way (e.g. Firefox with Tor enabled)?
  12. Re: Security on the Internet

    Any Advice for opera users?
  13. Re: Security on the Internet

    K. Just so we're clear. Tor prevents your I.p from being traced but they can I.D you from the things you write and from cookies and java? What about mac addresses?
  14. Me Member


    Bump. Pretty Please. :D
  15. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    If you are running SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY (it rocks):
    There are a couple of functions that are kind of hidden but you should definately turn them on. In the Tools menu go to Resident and check the two boxes:
    SD Helper - Bad Download Blocker
    TeaTimer - System Settings (Registries) Blocker

    Very useful!!
  16. Anon21 Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    btw... tor can be setup on Firefox to be run off a USB thumb drive...

    all activity will be stored on the thumb drive... better way to keep unwanted trace files off your HDD.
  17. Re: Security on the Internet

    Vidalia TOR bundle is a convent way to switch firefox traffic between TOR or direct, by default affecting only firefox. Other software can use TOR, just a proxy, if you configure them to. It's not really an answer as the question isn't really the right question. If you installed it, why don't you just fire it up and then ask the first question you have? It won't blow up, lol.

    If you visit the same site with TOR sometimes and without other times, the website can know (if they really want to and afford to) that the two IP's are the same you via cookies. I know because I've been banned by discussion boards this way. ( who doesn't? ) If you accidentally used TOR on a harmless site, which you don't use TOR normally, you risk linking your TOR IP to your real IP. If you then visit a religious site with TOR on, and if the harmless site is owned by the religious site too, your real IP is exposed. TOR IP will change every some minutes, but there's enough time for you to expose yourself.

    And since you can't really disable cookies, the best you can do is to allow cookies to only last for the current session. Quit browsing often and restart firefox so the cookies are cleared every time.
  18. anonymouse95 Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    Thanks! That answer my question :)
  19. P_P Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    When checking the search here, also on Dutch/ Karin Spaink, I got this nifty program. It uses Spybot and many more good stuff. Read up on it, it's awesome- really.
  20. n0name Member


    in firefox with tor, you may need to install also Adblock Plus, Adblock Plus is a Contentfilter management add on for firefox, very useful :wink:
  21. Permanence Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    I've just started using Tor and it works ok if you follow a similar example to the firefox runthrough. I've attached a screenshot of my config that I'm using now. Cookies and javascript can also be turned off through the advanced tab of your preference box.

  22. GooD Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    Good Guide Thread.
  23. Edges Member

    Re: Security on the Internet

    Yes, go get this:

    OperaTor - Opera + Tor. Surf anonymously | Arche Twist

    It's completely setup, an all-in-one package, will launch tor, opera and privoxy when you open and shut it all down when you close, no need to configure anything. Also runs off a thumb drive as-is for portable anonymity and/or to keep all traces off your HD.

    Tor for dummies.

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