Seeking Michael J. Flynn v. Paulette Cooper cases

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Gerry Armstrong, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Muldrake posted that Flynn sued Cooper “in his own name” “on both the East and West Coast at the same time.” I asked Muldrake to identify these lawsuits, and she didn’t respond.

    I'm now asking if anyone else can identify these lawsuits. Cooper settled with the cult and signed her false anti-Flynn affidavit or affidavits in March 1985. So these suits, if they exist, would be within a short time after then.
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  2. Safe to assume you have asked Paulette?

  3. I would have thought that the case captions would be easily available in data bases that the legal minds and folks here can access. I guess you’re saying it’s safe to assume no one here has found these cases. I would have waited a bit longer, but I get your message. If nobody can find these Flynn v. Cooper cases by the end of the day, I’ll ask Paulette.
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  4. I wrote Paulette:

    Paulette responded: “Nonsense.”

    I take this to mean that there are or were no Michael J. Flynn v. Paulette Cooper suits on either coast, filed at the same time or at any times.

    I take Muldrake’s conclusion that “as a human being, [Flynn] is a genuine scumbag,” to be projected black PR that serves the Scientologists' purposes. Rathbun does the same thing in Memoirs, and the Hubbardites, whom he directed, did 30 plus years ago. They've always loved outsourcing black propaganda.
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  5. WRONG -- While Mike and I are not on good terms, we did not sue each other (please, 19 lawsuits against me from Scientology were enough). I think we both understand where the other was coming from and were sympathetic about what the other went through and had no wish to add to each other's burdens or bad feelings.

  6. Paulette, on behalf of WWP, will you marry us all?
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  7. I think my husband would object:p
  8. wolfbane Member

    Tell him we are willing to mow the grass and do his honey-do list on semi-regular basis for him if he'll consider being flexible with sharing you. ;)
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  9. That's OK Paulette, thanks for taking our offer seriously.
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  10. Tl;dr Thanks Paulette. Can you please tell the truth about your false affidavits and how you came to sign them.

    Thanks, Paulette.

    I had not heard that Flynn had sued you, so I am grateful to have you confirm that he had not. I, of course, had worked in Boston as his paralegal from September 1985 to January 1987, so have something of an understanding and memory of his cases, and did not recall any Flynn v. Cooper cases.

    The other thing that Muldrake alleged was that before suing you, Flynn first betrayed you. The nature or form of the claimed betrayal has not been further described, other than being a factor in reaching the conclusion that as a human being Flynn is a genuine scumbag.

    As I’ve probably said, I do not consider Flynn as a human being a genuine scumbag. I’ve written and talked about our relationship, and the December 1986 settlement with the Scientologists, which has affected every day of my life since. So there is really no secret about my feelings toward him.

    I knew some details about your 1985 settlement with the Scientologists right at the time it was happening. I registered it in a February 28, 1985 note as a shocking betrayal, and I was memorably emotionally altered. You signed a set of affidavits for the Scientologists on March 4, which I didn’t see right away. At this time, I was in Portland, Oregon where the Julie Christofferson v. Scientology case was about to start, and where Hubbard’s control was an issue.

    There is only one of those affidavits I know of that has been published on the Internet.

    Because of the way this matter has developed and relates to current actions, I will try to locate the other affidavits. If you have them, or anyone else has them, please post or email them because they would be helpful for my legal purposes.

    I realize that when this affidavit was discussed on a.r.s., at least in 1996, you wrote that you believe that your settlement helped those on other suits who settled later and that no one got shafted. But I believe that the affidavit was intended to deliver a blow to the Scientologists’ litigant enemies, and was used to hurt or shaft a lot of people.

    I’m writing you in the hope that you would correct the facts and record. This would take care of the hurt. I really do not think you would be damaged if you just examined your statements as a writer can and fix any false statements or wrong impressions.

    Here’s the relevant text from the one affidavit I’ve found:

    To say that you had no real evidence or reason to believe Hubbard was in control of the cult and its activities cannot but be untrue.

