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    MORE INFORMATION AND PHOTOS HERE: (don't think it's a COS website?)

    Review on Narconon Calgary

    Calgary, Alberta
    Size of the Facility:

    2000 sq. Ft. Home. (more described as a sober-living house)
    Client's Capacity

    Wheel Chair Accessible

    Language Program Delivered

    Treatment Offered:

    Bio Chemical and Physical Approach
    Co Ed

    Yes Men and Women are accepted
    Ratio of Clinicians to Client

    One technical staff for one client
    Cost per Month

    10,00$ approx
    Extra Curricular Activities:

    Occasional movie theatre, occasional swimming, Sunday trips to Banff/Kananaskis. Family members are also welcome to take the student out for the afternoon on Sundays.
    Entertainment Equipment

    (winter) Wii, movies, board games (summer) bocci ball, badminton
    No gym on site. Students are driven daily to/from a world class gym that is 3 blocks away.

    • Narconon is a drug rehabilitation program that started in 1966. This program expanded and can now be found all over the world. All the different facilities have all adopted the same program and deliver it. The key reason for this expansion is the 70 percent success rate, which is very high compared to other drug rehabilitation programs.

    • Narconon Calgary is a facility located in Calgary which provides a warm atmosphere. The facility itself is very clean and has the space set up to provide all the services needed throughout the program. The facility has a sauna for detoxification, a course room for study, a living room for relaxation, etc. All the services and different parts of the program are delivered within the same facility.

    • There is also one of the biggest parks located just minutes away. The individuals that are undergoing the program will at times be taken for a walk on the trails with some staff. That can help them by relaxing them and having them reconnect with nature. Many people enjoy walks and for them it is a chance to escape their problems.

    • The program offered at Narconon Calgary has many steps, each of them helping people get over their drug or alcohol addiction. First, the program addresses the physical aspect of withdrawal and gets them through a full detox. Then the program addresses the mental and spiritual aspects of addiction, it can help gain communication skills, help them regain integrity and teaches them about personal values and how important these are in order to live a happy life.
      The whole point of the program is to provide lasting recovery and skills in order for the person not to revert back to drugs when they’re faced with the everyday challenges of life.
    • =================================================================
    Hope to be in Calgary in the near future and any information on this Scientology Rehab
    would be very much appreciated.

    - especially name of their Physician who approves the patients to participate.
    - I do have a list of patients who have been there, but the more, the better
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Whats that you say? A narconon? You sure you have the right place?
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  3. Intelligence Member

    ".... ,Physician who approves.., (not "AT") :)

  4. Anonymous Member

    We have seen this in the NN Georgia case, the name of the physician could be interesting.
  5. Anonymous Member

    David, have you tried calling them and asking?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Bartholamew salt works and he helps people.
  7. anonysamvines Member

    they still have a review page for Trios Riviers up???

    One of my previous jobs included tracking people (who didn't want to pay bills, wanted to avoid service of court docs etc) down nationwide. One handy way was to phone neighbours at previous addresses - many times a nice friendly voice would produce lots of results, especially from old dears or peeps the target pissed off before skipping.

    Now you may or may not have the time (or a pal to help) or inclination to call the neighbours to get the lay of the land so to speak, but it is possible you may get some good info since that appears to be a residential neighbourhood
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  8. Intelligence Member

    ***NARCONON CALGARY*** Formal Complaint to Alberta College of Physicians being complied today and delivered to College before the end of 2012. Media details to follow. Complaint will be similar to the Quebec College of Physicians where the College BANNED physician from associating with Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Their sign says "IM AGINE". Strange.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. HellRazor Member

    David, Who is the Alberta NN physician? PM me if you can't reveal here.
  13. Skyfall Member

    I know I don't have my contacts on atm, that a house?

    As in residential house for a drug rehab? Yes I know there are rehab facility houses, but they're usually very huge and expensive to make the walk-in celebrity feel comfy. For Narconon, it seems like they've been reduced to using some poor schmuck's house to make ends meet.
  14. Intelligence Member

    This Alberta 4-5 bed Rahab makes a fortune at $30-$35,000 per victims for a 2.5 month program. They
    can push through faster because of few clients.