    You knew from John McLean that Hubbard was in control of the cult’s activities when McLean was inside, and you had to have known this years before you hired Flynn. See, e.g.,

    I knew Hubbard controlled Scientology when I left in December 1981, and I made that fact known to anyone who desired to know.

    Your attorney Michael Flynn presented evidence so compelling that it caused Judge Breckenridge to issue a decision in Scientology v. Armstrong, which became the judgment in August 1984 and states:

    Making it through a lot of fair game, threat and lawfare abuse, and a rare courageous and smart judge, made that judgment and the alter ego finding possible. So you can sense the betrayal in your false statement that Flynn had presented you with no evidence or reason to believe that Hubbard was in control of the Scientology cult’s activities.

    I am positive that Flynn did not withhold that decision from you, because that would not serve his interests nor even be possible. The Breckenridge decision was widely known, and there was a wealth of witness testimony and documentation that Hubbard controlled Scientology that was readily available. I would conclude that if Flynn did not present you with evidence of Hubbard’s control, it was only because Flynn believed you already possessed such knowledge and evidence. I would assume, and I think Flynn knew, that as an investigative journalist you were staying abreast of the burgeoning body of evidence on what was a legal issue in your cases.

    After this judgment, and before the March 4, 1985 affidavit, there was Bill Franks. And since then, there has been a progression of ex-Scientology staff who presented evidence, right up to his death, that Hubbard ran the cult through the SO, CMO, etc. He certainly ran it, through the GO and the SO, in the relevant period in which you were fair gamed before his death. Now David Miscavige runs the cult through the SO, RTC, OSA, etc. He is Scientology’s managing agent, and it could be highly professionally irresponsible to not deal with him, subpoena him and sue him as managing agent in cases where his managing agentness is relevant.

    I do not know all the cases or places where the Scientologists used your March 4, 1985 affidavits. Obviously they sent out a press release on March 21, which apparently included the one affidavit. UPI received the release and posted its own story:

    The Clearwater Sun ran a story on March 26, stating that the Scientologists filed your affidavit in US District Court in LA in the defamation case against Flynn.

    The Scientologists filed three of your affidavits in the US District Court Scientology v. Elmira case in support of a motion to block Hubbard’s deposition. I hope you can now appreciate the irony of your affidavit being used there to refute the testimony of the very people who actually had the evidence of Hubbard’s control that you say your attorney didn’t present to you: Laurel Sullivan, Kima Douglas, Bill Franks and me, plus John Nelson and Dede Reisdorf for good measure.

    Some of your affidavits were also filed in the Scientologists’ case against me in LA Superior Court. I don’t have all these documents, but I will continue to try to obtain them. Your affidavits and a false sworn statement from La Venda Dukoff (Van Schaick) another Flynn ex-client, were used in my case to support a motion to initiate an investigation of Flynn and me for violations the LA Court’s TRO and preliminary injunction.

    I wrote a declaration dated August 2, 1986 in opposition to that motion, and stated:

    Flynn also wrote a declaration dated July 31, 1986, in which he stated:

    On August 18, 1986, Judge Breckenridge issued an order regarding the Scientologists’ motion to initiate an investigation:

    The same cult attorney John G. Peterson, who used LaVenda’s and your sworn statements in my case to try to get Judge Breckenridge to investigate my attorney and me, had in 1984 used other known false sworn statements to try to get the judge to act against us. The judge’s comments are very pointed, as his August 18, 1986 minute order is.

    So the Scientologists wanted to use your false affidavit or affidavits, apparently executed after your settlement, to subject Flynn and me to a bogus court investigation, plus delay my upcoming trial, make the process more time-consuming, and subvert the bit of justice then available. Judge Breckenridge’s minute order that references you is very important in the Scientology v. Armstrong war.

    Stewart Lamont wrote about your affidavit in Religion, Inc., which was published in 1986:

    In or about 1993, the Scientologists included this statement in the submission to the IRS on which the cult’s tax exemption, and religious basis, was granted:

    So that March 4, 1985 affidavit has been used to attack people courageous enough to tell the truth about Hubbard, to black PR the attorney standing up for them in the legal arena, and to defraud the US Government and every US citizen. The affidavit helped the Scientologists obtain what amounts to a license from the US Federal Government to victimize Scientologists and persecute genuinely decent human beings who oppose the victimization.

    Finally, although Mark Rathbun still serves David Miscavige’s command intention toward wog fair game enemies, he gives a lot away in his Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior published last year about Hubbard’s control of Scientology and even Hubbard’s issuance of strategy orders into ongoing litigations. E.g.,

    Flynn’s allegation concerning Hubbard’s control were accurate, and the strategy of naming Hubbard in the cult’s cases and serving him with summonses and subpoenas as managing agent was prudent and based on evidence and reason.

    I ask that you correct the record. I’m sure that because of its importance, you can’t lawfully be prohibited by some contract, but I am not a lawyer.

    The Scientologists’ engineering of betrayals and false statements as solutions to problems are issues coming into focus because of the depth of the data base. These are actually acts in an ongoing criminal conspiracy against rights; in your case the right to be free to tell the truth.

    I don’t believe that Rathbun mentions using your affidavits in his Memoirs. In fact, I believe he deliberately avoids mentioning any of the many betrayals he or his agents engineered. Too hot a topic to handle.

    You are a heroic victim of fair game to everyone. You will not be diminished in anyone’s eyes if you now correct the record.

    If you could write a declaration stating the details, including the conditions that led you to sign these false statements, I think it would soothe a lot of hurt.

    I have written declarations about the conditions at the time of the Scientologists’ “settlement” with me and what I went through to sign their documents and since I signed. I’ve spoken and written to correct the record and do my part to end the injustices the Scientologists’ “legal” documents are perpetrating.
    I think an end can be put to these practices, and your example could be very helpful.

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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Tl;dr Who had the manicurist hat?

    There’s another piece of wool over some people’s eyes regarding Hubbard’s control of Scientology. Or more specifically control of activities relating to external matters. Lawsuits, fair game against Paulette were external matters.

    From 1966 through 1981, such external matters were the responsibility of the Guardian’s Office. Hubbard set up the GO, and controlled it through his wife. It had to act seemingly autonomously, and even had a duty to not inform him of everything, for his own protection, because it was, essentially, a multi-bureaued intelligence organization/criminal conspiracy.

    Hubbard controlled internal matters in the cult through the Sea Org, which he started up around the time he established the GO. He controlled the Sea Org, most immediately, through his Messengers. Ref: Flag Order 3729 15 September 1978 “Commodore’s Messengers.” Cited to in the Breckenridge decision. Messengers ran his messages to Mary Sue.

    Obviously the externally-facing and the internally-facing parts of the whole Scientology cult overlapped in places, such as finance, PR, legal and security. The 1977 FBI raids on the GO in LA and DC, the convictions, etc. led Hubbard to scapegoat Mary Sue and the GO, and in 1981 (if Miscavige and Rathbun, et al. are to be believed at all), Hubbard got rid of her.

    By then, he obviously reasoned, his Messengers and perhaps other close long term SO crew were trained enough and disciplined enough to take over control of the outward-facing personnel and functions, which, of course, they did.

    They changed the name of the GO to OSA, and required that staff be Sea Organs.

    So from 1981 until his death, Hubbard actually had more immediate, direct and disciplined control of the activities of the Church of Scientology than he did when his wife ran the GO for him.

    He was closer to the litigation than he had ever been. This was, of course, during a period when he was hiding out from the Law and his cult’s victims, like Paulette and me, so he ordered that the fraud be perpetrated upon the courts and the world that he was off lines and not in control.

    So Hubbard issued the order, in execution of which Paulette was brought to sign a false affidavit that he was not in control, certainly not in control enough to be issuing such an order.

    Until his death, he issued orders. Nobody issued him any orders. Otherwise they wouldn’t have let him die with long, unkempt fingernails and toenails.

    I’m here to do your hygiene, Ron. Give me that hand. Thank you.
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  13. Gerry I really love you.and I am torn between two lovers

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