    My last discussion with NN Canada Executive, stated 4 cycles of 2.5 months x 4 @ $30,000 =
    16 Clients x $30,000 = $480,000.00 gross per year minus ABLE, FSM, and other Service fees.

    NN TR was appaently $9,000.00 per month rent (small compared to 100 patients @ $30,000.00 x
    3 cycles per year average.

    Alberta ED, was said to only have the 4 cycles per year, giving her 2 months per year for Auditing.
    Gee, I wonder how the COS makes so much money off Narconon, eh' :)

    $480,000.00 potential per year gross is pretty impressive if one has no mortgage,
    but still very good even if one does have a perhaps $1,500.00 per month payment?
    Of course, since it's a Rehab business, many possibilities of tax credits/ exemptions
    are probably available:)

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  15. Intelligence Member

    On NN Alberta website, they are using the two following Professional Endorsements:

    The biologist André Ahern, BSc, MSc, of Laval University whom studied aquatic habitats and rivers across the province of Québec for 15 years, in particular: rivière Trinité, rivière l'Assomption and rivière La Grande. He now works as a drug addiction detoxification specialist for Narconon since 2002

    # # #

    Denise-Hélène Adam

    - Graduate and member of the "Académie des Naturopathes et Naturothérapeutes du Québec"
    - Co-author (with Joelle Jay) of the book "Candida Albicans, un signal d'alarme," Éditions Santé Action,
    best-seller in Québec
    - Possesses more than thirty years in experience for biological nutrition, natural products and vitamins
    - CKVL and CKAC's lecturer and radio commentator
    - Head Chef in biological cooking
    - Counselor and therapist for more that twenty five years
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Corporate Registrations, Incorporations, and Continuations
    (Business Corporations Act, Cemetery Companies Act, Companies Act, Cooperatives

    Act, Credit Union Act, Loan and Trust Corporations Act, Religious Societies’ Land
    Act, Rural Utilities Act, Societies Act, Partnership Act)

    NARCONON ALBERTA Non-Profit Private Company
    Incorporated 2007 FEB 05 Registered Address: 123
    3K1. No: 5113025000.
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  17. Intelligence Member

    So Narconon Alberta Corporate and the Executive Director of entity are
    legally resposible and subject to scruitny, as well as any other entity who
    administers directives to NN Alt Corp and Director.

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  18. Intelligence Member

    • 29 March 1994 - At least 10 Native American reservations in Alberta are approached by Narconon, promoting its anti-drugs therapies, but appears to not find any new customers.
      (Source: Calgary Herald, 29 March 1994)

    Calgary Herald, Canada
    By Bob Beaty
    March 29, 1994


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  19. Anonymous Member

    'Just because Narconon uses scientology principles doesn't mean every Narconon client becomes a Scientologists.'

    What so admitting they are only sometimes successful at prosletysing?
  20. DeathHamster Member

    "Waaaah! I don't want to talk about it!"

    It's not like anything has changed since the criticism was first made, and it's still fresh:
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  21. HellRazor Member

    ;) David, check your PM for another avenue to undermine NN physicians.
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  22. Intelligence Member

    Just left Narconon Alberta - - 4-5 bed in a house. Talked to friend of neighbour beside the NN and they had no idea there was a Scientology drug rehab on their block. Filing dox with Alberta gov authorities on Monday.

    In touch with Calgary Media to see what we can do?

    View attachment msdoxi.png

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  23. Who cares??? Fucking idiot!
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  24. Intelligence Member

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  25. Dear Fellow Anons,

    It is with much regret that I must inform you of my dealings with David Miscavige. We are in love & getting married in March 2013.
    He says he has never had anyone quite like me, yes I'm a transvestite with HIV aids.
    I wish you all well in the future & hope that you will all grow up one day, just as I have.

    Love & kisses Anon Walker xxxx
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Such "Charge" and "Effect" cumming from Miscavige? Who cares? LOL

    Calling Intelligence an idiot? I'm sure heart broken and bummed LOL!

    Now looky here now, a pic of Narconon Calgary ED, Peggy Smith and Kyle Tardiff (Ex NN TR Reg).

    MORE delicious SAUCE to come soon:)

    "Such a cuddly-couple"


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  27. Intelligence Member

    UPDATE JUST IN: > RE: Success Rate Fraud, Misrepresentation, Conspiracy

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